Beginners Guide to Myth of Empires 1.0

Myth of Empires 1.0 is the revival of the famous Multiplayer War Sandbox – Myth of Empires, focusing on surviving, crafting, gathering, and leading your army of soldiers, building everything from scratch. To tackle that, here is a Beginner Guide to Myth of Empires 1.0, where you will learn about the perfect start in Myth of Empires 1.0. Without any further ado, let’s jump straight to the topic.

Leveling Up in Myth of Empires 1.0

Leveling in Myth of Empire is essential, as it affects all other parts of the gameplay, and unlocks various benefits. If you are new to the game starting with 1, or you are a maximum of 16 levels, then you have to complete tasks, to move quickly to the higher levels.

Reaching level 16 in Myth of Empires 1.0 will take you time, but doing regular tasks will help you understand the game, and level up quickly on the side while you are at it.

To level up, you will have to collect both the Myth of Empires Copper Coins and the experience points. Collecting the copper coins is a hard task here, but you can alternatively Buy Myth of Empires Copper Coins from to quickly get around it.

When starting, focus on collecting everything you can find. Myth of Empires has a beginner-friendly system where it will reward you with experience points for your efforts in the early or starting game.

After reaching level 14, you should focus more on collecting the materials, building bases, and avoiding fights. 

Servers in Myth of Empires 1.0

Myth of Empire is both PvP and PvE, so picking a server is essential for beginner players. As a Beginner in Myth of Empires 1.0, you will start in a PvE server. After reaching level 16, you can shift from the PvE to the PvP server which allows you to play with other players in real-time. 

Playing alone in PvP is possible, but it sure is harder in contrast to PvE, which is generally better if you are playing single.

When you reach level 16, you have to decide whether to stick with the PvE or shift to the PvP server in the game. 

  • In PvP, you will get extra rewards like more loot and better items but the game will be tougher
  • In PvE, you won’t get extra rewards, but the game will be easier.

Thus, our recommendation in Myth of Empires 1.0 Beginners Guide would be to shift to the PvP Server after reaching level 16, which provides you with more rewards, and you can quickly increase your level and gear.

Inventory Weight and Carrying Capacity

Starting in Myth of Empires 1.0, you can carry a maximum of 150 lbs/pounds of weight. This is the carrying capacity, which runs out quickly. After reaching level 4, you can make a wooden chest for your base that stores your items, especially those that you might need later on.

With the increase in level, you can make cabinets and lockers to store more items. Thus leveling becomes essential. Rides like horses in Myth of Empires also increase your carrying capacity on the go. But for that, you will have to craft a saddle and reins.

Finally, increasing character physique skills will enable you to increase your carrying weight capacity.

Myth of Empires Copper Coins – Main Currency

Copper Coins are the main currency of Myth of Empires used to pay taxes, hire protection, and invest in blessings. Do quests, trading, or other errands to earn Myth of Empires Copper Coins.

Using the copper coins to invest in blessings, you can get XP faster, leveling up quickly in return, which is essential for every Beginner in Myth of Empires 1.0.

As easily said than done, copper coins are hard to get, and thus, Buying Myth of Empires Copper Coins is the most effortless way to go. You can buy them from MMOPixel with budget-friendly pricing and quick delivery.

Resources in Myth of Empires 1.0

As we already mentioned in our Beginners Guide, you have to collect everything you find. But, the essentials are copper, meat, grass, clay, and so on. These can help you expand your empire and build houses.

When you are making your empire, meaning the base, you have to create walls that prevent structures from decaying.

For that, you have to get stones from the ground, and wood from trees. Wood from the ground bushes gives you grass as well alongside flowers, speeds, and others.

If you want to get resources in Myth of Empires 1.0 quickly, you can just raid NPCs, and open a map to find resource-filled locations.

Use items like stone axes, stone hammers, and stone hunting knives to make things effortless. Hunt the animals with your knife to get bones, raw meat, hides, and so on.

Though, you can also use Myth of Empires Copper Coins to purchase essential resources from merchants.

Crafting in Myth of Empires 1.0

Weapons and tools are essential parts of Myth of Empires just like any survival MMO. So, you can find recipes to not only create food and resources, but also craft tools, weapons, armor, and medicines. 

  1. Get grass from bushes to create ropes
  2. Craft a stone axe when you have enough ropes, utilizing twigs and rubbles
  3. Using the axe, you can chop the trees down, gathering their resources.
  4. Use the same materials to craft a stone hammer
  5. You can use that to break rubble and destroy bigger bounders for more resources

Fast Travel/Teleportation in Myth of Empires 1.0

Myth of Empires is massive, while traveling on your ride is feasible, you can get tired of running from one place to another. Thus, the game has a fast travel or teleportation method that enables you to quickly spawn from one area to another.

One thing to keep in mind is that all the things you are carrying are dropped when you fast-travel. How to make a fast travel point? Well, you can place a bed roll or wooden bed and you can teleport to it from anywhere on the map.

To tackle the negative aspect, you have to put a chest or storage space near the bed and store all items inside it before teleporting.


Myth of Empires might look fairly difficult for new players to begin with, but the game is beginner-friendly and offers easy methods to get started. Here in our Beginners Guide to Myth of Empires 1.0, we tried to cover everything for a starter and early game player. One thing to keep in mind is that farming copper coins in the game are the most difficult task that takes a ton of time, and this way players don’t get to level up as quickly as they should. So, you can take the easier and more reliable path, and Buy Myth of Empires Copper Coins from MMOPixel.

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