Benefits of Using a Virtual SIM Card

Long gone are the days when users had one SIM card for all their needs. Today, there are two or even three SIM cards, and then there are tablets, modems and so on. Some subscribers keep several SIM cards only for data transfer, because different operators have different coverage and tariffs in different places. Also, some users have separate SIM cards to keep in touch in roaming. 

Due to the great demand for SIM cards, technology has moved forward and made a virtual SIM card, winning the physical SIM card in many ways. Today we will look at all the advantages of virtual sim cards, understand why this technology is more convenient than a physical sim card and how to connect phone number rates by country. Firstly, let’s understand what an eSIM is and what it looks like.

An eSIM is a virtual alternative to a physical SIM card. It is a microchip installed in a cell phone, in other words, it is a subscriber identification module embedded in a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. A virtual SIM card allows you to set up multiple eSIM profiles, equivalent to physical SIM cards, with their phone numbers and tariff plans, and quickly switch from one to another. To connect eSIM, you need to make an application on the website or connect a virtual SIM card in a specialized application.

Having clarified what a virtual SIM card is and what it is, the next step is to highlight the advantage of a virtual SIM card. 

1. Simplicity in connection

To use a virtual card, you just need to activate it in a specialized application, choose a tariff and enter the necessary information. Activation of a virtual card takes only a few minutes, moreover, you do not even have to leave home to the office of the mobile operator. 

2. All numbers in one place

Virtual SIM card can store up to 5 numbers at the same time, use cards of different operators and connect SIM cards for different countries. You can have a personal, work and roaming number. You can switch between these numbers very quickly in the mobile app. 

3. eSIM is a convenient option for travelers

With a physical card, you would have to buy a local operator card, change it in the device itself, or you can smoke a local operator card and use it. Also, some users prefer to connect roaming, which more often than not is not always cheap. With a virtual SIM card, you can get a destination country number before you travel and just switch to a virtual number when you arrive in another country. This is currently one of the cheapest ways to stay in touch in another country.

4. eSIM is difficult to lose and impossible to damage

Because the eSIM is embedded in the device and cannot be removed from it, it cannot be removed and therefore cannot be lost. In addition, over time, any physical SIM card will become scuffed and may need to be replaced. This can add additional difficulties for the user. In case of a virtual SIM card, it cannot be damaged as it is not taken out of the device.  

5. Security

A physical SIM card can be easily stolen by fraudsters and used in phishing schemes.  If you store your contacts on the physical SIM card, it can lead to data leakage. The plus side of eSIM is that you can disconnect or reconnect it in a few clicks, and your data is protected by a phone lock.

Having talked about the main advantages of a virtual SIM card, it is also worth mentioning the disadvantages, which, by the way, are not so many: 

  1. Virtual sim card is not available on all devices. Therefore, before connecting the card, we advise you to verify whether your device supports such a function. In other words, whether your smartphone or tablet has an eSIM microchip. 
  2. When planning to connect an eSIM, you will need to free up cloud storage in advance and have free space to store the virtual sim card information. This disadvantage can also be taken out as a plus, because all data from the card is saved and will be on the cloud storage.

Having discussed the main advantages, are you still in doubt whether you should use this new technology? Then let’s understand for whom a virtual SIM card will be most relevant.

A virtual SIM card can be useful for a wide range of users. It will be especially convenient for those who travel frequently and have to change SIM cards for use in different countries. Instead of buying new local SIM cards or spending money on roaming, a user can get an eSIM that works anywhere in the world and saves money on calls and internet.

Also, a virtual SIM card can be useful for those who use multiple phone numbers. You do not need to buy several sims and change, but you can connect a virtual version of a sim card, which combines all numbers in one place. This is convenient and reduces the cost of maintaining multiple numbers. Also, some users prefer to sign up for a virtual version of a sim card to continue using their existing phone number so that they don’t lose it.

Thus, a virtual sim card is a modern alternative to a physical sim card, which is a small microchip embedded in the device. The advantages of a physical sim card are more than enough to make you opt in favor of installing a new type of sim card on your phone or tablet. When installing a virtual sim card on your phone, pay attention to the phone model and its features. Not all smartphones support this type of sim card, besides, find out for which country your phone was manufactured, because manufacturers, oriented on the market needs, can put different number of microchips in the device.

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