6 Tips on How To Build Up Your YouTube Following

Creating a larger YouTube following takes time and work, but it can pay dividends – here are some ways to build it.

1. Create Videos That Cover A Single Type Of Topic

When you pick out a keyword or a topic, you can try to build a YouTube audience of those that will be interested in what you have to share with them. SEO is a part of being able to grow a following and you have to make sure you get your videos ranked for various keywords so that they help you reach out to more and more people.

One tool you could use is the one at KeywordTool.io because it is built with YouTube in mind to help you find out which keywords are the best for your niche.

You’re going to want to select a keyword prior to creating any kind of content on video so that you can structure your videos in a way that interests people that search for information about it. The keyword should be used in your content every once in a while but naturally and that was the closed captioning system will pick them up.

After you pick a keyword you can search for and watch videos that are related and that way you can get a better idea of where you’re going to go with the video that you are trying to put together for your audience.

2. Keep In Touch With Your Audience

You need to remember that YouTube is a social media type of site and that’s why social interaction is so important. Your videos need to encourage people to leave comments and discuss the videos you put out with one another. 

YouTube is happy when channels have a lot of engagement which is when people watch your video all the way through, like or dislike it, and when they leave comments. You want to try to respond to comments as often as possible and encourage watchers to engage too.

It’s good for you to also go to various other channels with similar topics and engage with their audience. That way, you can start to get people to pay attention to your channel since they will be curious about it if you leave good comments anywhere you go. Also be sure that you tell people you appreciate their comments and their videos or whatever else they share so that they know you’ve been paying attention.

If possible, you can use SocialPlus.net to grow your audience and use a social content dashboard that tells you when comments are coming in and things of that nature which makes it easier to interact with others.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Reuse What Works

Pretty much the best way to get more of an audience on YouTube is to put out awesome content that people cannot get anywhere else. But, you don’t have to create content from the ground up every time. You can make videos by putting together old content that did well for you in new ways.

The audience on YouTube goes there to look up tutorials so they can learn how to do thing. This was especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic because people ended up viewing 4 billion collective hours of how-to videos that year. That is due to the fact that video content is a great way to build your knowledge no matter what you want to achieve. If you can make a guide of some kind that is related to your keyword, your videos are going to do well.

Know that you’re going to want to keep your videos between one and five minutes because that is the size of the videos that do the best on the platform. All you have to do is keep it short and engaging.

4. Brand Your Channel

Even if you have awesome content, you need your channel to look nice to attract viewers. If your channel looks professionally put together, people are more likely to trust in it.

An organization should have the right kind of branding because that will make users know when your content is being shown. If you have something like a website with a certain feel, you can use that feel to help your channel stand out from others. Putting together branding for everything you put online will ultimately help you to be a better YouTuber. Here you can see an example from the gaming company Nintendo that provides gaming content of all kinds.

5. Promote YouTube Videos You Make On Various Other Social Sites

One nice thing about social media in general is that you can share your content on a variety of platforms. When you use other social media channels, you can really get your audience to grow as time goes on.

There are top channels, according to reports, that have huge engagement across the board with 90% of users. This means that these channels are not going to have any problems getting activity going that increases engagement.

6. User Overlaps On Social Media

You need to consider which social media channels you’re working with so far. LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are some examples. You can select a few of these and share your videos through them. It’s also a good idea to make trailers for your videos that can lead people to your channel if they want to learn a bit more.

Don’t forget to think about sharing through your blog if you have one because there you can post videos as well. Podcasts are another awesome place to talk about and promote your YouTube channel and its videos.

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