Funchatt: New Types of Social Networks

Funchatt is one of the novel social networks for communication and making friends all over the world. But do you know how many different types of social networks are present in the online world today?

If you said no, today we will talk about it in this article. Keep reading to discover various types of social networks with examples and their main features.

Social networks: Twitter and Facebook

We usually use such kinds of social media networks for online interactions between individuals and businesses. Funchatt is also created for communicating and interacting online.

Media sharing networks: Snapchat and Instagram

These networks offer their users more opportunities to discover media online. Photos, videos, live streams, and so on – you can find all of it on such platforms.

Discussion forums: Quora and Reddit

Forums have a massive number of users and give them freedom of self-expression in the threads. You can find a discussion to join based on your interests at any time and invite your Funchatt friends to join.

Content curation and bookmarking networks: Pinterest

You can use these networks to follow the latest trends. They are also useful for businesses to channelize awareness for your business.

Customer review networks: Zomato and Yelp

We are sure you have used one of such services at least once in your life. The main point of such networks is to collect and share consumer reviews for various services, shops, restaurants, and other places. You can ask your Funchatt friends about their experience with a mentioned service or brand.

But if they can’t help you here, you will have to turn to one of the review networks available online for your location. They always come in handy at any time to leave a review or check the existing reviews before visiting a place.

Publishing and blogging networks: Tumblr and WordPress

If you like sharing your thoughts and opinions on some news, consider joining one of the networks for blogging and publishing. They allow you to post long texts on any topic in any form of your choice.

If you already have a blog, you can share it on Funchatt to let your new friends follow your updates and get to know you better.

Interest-based Networks

If you have a specific hobby or are a member of some fandom, you will enjoy using interest-based networks. They are one of the best for exploring the topic, making friends, and learning something new.

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