Best Free Pdf to Word Converter 2022

How do I convert a 2022 PDF to Word? PDF files are easy to print and circulate, but require format conversion through a converter for regular editing.

To solve this problem, a series of professional PDF to Word tools came into being, today for you Introducing the 2022 Best free pdf to word converter.

Top 1. AbcdPDF – Convert PDF to Word

AbcdPDF is a PDF to Word dedicated to solving PDF problems for global users Website, all the tools on the website are free to use. Users can use the Word online editor to convert PDF to Word (DOCX) and Excel (XLSX), as well as merge, split and add watermarks.

With the original intention of serving the public, the brand positions its products as free online tools and aggregates a large number of online tools with rich functions on the homepage of the Abcd PDF platform to meet the needs of all user groups.

Its goal is to provide free, unlimited access to high-quality PDF online tools to bring high-efficiency office standards and the most comfortable user experience to users around the world.

Convert PDF to Word does not require complicated login and registration, the conversion speed is extremely fast, and relatively standard articles can be converted in a few seconds. This tool is completely free and works right out of the box. Even users who are not familiar with computer software can understand the operation process most quickly. There is only one operation path in the process of using the tool, and there will be no deviation in operation. The operation guide will also be displayed at any time on the right side of the page, which is very intimate.

The reason why AbcdPDF PDF to Word can achieve such accuracy is due to the use of unique algorithm processing, which involves some particularities of the PDF format, so I won’t introduce too much here. In a word, before the converter converts these objects, it will identify and mark the code blocks of these objects in turn to ensure that the conversion result of each format will not deviate from the frame of the original object. Therefore, the ultra-high accuracy and computing speed of PDF to Word are inseparable from the unique conversion strategy and years of research results.

Top 2. Aconver

More than just PDF, Aconver can convert all kinds of documents, e-books, images, icons, videos, audio and archive files online for free. The letter “A” in the domain name stands for “all”. You can click the “Convert” icon in the upper right corner to start a quick conversion: just select a local file, choose the target format you want to convert, and click the “Convert Now” button to convert the file with default settings.

To start batch file conversion, click the “Add Files” button below to add multiple files on your computer, phone or tablet, select the target format, and click the “Convert Now” button to convert. The output files will be listed in the “Conversion Results” section.

Top 3. Clever PDF

Clever PDF is an online converter that provides 44 PDF-related processing tools. It does not require a registered member and is free. The functions provided are also very practical. It can easily help users convert PDF to Word, Office, Numbers, PNG, Mobi, EPUB and other formats. Besides, it has a series of PDF editing tools, such as PDF encryption/decryption, PDF split/merge, and PDF watermarking.

Privacy is also very good, all uploaded files are used to generate output files and are automatically deleted within half an hour or can be deleted manually. However, the tool cannot generate files in batches, and the file size cannot exceed 20M. If you need batch processing, you can download the desktop version of Clever PDF, which will be more powerful, not only supporting batch conversion but also processing larger files without the need for networking.


JINAPDF is an English website that supports switching to other countries’ languages. The first function on the page is PDF to Word, which is very simple to use, just click on this area and enter the conversion interface.

First click “Choose File”, then select the PDF file to be converted, and then you can view the conversion process through the red progress bar. After waiting for the processing, select “Download” to download, and select the path you want to save. Then we edit and proofread the Word content, and after testing, the conversion results without any problems.

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