4 Must-Have Apps for Language Students

Language is like a global currency. Knowing a variety of them gives you an ace on your sleeves, and is open to job opportunities and career growth in various parts of the world. And even though you’re not open to job opportunities, learning a new language can help you when you’re going on holiday in other countries. Although it takes work to become fluent in a foreign dialect, learning different languages is a fabulous thing. It’s a skill that can be acquired with patience and determination. Here’s a list of must-have language applications for students.

1. Rosetta Stone

If you are stuck with an assignment and need paper writing help, you would want to hire the best helper, like those found at payforessay.net, to guarantee good results. Similarly, when you want to learn a dialect effectively, you should choose an excellent app, and Rosetta Stone won’t disappoint. It is a well-known app because of its tutoring capabilities. The app structures the languages it provides as courses.

Level 1 courses for beginners, and as you progress on the levels, so does your dialect mastery. Languages have different levels on the app. For instance, Latin American Spanish has 5 levels, while there are others with one or two levels. Every course on the app is broken into a series of units. Each unit helps master vocabulary and grammar on a particular topic, like home, shopping, traveling, and health.

Rosetta Stone is available for mobile devices and features a user-friendly interface that makes learning a new dialect accessible to people of all ages. The application uses a variety of methods, including text-based lessons, audio recordings, and interactive games. It helps users develop their language skills. Moreover, the app covers all aspects of mastering a dialect, including pronunciation. And the best part? This language tool offers learners a chance to interact with humans. Let’s, for example, say you are learning French; you get to interact with a French native in live lessons.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is an application for learning dialects, which is popular among millions of users worldwide. The application’s features can be accessed by students for free, hence the robust reputation of the app. Therefore, if you want to try learning a particular language with an application, you can do that using Duolingo. However, you will be required to pay for other additional functionalities.

Duolingo is arranged with well-organized, flowing lessons that will definitely upgrade your language skills. As you learn further, the new levels start opening up, and the interface’s color changes from gray, preparing you for the new material. A fantastic advantage of using Duolingo is that even as you learn and gain levels, you will still be exposed to the old material. Thus, the words and grammar you have learned earlier will be used even though you are on new materials.

This language teacher offers a whole set of features: interactive lessons, games, and activities. It allows you to track your progress as well as adjust your study plan if need be. Moreover, it has a wide selection of languages to select from.

3. Busuu

Busuu is a versatile language-learning application that engages users in lessons with games, quizzes, and other exercises for mastering a new dialect. This feature helps learners in making progressive improvements in their language skills either together or alone. Such skills include the abilities of listening, writing, speaking, and reading. Moreover, it has a speech recognition capability that boosts your learning experience.

The courses are offered at 4 levels: A1(beginner), A2(elementary), B1(intermediate) and B2(upper intermediate). However, courses of some dialects like Spanish and English have reached the C1 level of advanced classes. Busuu also has live sessions for individual tutoring, which can be explored with a premium subscription. Through the premium arrangement, you’ll be paired up with a suitable tutor to assist you learn faster using the app’s content.

Busuu is suitable for any individual who is inspired to learn different languages, as it’s a very interactive app. Other Bassuu’s strengths include:

  • It helps a student master new terms.
  • You can learn cultural tips through the application.
  • You can get social and build a community.

Busuu can be downloaded for free, with optional in-app purchases for additional content and features.

4. Memrise

Memrise is a well-known application that is compatible with many devices. It employs interactive games and fascinating stories to educate the learner in various languages. It is a versatile and convenient application for acquiring vocabulary and mastering how to use phrases. This language teacher introduces the system of spaced repetition, where you start memorizing. It keeps track of the flashcards you can’t remember and reminds you to go through them often. The flashcards assist with boosting your ability to retain words and memorize them over the long term.

Language courses on this application are called decks. Every deck has a set volume of phrases and words split into lessons in the selected language. Learning through the platform offered by the Memrise can be a breeze since every word has its own flashcard; hence, you can practice every flashcard by going through a cycle of repetitions. Repetition leads to knowledge of a word and it is showed in different flower growth stages. The application also hosts two different kinds of courses: user decks and decks designed by the company. The company-made decks are professionally designed, with precise translations, videos, and native audios.

Signing Off

Having the capability to speak a second language is important. It’s like having one more certificate in your collection. If you have always been interested in learning more languages but never had the opportunity, it’s not too late. Having the ability to communicate in various languages will help you to be self-assured when you travel to other countries. It also improves your memory, concentration, and reasoning. Additionally, it improves your cultural knowledge and communication skills. You will be more competitive in the job market and you will have career opportunities in almost all parts of the world. Moreover, it facilitates connecting and networking for you with various individuals.

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