How Does Proxy Solve The Problem of Blocking Internet Resources?

Do you have situations where internet access is restricted or blocked? Let’s try to use a proxy. Such a tool can be a valuable tool to bypass such blockages and ensure stable access to the internet. 

Proxy servers act as intermediaries between the user and the requested content, redirecting traffic through their own network and bypassing blockages set by providers or government agencies.

How does it work? What about its advantages? What are the best proxies to use? Find out in this review.

What is a Proxy?

Proxy servers are intermediate nodes between the client and the server, which act as an intermediary in data transmission. They accept requests from the client and redirect them to the server, and then receive a response from the server and transmit it back to the client.

The main function of proxy servers is to ensure the privacy and security of the user. When using a proxy server, the client’s real IP address is hidden, and data is transmitted through a proxy server, which makes it inaccessible to external observers.

Advantages of Proxy Usage

1. Bypass locks

Proxy servers can be used to bypass locks imposed by providers or government agencies. Whether it’s blocking a particular website, service, or even entire categories of content, proxy servers can redirect traffic through their network and circumvent these restrictions.

2. Anonymity

As a rule, proxy servers mask or hide the user’s IP address, preserving his anonymity. This is especially valuable in countries with Internet censorship and monitoring, where users may be subject to unwanted surveillance or repression.

3. Improved connection stability

Another advantage of using proxy servers is to improve the stability of the internet connection. When a provider blocks certain resources or services, this can cause connection problems and increased network load. Proxy servers solve this problem by redirecting traffic through their network, guaranteeing a more stable connection and an improved user experience.

Top of the Best Proxies to Bypass Blocking

It’s time to choose the best Proxies to bypass any blocking and anonymous internet surfing.

Utopia P2P Web Proxy✓ Free tool
✓ Anonymous usage
✓ Backed by the decentralized ecosystem
✓ No limits
✓ Fast speed
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IPRoyal✓ Fast and secure
✓ IPRoyal Pawns function
✓ Starts from $2 per month
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OxyLabs✓ AI technology
✓ Built-in proxy server map
✓ Starts $15 per GB
Try OxyLabs now✓ HTTP/s and SOCKS5 protocols
✓ Customization tools
✓ Support user: pass authentication
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YourPrivateProxy✓ High level of performance
✓ Connect up to 5 different devices
✓ 29 locations around the world
✓ Starts from $9.97 per month
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Let’s figure them out.

#1. Utopia P2P Web Proxy

Utopia P2P Web Proxy is an anonymous tool that opens access to blocked websites on the internet. It operates in a decentralized and private ecosystem that provides a secure internet connection for each user. The ecosystem has several built-in tools for communication, data transfer, browsing, etc.

Utopia P2P Web Proxy works in conjunction with Idyll Browser — an anonymous browser of the ecosystem. However, the proxy can work independently, you do not need to open Idyll beforehand.

The advantages of the proxy include high download speed, stable operation, and access to any blocked content within a few seconds.

To start using a proxy, you need to download the Utopia P2P ecosystem and register anonymously. The ecosystem is available for OS such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. After registration, the user will be able to use all the built-in tools for free, as well as Utopia P2P Web Proxy without additional installation.

Utopia P2P Web Proxy

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#2. IPRoyal

IPRoyal is a well-known provider of proxy servers. They offer data centers and mobile proxies that can be useful.

IPRoyal rewards people who participate in their peer-to-peer (P2P) network, instead of engaging in unethical methods of obtaining IP addresses for their pool.

One of their services, called IP Royal Pains, allows people to exchange their IP address and internet connection for use as a proxy. This is where IPRoyal gets their IP addresses confirmed by a support agent.

When you use their proxy, your online traffic is not directed directly to the desired web services. Instead, it is routed to the IPRoyal service, which searches for an available IP address in its pool and uses this IP address to send your request to the desired website.


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#3. OxyLabs

OxyLabs is a service that provides access to a huge network of more than 100 million IP addresses worldwide.

They offer a variety of services, including proxy servers for data centers, resident proxy servers, and even artificial intelligence assistance to help you navigate e-commerce websites with ease.

One of the outstanding features of OxyLabs is artificial intelligence technology. It is designed to help you sort the data you collect, handle JavaScript on web pages, and even take action against bots such as CAPTCHA.

OxyLabs also takes care of proxy server rotation, making the data parsing process smoother. If you need speed, they offer SOCKS5 proxies, which are known for their high performance.

To give you an idea of pricing, resident proxies start at $15 per GB with pay-as-you-go without any obligation. On the other hand, shared proxy servers for data centers are available for $50 per month.


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#4. is an exceptional proxy service that provides an unlimited number of threads or simultaneous connections, which allows you to process multiple requests at the same time without worrying about reducing speed or efficiency.

This feature significantly improves productivity and simplifies the execution of many tasks. One of the outstanding features of ISP proxy servers is their versatility and set of options.

Thanks to the support of the HTTP/s and SOCKS5 protocols, it is possible to choose the type of proxy that best suits the user’s needs.

Despite such impressive features, the starting price of all products is only $6, which makes its services affordable and affordable.


#5. YourPrivateProxy

YourPrivateProxy service is well-known in the industry, especially known for its exceptional proxy servers for data centers.

However, they also offer high-quality proxy servers of Internet service providers, hosting them in their own infrastructure.

What sets YourPrivateProxy apart is that their proxy providers provide the same level of performance as their lightning-fast proxy servers for data centers.

You can get an ISP proxy server for as little as $9.97 per month, and the more proxies you buy, the less you need to buy. This is a cost-effective approach for those who need multiple proxies.

It is worth noting that the proxy servers of ISP YourPrivateProxy have a limited geographical coverage — only 29 points around the world.


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In conclusion, proxy servers are an effective tool for bypassing locks and restrictions, providing stable access to the internet. They help users circumvent censorship, maintain anonymity, and improve connectivity.

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