How to Check If a Crypto Casino Is Legit (Quick Tips To Verify)

Online casinos have become very accessible. Like most things, the popularity of the gambling industry online has attracted crooks that try to con unsuspecting gamblers. 

This is why it is crucial to confirm the legitimacy of online casinos before you give them any information about yourself. In this article, you’ll learn some fraudulent methods these scammers use and how you can spot them early.

Examples of Gambling Fraud

Gaming fraud can take many forms, depending on the crook and the targets. Here are a few common examples of fraud in the online gambling industry:

Account Takeover

This fraud is a foundation for many other fraudulent schemes. Attackers use a variety of techniques to access user accounts. These include stealing login credentials, fooling call center personnel, phishing, etc. 

With these accounts, fraudsters can engage in different scams on gaming and gambling sites. They can even use the information on other apps. This is one of the reasons why scammers set up fraudulent gambling sites.  


Online gaming is susceptible to cheating as it can dramatically impact the user experience for legitimate players. 

Without identification, fraudulent players can use multiple accounts to manipulate the results they get and force other players out of the game altogether. 

These fraudulent activities are harmful to both players and casinos. Gamblers end up losing private information or money. Sometimes, these fraudsters use their stolen identity to scam other people.

Signs that Prove that an Online Casino is Legitimate

Prominent Licenses

When you want to sign up for a secure online casino, ensure that it has a gambling commission license. Agencies such as the Malta Gaming Authority provide these per specific requirements. 

A license guarantees a casino is legal and protects customers from dishonest and unfair business practices. 

An online casino licensed by a reliable authority will display the logo of that licensing body in the footer of its landing page. This is usually alongside its license number.

To be sure, you can also visit the website of the gaming regulator and enter the casino’s name or license number to check if it matches what they show.

After validating the legitimacy of an online casino, you can be confident about its security features. This is because regulated websites often go through financial, data security, and operational checks before obtaining licenses.

Legitimate Banking Methods

The first thing you should do when looking for a trustworthy online casino is to check out the deposit and withdrawal options they provide. 

Does it include reliable payment systems such as PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard? There is a strong possibility that the website is authentic if it does. 

Companies with such reputations will do background checks on people they give access to their payment platform. This guarantees they don’t become associated with bad-faith players since they face enormous reputational and financial risks in such scenarios. They won’t conduct business with illegitimate operators.

Confirm that these businesses use the payment gateways they have listed. The easiest way for a con artist to appear legitimate is to post names and logos. 

However, the most obvious clue will come when you are actually about to complete your transaction. A website is not authentic if, after clicking on, let’s say, the PayPal option in your dashboard, it sends you to an unknown link and payment channel.

Reasonable Welcome Bonuses

No one would like to give away money, so check that the welcome bonus the casino offers isn’t too good to be true. 

Almost every online casino will offer its players big welcome bonuses. They provide bonuses that equal your first deposit up to 100%.

It seems normal if a casino doubles your $500 deposit and gives you a $500 bonus. However, when the promised welcome bonus is 10 times or 100 times your deposit, you should almost always just shut the browser and continue. 

Additionally, remember that most casinos that offer welcome bonuses may have wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings. If these requirements are too suspicious, the casino may be a fraud or a legit crypto casino operator using unfair business practices. Avoid both scenarios.

Reputable Software Providers

A trustworthy online casino will include games from a select group of top, reputable developers, including Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution, Playtech, and others. 

When browsing the casino’s menu, games from these organizations will often have their branding next to the game’s name. They provide high-quality games and immersive gaming experiences. 

More significantly, these gaming brands are seasoned competitors with solid data security and privacy protocols. 

Examine games to learn as much as possible about their developers. A trustworthy casino will be open about who its software providers are.

Strong Reviews

It’s crucial to choose an online casino with a strong reputation. Players at a trustworthy online casino always talk about their good times there.

These reviews are available on several websites, but the most reliable ones appear on forums such as Casino Bonus Club, which hosts gaming communities made up of regular individuals. 

Look for feedback on game selection, customer service, and banking alternatives.

You may also find several reviews on Google, but before you click on any of them, read evaluations from sites to avoid being tricked into signing up for casinos created by con artists. 

Don’t waste your time on an online casino if you search for it and find no reviews after the first two Google pages.


Successful and reliable crypto casino platforms constantly look for ways to enhance their selection and consumers’ gaming experiences. The casino will likely be a more lucrative platform if it has ambitions to include other cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin and even Ethereum are not the only top cryptocurrency platforms available. When looking for a trustworthy gambling website, remember that these casinos are growing and changing.

Even if there are many illegitimate online casinos, you shouldn’t let that stop you from playing your favorite casino games. 

Use the suggestions in the article as a guide to ensure you don’t get scammed. Eventually, you will find a casino to consider.

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