How to Increase Attention Span and Focus on Smart Drugs?

“Smart drugs,” or nootropics, are medicines or supplements that enhance cognitive performance and boost productivity in healthy people. Modafinil is one such drug that is favored by most nootropic enthusiasts. Just like stimulants, it affects the mind, triggering feelings of alertness and energy, ameliorating thinking & perception.

However, it wasn’t originally designed specifically for this purpose. First approved in the USA in 1998 to treat narcolepsy, this med is also used to reduce excessive daytime sleepiness caused by obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and shift work sleep disorder (SWSD).

It is a famous eugeroic that helps people stay awake for 12+ hours. Off-label, this medication is prescribed by medical specialists to treat Parkinson’s disease, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), & fatigue in multiple sclerosis, among other conditions.

What are the benefits of this nootropic, and where can one purchase it with or without a prescription? Keep reading to learn more.

Modafinil’s Effects on Cognition 

There exist a few trials with mixed results of “smart tab” effects on cognition. By taking modafinil once a day, expect to feel more alert, focused, & energetic and experience some amelioration in certain memory tasks (i.e. digit span & visual recognition memory). Besides, this med is more likely to help ameliorate attention & learning for more complex thought processes [1]. Although the “smart tab” may increase individual focus & allow the user to keep on making various decisions for an extended period, there’s no guarantee that these will be the right decisions [2].

Also, modafinil is used to maintain alertness, ameliorate judgment, & foster risk perception in sleep-deprived personnel, including the pilots and soldiers, during lengthy missions. This med is also used to optimize performance & foster productivity.

Now you get the point. Modafinil is a cognitive ameliorator most healthy people use in an attempt to hack their memory, increase mental alertness & concentration as well as bolster energy levels. While this med also assists in masking fatigue, procrastination, or boredom, it doesn’t make users more intelligent, & its effects only last as long as its active ingredient remains in the body [3]

So, if you need help concentrating, staying focused on the tasks, or ameliorating attention span, the “smart tab” is the go-to option. When you pop modafinil, it increases the levels of brain neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and histamine, leading to pumped-up brain activity, including ameliorated focus & concentration.

Generic Modafinil Availability & Where to Buy It

Modafinil is available as Provigil®, the brand-name version, & generics in doses of 100 mg and 200 mg. There’s a real reason why millions of people opt for generics: they are as potent and effective as the original version but are up to 90%+ cheaper. The most notable generic modafinil versions are Modalert & Provake by Sun Pharma, Modvigil by HAB Pharma, & Modafil MD by Intas Pharmaceuticals, among others.

If looking to buy Modalert 200 online, then you’re on the right track. This med works effectively to help you ameliorate your attention span and focus for 12+ hours. The cost of this “smart tab” is extremely low, and anybody can afford it – as low as $0.89 per pill if ordering in bulk.

Most healthy people get the “smart tab” from various sources, including local pharmacies and online vendors. Brick-and-mortar stores are perfect for those with a prescription. However, this way of buying the desired product is not so convenient and cheap. Thus, the best option is to get generic modafinil such as Modalert 200 mg with or without a prescription from a reliable online source that offers it at a favorable price. But remember that letting a physician analyze your health before using modafinil is strictly necessary.


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