Enhancing Audio-Visual Experience: Best Media Player Apps in 2023

Media player apps enjoy immense popularity. They are among the most widespread media software types. Users discovered them when computers evolved from solely work machines to multifunctional devices. With the advancement of mobile technology, there emerged reliable alternatives for iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms. The variety of such solutions is striking, and the functionality of a typical media player is rich.

Mostly, media players accompany us when we want entertainment and relaxation. But they are also powerful professional tools. For example, they are extremely helpful to teaching staff. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine simple chalk-and-blackboard lectures without presentations. If you are a professor delivering lectures on the history of music, you might need to play some pieces to your students during the classes. A good player will help you with that. Businesses use the best media player apps for training courses, conferences, and so on. 

What are the core features of such digital products? What are the best media players in 2023? Let’s find out together. 

Types and features of media player apps

People use media player apps to watch video content and listen to music. This type of software runs on various devices, from TVs to smartwatches. When it just started, there were separate players for audio and video files, supporting peculiar formats (MP3, AVI, etc.). Now, the most popular players offer enhanced functionality, and you can pick a convenient solution for video and audio playback.  

Digital media players borrowed basic features from good old tape and video recorders. Play, pause, stop, forward, and rewind – you certainly remember those keys on vintage analog devices. They are still here, and even the button symbols have stayed the same. Of course, new ones are emerging as technology advances. Some 30 years ago, one couldn’t “like” a song on a CD player or a tape recorder with a simple click. Now, ♥ is a typical button. Such features as volume control and equalizer have also gone digital. 

All operating systems have their proprietary players, for instance, Windows Media Player. But you can easily choose something else from a variety of options. As the demand for such software is never decreasing, there will appear more products meeting the requirements of even hard-to-please users. Most popular solutions are free of charge, but if you want something exquisite, you will surely find a decent piece of software to spend your money on.

With the development of VOD and streaming services, there appeared one more important type of media player – specific platforms for peculiar service providers. Such market leaders as Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, and others have convenient digital solutions that one can use on any relevant device.

What is the Best Media Player App?

There is no definite answer to this question, as it all depends on the specific platform, type of device (PC, mobile, TV, etc.), and purpose (video, audio). It is logical to assume that the best media player will be the one that contains all the typical features, convenient extra capacities, and shows impeccable performance. We’ll name a couple of robust solutions in various categories. 

You may wonder what’s the point of a third-party player if each system or device has a pre-built one. Default players can only play a restricted range of formats, making it impossible to open certain files, moreover, those offering much better quality than the widespread MP3, AVI, and the like. Of course, you can search for codecs you need each time you cannot play a file. But it’s better to opt for a multifunctional robust solution once and enjoy videos and audio without much thinking about technical issues.

Windows: The Best Media Players in 2023

When looking for a suitable player, make sure it supports various file types, which saves time and effort by avoiding the need to download plug-ins. For individuals who prioritize convenience over technical specifications, this feature is essential as they prefer everything to function effortlessly without any additional setup.


This solution has been on the market for decades now. It has many more capacities than its name suggests. Over the years, it has evolved into an all-purpose product capable of playing almost any format.

Many users and industry professionals rank Power DVD as the best media player in 2023. No wonder: it allows you to perform all multimedia-related operations (playing, streaming, downloading, screencasting content to a TV, etc.). Do you want to give your favorite DVDs and Blu-rays a spin? — Well, go ahead. Do you want to listen to music? — No problem at all. Browsing your collection of photos? — Easily.

So, with one solution you get an impressive multimedia suite for any scenario of use, with exceptional sound and image quality. 8K and 360-Degree VR included. No matter who you are – a tech-savvy person or a newbie – this player will offer you a plethora of enjoyable features. 


When talking about the best media player apps in 2023, this one is worth attention. It is good for those who are familiar with technical issues. The variety of KMPlayer’s functions is impressive, casting videos on TV is easy, and high-resolution files play flawlessly. The product offers enhanced customizability, so you can change it according to your tastes and needs. One more important feature to mention is a pleasing intuitive design.

However, keep in mind that it requires high computing capacities. Check out if your device can deal with this issue.  

Zoom Player

This product is for advanced users who want full control. The flawless interface is customizable, so you can change it for your needs. Zoom Player gives you the possibility to stream video, and audio, and play physical discs. An automatic scanner searches for relevant file formats on your HDD and adds them to your library. If you need information about certain files, substantial metadata will be of great use. 

