5 Easy Methods To Torrent Anonymously

Torrenting is a popular activity across the globe. While the torrenting trend could see a decline before, it has spiked again despite having video-on-demand streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more at your service.

While all you do is download your favourite file through compiled bits and pieces of various sources, the torrenting activity is not as safe as you think, nor is it legal in all countries. Countries like Russia and Australia have shut down all torrenting sites despite users loving their function.

If we keep that aside, torrenting is, in fact, a risky activity. While downloading a file you want, you might end up getting malicious software on your device. That’s not all. There is also a possibility of getting copyrighted material downloaded which might result in a heavy fine.

Therefore, you need to keep yourself completely protected if you want to torrent anything. A good way is to stay anonymous over the internet while doing this. Are you thinking about how you can do that?

Well, there are multiple ways to torrent anonymously. From using a Seedbox to Anomos, you can find effective methods for anonymous torrenting. However, among all effective ways of anonymous torrenting, you might want to try using a VPN.

A VPN tends to keep you completely safe over the internet while you torrent as many files as you like. But you shouldn’t just get any VPN for this. You’ll need to opt for only the best VPNs for torrenting anonymously if you don’t want to take any chances. 

Why Do You Need To Torrent Anonymously?

Torrenting is not an easy activity. You need to have maximum security while downloading torrents. If you don’t this seriously, then you might face the following:

1. Malware:

Malware is one easy way for a hacker to get into someone’s device. The world experienced an increase of 358% in malware attacks in 2020. Hackers tend to offer attractive and highly realistic torrents that users end up downloading. This then costs users as the malicious torrent releases virus, spyware, or ransomware on them.

2. Bandwidth Throttling:

Torrenting consumes a lot of data and bandwidth, making connections extremely slow for users. However, often when the Internet Service Provider (ISP) gets to know that a user is torrenting a file on its device, there is a possibility that the ISP throttles your bandwidth and slows down your speed even further.

3. Copyright issues:

Torrent files are often used to transfer copyrighted material. These torrent files are often mislabeled on purpose or accidentally, and if you end up downloading them by accident, then you might get into some trouble. Your ISP can leak your activity to the copyright holder, and you might face some severe fines.

5 Methods To Torrent Anonymously

Following are some famous methods to torrent anonymously:

1. Use a seedbox:

Seedbox is one popular way to torrent anonymously. A seedbox is simply a torrent jargon referring to a dedicated super-speedy server dedicated solely for torrenting. Seedbox offers fast torrenting while keeping users’ IP addresses completely anonymous. 

Seedbox then uses an HTTPS encrypted connection to let users download the content on their devices so the ISP or the government cannot track the activity.

2. Use a VPN:

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is another way for safe and anonymous torrenting. A VPN encrypts your entire connection and offers a completely private connection, keeping you completely anonymous.

VPNs create an encrypted tunnel between the device and the torrent website. This tunnel does not let any third party, hackers, ISPs, or the government snoop into the connection to check what the user is doing.

Some of the best torrenting VPNs offer multiple P2P-optimized servers that are specifically dedicated to torrenting. These servers provide exceptional speeds that users can use to torrent anonymously.

3. Use Anomos:

This free torrent client offers end-to-end encryption to users that allows completely safe and anonymous torrenting.

While the concept of it remains the same as every other torrent client, Anomos is considered slightly more user-friendly than the rest.

This open-source software is known to be one of the most hassle-free ways to torrent anonymously.

4. Use BTGuard:

BTGuard is a paid proxy service that works on most operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux that can hide your torrenting activities. BTGuard creates an encrypted tunnel between torrent websites and the users, enabling safe torrenting.

5. Use an antivirus:

Antivirus isn’t a safe torrenting method. Instead, look at it this way. Imagine you use an effective method of anonymous torrenting from the methods mentioned above, like a VPN. You download the file safely on your device, but what if the torrent file contains malware? If that’s what happens, then soon, the virus, spyware, or ransomware will spread onto your device, and the device will be completely infected. In this case, consider using a VPN and an antivirus together in a combo. 


These are some basic methods to torrent without being unidentified by anyone. To keep all your torrenting activities anonymous, it’s certainly better to get hold of the best way for anonymous torrenting.

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