How to Identify Quality Online Casinos? Checklist for Every Casino Player

There are many different online casinos – some let you play without an account, others offer a real virtual reality experience, some offer to bet – the possibilities are endless. The very best casino sites can be any of these, but they all have certain things in common. Quality is certainly not a feature that new casinos lack.

We take into account both reliability and entertainment to present you with a complete guideline. In this article, we provide you checklists to consider before choosing an online casino. Plus, casino bonuses in detail.

However, if you don’t want to waste your time checking for the top casino by yourself, check this site. You will find selected online casinos with independent reviews to help you make your best decision.

Checklists To The Best Online Casinos

Before making a decision to play at an online casino, make sure that it meets all the criterias listed below,

Attractive Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Does the casino offer welcome bonuses to new players? And will bonuses be available in the future? Are the bonuses big, and what can be played with them? We also take into account the bonus terms and their fairness to the player, as this is an important part of the criteria for the best casinos.

A Great Range of Games

What kind of games are available at the casino? Are the best casino games and classics included? Is the offer updated frequently enough with new features? The best online casinos offer a diverse, comprehensive selection of games from a wide range of providers.

Mobile Gaming

Does the casino also work on smart devices? Is there a dedicated casino app available? Are all casino services available to mobile players in the same way? Today, any quality casino should offer its customers the option of mobile gaming, and we take this into account in all our reviews.

Friendly Customer Service

Does the casino offer customer service to its players? How comprehensive are the opening hours, and is the service available in your language? And what channels can be used to contact them – is real-time support available? Well-functioning customer service is an absolutely essential feature of online casinos, so it should be in place at the best sites.

Proper Gaming Licence, Rules and Conditions

Is the online casino licensed? Which gaming authority has issued the licence? Are its rules and conditions fair to the player? All the best online casinos are licensed and transparent with their policies and procedures, and their terms and conditions are good for all parties involved.

Casino Theme and Layout

What theme has been chosen for the casino? Is there anything particularly interesting or fun about it? Are the pages elegant and easy to use? This also plays a part, and can be the deciding factor in the competition between quality online casinos!

Transfers and Payments

Does the site have payment methods suitable for yours? Is there enough choice? Does the casino offer fast withdrawals? And does it charge extra handling fees for money transfers? These are the questions every player should be interested in, and we’ll find out for you.

New Online Casino Bonuses

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With new online casinos entering the market almost every month, competition for new customers is also fierce. New online casinos are willing to offer players some really staggering welcome packages to gain a foothold in the market..

New online casinos are using all their ingenuity to turn the tide of customers towards their own site. Big bonuses are good solutions, but there is another secret weapon that creates an unfailing impact – no deposit bonuses!

New No Deposit Casinos – No Deposit Bonuses

New online casinos can offer no deposit bonuses when you sign up as a new user. Often these are free spins, but sometimes there may even be free play money. No deposit bonuses are usually subject to certain wagering requirements and often have a payout cap.

They are still among the most sought-after bonuses, as they are beneficial to the player. You can check out the casinos that offer no deposit bonuses here.

Free spins without a wagering requirement, among other things, have become a trend in the new online casinos and an attraction for players. This means that the amount you win, for example, through free bonuses awarded on registration, is transferred directly to your account for free, without any wagering or wagering.

Some casinos also offer bonuses that are much easier to wager than others. It really is worth taking a good look at the bonus terms and conditions of all online casinos!

Free Spins No Deposit Required

The latest trend in online casinos is to offer free spins to their players. Casinos have noticed that players are much more interested in free spins than in the actual play money, so the above are really good incentives for players. Some casinos offer their new and old players their free spins with no wagering requirements at all, while some have some kind of wagering requirement; usually 15-45x.

What better way to discover new online casinos than to enjoy free spins without investing a single dollar of your own money, and chase one of the ever-growing jackpot prizes! And now, with the advent of mobile versions, you can do this from the comfort of your own home!

Tax-Free Online Casinos

The popularity of online casinos has exploded like a space shuttle launch since winnings from them became tax-free for all European players. Online casinos are therefore treated as lotteries in the eyes of the law.

Almost all of the new online casinos opening in Europe are tax-free for players, but it is still worth checking the situation of each online casino, for example with customer service. You can also easily find this information at the bottom of the casino’s website.

Online casinos registered in Malta and Estonia also offer players the possibility to pocket any winnings completely tax-free. A large number of the big online casinos have therefore acquired a Maltese gaming licence in order to attract more players with tax-free winnings.

All casinos licensed in the EEA and the EU are tax-free for players. The EEA includes all EU countries plus Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. Casinos operating in all these countries would therefore be tax-free.

As many players choose their “favorite” casino on the basis of bonuses and tax-free winnings, this is a very important point for active players. Casino winnings from countries such as Costa Rica, Curacao, Kahnawake, and Antigua are taxable income. The UK and Gibraltar licenses will make online casinos holding these licenses taxable in 2021.

Online Casino vs. Traditional Casino

There are both pros and cons to playing online compared to playing in brick-and-mortar casinos. One of the most important advantages is that there is much more choice for players than in brick-and-mortar casinos.

There are several hundred online gaming venues, while there are only a handful of physical gaming outlets – and even fewer actual casinos. The emphasis is on ease of use, convenience, and more comprehensive gaming services with bonuses.

In physical gaming venues, on the other hand, the absolute trump card is an immersive experience. There is no point in making an absolute distinction between online and brick-and-mortar casinos. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose just one – you can enjoy both!

Summary – What to Expect From New Online Casinos

Online gambling is a phenomenon that is here to stay. As it continues to grow, we will also be able to explore new online casinos at a steady pace. Players have a wide variety of options to choose from, from instant casinos to traditional casinos, with new ones opening almost weekly.

It is clear that not all new online casinos will survive, and some will close down after a few months. The best new online casinos for players have an interesting and fresh selection of games, offer good service, and use the best technologies.

New online casinos also offer great bonuses! They offer big welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, bonuses with low wagering requirements – there’s something for everyone.

Remember to always check that you’re in good standing with a new online casino when you arrive. All the new online casinos you find on our website have already been checked for you – they are safe and reliable places to play.

So you can browse our listings and create an account at any of our casinos with peace of mind. Choose your favorite and try your luck!

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