If fact, this solution is rather for computer geeks who like to see how things work and not only consume content. Advanced users regard this product as one of the best media player apps. If you are a common user interested in content only, you’d better search for another solution. 

Video players for Android

The default player serves its purpose, but there are other options to consider. If you own an Android device, try one of those media player apps.


We could have mentioned this player in the previous section, as it’s the first choice for numerous Windows users. But it has a robust Android version, with a similar experience and excellent performance. It supports such formats as MKV, MP4, Ogg, and others. 

VLC is a good choice not only for video consumption, and this versatility makes it one of the best media player apps. You can enjoy your favorite music on it, create playlists, and set up the equalizer. The storage capacities here can meet the needs of the most exigent users. 

MX Player

The performance of this digital product differs depending on the hardware one is using. Those who have such powerful devices as Samsung Galaxy flagships can enjoy seamless playback of almost all demanding files. You can download custom codecs if the pre-built ones don’t meet your needs. If you are a parent who has concerns about the health of your child, use a kids lock. So, your children will consume only the content you approve of and won’t switch between apps. 

Video Player All Format

This is a sought-after product developed by InShot Inc. It has caused a great stir among users and programmers. The app includes an impressive set of features, and wide compatibility is one of them. There is also a useful privacy function: you can protect certain videos with passwords. Such options make this product one of the best media player apps.

Moreover, it also supports various codecs, so no more worries about rare video formats. Thanks to Chromecast compatibility, you can easily stream movies to any device with a big screen. In addition, Video Player All Format is equipped with advanced file management features that allow you to easily sort, organize and handle your video library.

Adjusting the playback speed and zoom is convenient for those who like experimenting with videos. If your eye catches some interesting details on the screen, examine them right away. 

Media players for music streaming services

These are meant for certain providers only. And some of them don’t have a free version and run only on a subscription basis only. But they are real rivals of conventional multi-purpose media players in a world where more and more people discover the benefits of streaming services.  

The solution we’ll talk about can serve as the perfect example for a business willing to start its own streaming services and build apps. 


This Swedish provider has gained acclaim worldwide. According to Statista, in Q2 2022, it had a 30.5% share of music streaming subscribers worldwide, with Apple Music as its modest runner-up (13.7%). A reason for such popularity is that Spotify offers a rich library and is one of the best media players in the market. It’s clear, convenient, and intuitive, with great AI algorithms. 

Let’s dive into the player functionality. It is well-structured, and includes such subsections as “Good afternoon”, “More like”, “Jump back in”, “Recently played”, “Your favorite artists”, “Your top mixes”, and others. The “Made for” section is accurately generated and typically meets one’s tastes with great precision. For companies willing to develop their own streaming apps, such thought-out structuring could be a paragon. 

There is a killer feature for those who own a rich media library on their HDDs and external SD cards. You can add local files to the library and play them via Spotify if you love it above other media players. 

Creating playlists and sharing them with friends is also convenient and easy. The platform has social media capacities, offers information about artists, and has an excellent search function. With such a robust media solution and an immense library in your pocket, is there something more advanced? 

There is, for those who care about sound quality. 


Let’s move a step forward and enter the HiFi realm. Here, TIDAL is an undisputable leader. This provider has received acclaim for the impeccable quality of hi-res audio. That’s why music lovers and audiophiles prefer this solution to others. Unfortunately, the number of countries where TIDAL operates is much lower than that of Spotify. But if you are a lucky resident of one of those, try it out. You’ll be impressed.  

The software comes in a desktop and a mobile version. The navigation is clear and convenient in both. You can set up the quality of playback and download (master, HiFi, high, and normal), considering your hardware, pricing plan, and listening preferences. Offline playback is available upon download, so grab your favorite albums when traveling abroad. You may read concise information on performers and credits. If you add your favorite artists upon registration, you’ll receive suggestions on music that can meet your taste. 

If you prefer songs in foreign languages, you will find the lyrics for numerous songs. However, they come with online playback only and stream like karaoke. 

One more function that makes TIDAL beat the competition is the video library with numerous clips, so you don’t need to enter YouTube to search for those. Exclusive content (live performances, interviews, etc.) makes this digital solution a real joy for subscribers.


Media player apps have come a long way since the early days of digital content consumption. They started modest and one-purpose but have obtained impressive functionality. No doubt, they will keep on growing with advancements in devices and hardware. 
If you want to create a media player, cooperate with leading IT professionals engaged in media app development, and they will deliver the best possible results. If you are a common user, pay attention to the solutions listed above.

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