Web 3.0 Tools Are Here; Blockchain Can Transform the Travel Industry

With the change of Web 2 space to Web 3, things are going to be different now. With more advanced tools, you can expect a better experience from this version of the internet. With the use of AI and decentralized technology, you can expect a sort of autonomy in this space. 

The wide usage of mobile and social media platforms is leading to this transition. Within 2-3 years, we will experience the full potential of the version. The Web 3 tools are influencing the travel and tourism sector as well. Over time, fresh technologies and other events have been testing their efficacy in the travel industry. 

The Changes In This Industry And Adjustments To The Same

Every new technology makes a round in the travel sector and brings certain changes. A few years back, the advent of OTAs like MakeMyTrip was introduced in this industry. With this, the traditional agents had to face a big issue.

Later, the latest business model of Airbnb brought another round of changes in this industry. The rental service market was the prominent one to suffer. Then came the global pandemic, giving a huge downturn in the entire market. 

Despite these, the entire travel industry is reviving from the blow and is aiming for higher growth. With most of the nations opening up their borders again, many fresh projects are making their way to this industry. These fresh startups are implementing Web 3 tools to bring revolution to the travel industry. This will change your experience while you travel around the world. 

Payments Through Cryptocurrency

The most common form of usage of the Web 3 tools, will be the inclusion of Cryptocurrencies. Here, the travel industry will have the option of using Crypto for booking. This has been the case with Travala.com, which is a travel booking platform and is based on the Blockchain network. 

On this platform, you will find a wide range of options in hotels, villas, 5-star luxury resorts, and others on a worldwide level. You can use AVA, which is their native token. With the coin, you can pay for bookings or redeem the rewards. 

Also, they have NFT options as well, that will unlock different values for you. These values can be experiences during your travel or access to the best airport lounges. 

Tokenizing The Hotels And Flights 

Quite often, you may have experienced a situation where you need to cancel or change the entire travel plan. Your unutilized ticket is a loss for both you and the airline as well. 

To reduce this inefficiency, TravelX, which is a start-up, is using Blockchain technology. With these tools, the start-up is developing a frictionless plan and it is creating NFTickets. These tickets cannot go unutilized and you can sell them on a marketplace and revive the initial costs. If the chances are good, you can even earn a decent amount of profit on these tickets. 

Community-Owned Travel Network 

Short-term rentals are becoming way too famous at present. But, these rentals are overpriced. Due to this, many hosts find it demotivating to list their properties. They are not able to exert a strong influence on the policies. 

In this case, Dtravel is a recent platform that allows a community-owned ecosystem for the travel industry. Here, short-term rentals and even property managers are empowered with booking websites. With these websites, the chances of visibility in the Web 3 ecosystem become higher. 

In these ecosystems, the bookings will be in the P2P format and will be operated by smart contracts. As a host, you will have the power to vote for improvements in services and products. Also, it will help in changing the direction of Dtravel. 


Web 3 is taking over industries and changing the way of experiencing the internet. This new version of the internet is also entering the travel industry. With this, the travel experiences will change to a great extent. 
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