HBO Max and Discovery Plus: Are They Merging Into One Platform?

Streaming services are getting better and better. In this race, HBO Max and Discovery Plus are the best. However, nothing lasts forever, which is true for these two streaming services.

On the other hand, Things are getting better since Discovery Plus has already announced it will merge with HBO Max. Still, you can watch Discovery Plus in Canada before merging.

As far as we know, Discovery Plus is a terrific choice for high-quality entertainment. The announcement comes as a surprise for the users of the online streaming service.

Fortunately, Discovery Plus started to stream in Canada because It’s a partnership service with Corus. However, Unfortunately, you cannot stream content from libraries of different countries. And we also do not know whether its merger is going to affect its availability. In any case, you can use VPN to solve the problem.

Let’s take a moment to clarify what this means for you and why it is happening in the first place because it is all very sudden and challenging to understand.

Things You Need To Know About Merging HBO Max and Discovery Plus:

Next year, the audiences of online streaming platforms will experience another option for streaming services. It will happen after successfully merging HBO Max with Discovery Plus. These two streaming services will be available under the same roof.

Which Key Facts about the Merger?

After the announcement, many things happen; somehow, we still need to include all of these. Still, we can mention some key facts below.

  • Zaslav said they are going to introduce an “integrated VOD service.” It happened after second-quarter earnings. Under this offering, they are bringing “HBO Max and Discovery Plus” together.
  • Based on the announcement, the new service will launch in the US next summer. In 2024, it will be available for everyone around the globe.
  • The CEO of Warner Bros. Already said there would be an option for the viewers for the ad-supported tier.
  • After getting a new service, everyone can enjoy all the films released in the theater on the new platform.

What About The Subscribers?

Discovery Plus, HBO Plus, and HBO revealed they have 92.1 million subscribers. The number is increasing. In the first quarter, it reached almost 1.7 million.

You need to compare the number with other popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus to understand the number.

The number of Netflix subscribers is 220.67 million. On the other hand, the Disney platform has over 205 million.

For the merger, It is predicted that the numbers can go either way, but initially, they will stay stagnant as the subscribers test the service out. Depending on the user experience and the ease they feel while browsing through the additional channels, the number of subscribers could go up or down.

HBO Max Is Going Away?

The authority of HBO Max did not give us an update for their next year’s service. In the summer of 2023, the merger will happen. It is a risky play for Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. will cancel different content after streaming them to the merged one. So who knows, we cannot get service from HBO Max in the future.

What Is the Reason HBO Max and Discovery Plus Merging?

From the beginning, everyone was asking the same question. So why are these streaming services merging? The answer is undoubtedly in favor of a cold and hard business strategy. They are merging to make a single corporate entity.

It’s now tough to continue and invest in new content in these challenging economic times. But, on the other hand, running different services means the cost will rise. So, cutting two apps and running one is also a part of cost-cutting measures.

All the streaming services are here for business, not only for entertainment. So, they will ensure their profit margin and do what they must to keep the profit rate high. It will slash or add service whenever they want to get the lead in the race.

What are the Pros and Cons of Discovery Plus?

It’s true HBO Max, and Discovery Plus are getting merged. Still, we love discovering plus for its features. Discovery Plus has a chance to prove itself in a few sectors. Let’s find out its pros and cons below.


  • Its content library is rich with different types of content.
  • Affordable for everyone.
  • The interface of the web version is elegant, and the mobile app’s interface is user-friendly.
  • Per account supports five profiles.
  • Allow four simultaneous streams.
  • 4k content is available.


  • Not available offline viewing and download option.
  • Doesn’t have any parental control tools.
  • You cannot enjoy content with audio descriptions.


HBO Max and Discovery Plus merge to offer us an extreme level of streaming services. Undoubtedly, it is going to be the best streaming experience for us.

Exciting times are ahead, and all the bundles of this single platform will also cut our costs. Still, the time of merging is a few months away. So what can we do? You can easily watch Discovery Plus in Canada because it is now available in this country. However, difficulties arise when you need to watch content from other countries’ libraries. In this case, use VPN and explore a new world of content.

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