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Finding a good VPN tool is harder than it seems at first glance. Yes, the market is full of various VPN options. There are hundreds of such apps online. Though, when it comes to testing them, many such applications show themselves to be pretty inefficient.

There can be all kinds of reasons, from poor technologies to lack of care from the developers. Though, such mistakes should not be tolerated. Especially when you are using your VPN for torrenting. Bad VPNs can fail your protection while also slowing down your downloading. A good VPN will only protect your personal data.

However, only the best apps can secure your privacy without harming your download speed. These are the types of VPN we are here to tell you about. This is our list of the best VPN for Torrents 2020.

Why using VPN?

First things first, let us describe why using VPN is an absolute must while torrenting. All VPN apps work to protect your data from hacking. When you are in the torrent, you are too vulnerable. Your IP address is under full disclosure. Hence, it is easy for hackers to receive your real location or steal any important personal data. Identity thieves are waiting for opportunities such as this one.

Also, by having your traffic visible, you are almost unprotected from various interceptions or malware. Overall, it’s quite a dangerous situation to be in. Fortunately, by simply turning on a VPN, you ensure the safety and protection of your torrenting experience.

1. NordVPN

Starting with the best, NordVPN is one of those products that can offer a perfect combination of quality and price. It works fast, it is known for its superb security, and, as a nice bonus, it is super easy to install.

Overall, the whole installation process may take you less than 4 minutes, which is somehow a rare thing when it comes to VPN programs. NordVPN is also great at finding you the perfect location that will not affect your overall performance.

Another unique thing about it is that you can use cryptocurrency only, the financial transaction known to ensure your anonymous status online. The software also offers you a 24/7 support chat if anything goes wrong. 

2. ExpressVPN

Judging by its name only, this software is aiming for the extra fast speeds. And it delivers! In fact, ExpressVPN can ensure fast speed in any area of its work. Whether it is the performance speed, security, or even customer service. All of these areas have shown really impressive results. Though, before everything else, Express VPN is famous for its unlimited bandwidth.

It supports all 3,000+ servers of the torrenting network. Thus, nothing comes in the way of downloading anything you like, and it is all happening at high speed! This VPN can ensure your privacy at torrents. It doesn’t keep any logging identification or your activity history.

You can easily google, “professionals to do my homework for money” and have no worries about being caught. The software works perfectly on mobile and desktop devices. It can also operate at 5 devices simultaneously. 

3. CyberGhost

For those who already feel confused and discouraged from trying any VPNs at all, let us introduce you to CyberGhost. To be honest, CyberGhost is a perfect software for everyone who has never used VPN for torrenting before.

As you might have guessed already, its greatest advantage lies in its super easy interface and functioning. In other words, it’s incredibly easy to use. It is just more pleasant when it comes to using this particular VPN.

Everything there is made for a customer’s convenience. It even has a feature that shows the distance and a load of a particular location. Thus, you can have full performance information before choosing your server. Unless you are connected to a distant server, you may operate at a pretty good speed.

Surely, it is a bit weaker in speed and performance than the previous software. Though, for the start, it may be just enough for your needs. One thing for sure, it is not any less in terms of reliability and security. 

4. Surfshark

This VPN is as ambitious as its name. It is reliable, fast, secure, and it still keeps on growing and improving. One of its main features is the extra layer of security that will keep you safe even in places with high restrictions on digital activities.

It’s fast, though you are not limited to any location there. The software offers around 1.700 servers to choose from. It comes with the kills switch to ensure your downloads are stopped whenever the connection is disrupted or not safe.

There is also a MultiHop feature to allow you to connect to two servers at once. Thus, no one will be able to track down the origins of your traffic.

You can search a website that writes essays for you on your campus network, and nothing will happen. In addition, Surfshark comes with no log-ins requirements, to secure your anonymous presence online.

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