A Guide to Package Tracking: the Benefit, How to Do It

Package tracking is the new norm in the e-commerce and shipping industry these days. Currently, most shipping services, especially express delivery services,  offer package tracking. But what exactly is it, and what benefits does it give you?

Well, package tracking allows you to follow the journey of your parcels in real-time, from their pick-up by the carrier until their actual receipt by the recipient. In this article, we will walk you through the process of tracking a package, specifically using a Canada Post tracking service.

So, let’s get started!

What Is the Benefit of Package Tracking 

As a sender, transmitting the delivery number to the recipient proves to him that you have sent their order. It also allows you to verify that he has received it. In addition, if the package does not arrive on time, you can see at which stage of the transport the blockage is located and react more effectively.

Thus, you avoid possible tensions with customers who are too hasty, perpetually worried, or indelicate. Then you save yourself from sometimes stormy discussions where you have to take the other person’s word for it ultimately.

It also benefits the recipient in the following ways: 

  • you can check the exact status of your order;
  • check if it has been taken care of by the carrier;
  • know if it had left the country of dispatch;
  • know when it arrive in the country of destination;
  • check if it is blocked in customs, export or import; 
  • know if it was delivered while you were away and know how soon it should arrive. 

So many answers that will allow you to reassure yourself and better plan the reception.

How can I track my package? 

You can track packages online, directly on Pkge.net, or on that of the chosen service provider. To track your parcel using PKGE.net, follow these simple steps:

  • Obtain the Tracking Number: The first step is to obtain the tracking number from the sender. This unique identifier is typically provided through an email or text message or can be found on your purchase receipt.
  • Visit Pkge.net: Once you have the tracking number, open your web browser and navigate to Pkge.net or go directly to the Canada Post tracking
  • Enter the Tracking Number: On the Pkge.net website, locate the search bar and enter the tracking number. Make sure to input the tracking number without any dashes or spaces for accurate results.
  • Initiate the Search: Click on the search button, and Pkge.net will retrieve the relevant tracking information associated with your package.
  • View the Package Status: Once the search is complete, you will be presented with a detailed history of your package’s journey. This includes information such as shipment origin, transit checkpoints, estimated delivery date, and any exceptions or delays encountered.

With these steps, you can safely track your package to know its status. 


Tracking a package has never been easier, especially with reliable package tracking services like PKGE.net. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effortlessly stay updated on your package’s whereabouts and ensure a smooth delivery experience. So, the next time you’re waiting for a package, track it with confidence!

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