6 Things to Know Before Becoming an iGaming Affiliate

Are you thinking of becoming an affiliate in the igaming industry? Online casinos are big businesses, and they’re all constantly looking for new players to join their sites. If you’re able to grow an audience that’s interested in gambling and trusts you, then there is real potential for you to get a piece of the pie.

How Does it Work?

Each affiliate has a special link that directs people towards the gambling site they are promoting. When somebody clicks that link and gets referred by the affiliate, the affiliate earns a commission if that person ends up joining the site and making a deposit.

The exact terms that trigger your commission as an affiliate can vary quite a bit. Some sites will pay you a flat rate for the sign up, some will only pay you when somebody makes a deposit. Some of them will pay you on an on-going basis with a % of any future deposits, others will just give you a flat fee one time.

When you’re joining affiliate programs, it’s important to understand the terms and how you’re paid out. Some affiliate programs have minimum payout amounts, so don’t expect to get paid right away until you’ve crossed that threshold.

Once you’ve got the accounts setup, here are 5 more things you’ll need to succeed as a casino affiliate.

6.Quality, useful content

Whether you’re operating with a website, social media, a mailing list, something else, or a combination of those… there needs to be a reason that people come to you for content and information.

Some sites will post strategies and guides, some sites will write their own reviews, other sites will host user-reviews. For example, AskGamblers online casino reviews are completely authentic and solely written by their users. Their ranking algorithm is mostly based on user satisfaction.

Suppose a casino proves to be reliable and trustworthy. In that case, the gambling community will spread the word fast among its members, providing traction and new customers to the said casino.

But suppose a casino is potentially fraudulent by using the complaints system, which now many casino affiliates have. In that case, this casino will lose its good grades and lose a lot of business in a short period.

5. A Good Marketing  & SEO Strategy

You could have the best content in the world, but if nobody can find your site, then it doesn’t really matter. Marketing is an essential piece of the puzzle, it’s not just a “build it and they will come” kind of situation.

Once your site starts to grow, you’ll get some word of mouth visitors and other sites will start to reference you naturally if your content is amazing, but you need to kick-start it. This is a very competitive niche since there is so much money on the line, so you’ll have to bring your A-game.

4. Brand Building

One of the crucial things every marketing strategy starts with is building a brand. Some casino affiliates have worked hard to build a brand that could stand over a long time. Some of the strongest affiliate brands give their users a clear brand image and what it stands for.

3. Trustworthy, Non-Bias Approach

You have to give genuine opinions about the casinos if you’re writing reviews. Some affiliates will just give really great review scores to the casinos that pay the most, but that’s a good way to ensure you don’t create a loyal fanbase.

2. Great Reviews

People want genuine reviews they can trust, and it’s worth it because even if you get less on the first referral, when those people are looking for another site to try, or for a deposit bonus coupon, they’re going to come back to you.

Reviews are important for casino affiliates since people want to know what to expect, so make sure you describe the whole process in-depth.

1. Exclusive Offers

You’ll do better if you can offer something that other sites can’t offer. It could be a way to organize and display all of the info about different casinos that makes it super simple to compare and find the best deals and bonuses. It could be super in-depth reviews, or exclusive coupons and offers for casinos that people can’t find anywhere else.

Once you start to send some referrals, you should have a chance to talk to your affiliate manager with the casino who will likely be able to help you out with things like special discounts to offer your readers, and maybe even better commission rates.

Final Thoughts

If there are two more things you need to succeed as a gambling affiliate, they’re patience and dedication. It’s going to take work, but if you stick to it, you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade and you can make a name for yourself!

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