The Best Online Casino: How to Find Your Top Online Casinos 2021

For us, the best casino is determined by the RTP of the games and the payout conditions. In addition, the reliability of the online casino is important.

2021 is full of newly opened online casinos and of course, this includes attractive bonuses. The best online casinos are evaluated on several points to finally present a lineup of winners.

Let’s take a quick look at what the reliable online casino should have and how exactly it works.

How Do We Rate The Best Online Casinos?

The majority of players do have a top three favorite online platforms where they like to hang out. In contrast, the novice has a “sea” of options. Especially for this group of players, it is interesting to list some reviews before visiting the best online casino.

First of all, it starts with a visit to the desired web page. Then we immediately check whether the license is in order. This is done even before we address navigation, sound, theme and other issues.

If this is in good order, then we focus on the layout and game offerings. Together with the customer service and the bonuses presented, we then finally make an assessment of the casino.

Top Online Casino Welcome Bonuses

This is primarily the first introduction to the online platform. After registration is complete, one can claim a welcome bonus (often with a bonus code).

This varies from 100% up to a certain amount, whether or not together with free spins. In most cases, a minimum deposit will have to be made to start the promotion.

In addition, these types of bonuses are often subject to strict conditions and validity.

Best Online Casinos No Deposit Bonus

The other variant to benefit from the best online casino no deposit bonus is done with a coupon! This voucher or bonus code gives the new player instant access to a particular slot machine.

In other cases, free money may also be handed over after registration is complete. In this case, pay close attention to the fine print mentioned in the bonus terms.

Top Online Casino Free Spins

A new online casino may also start stunting with free spins. If you want to be eligible for these, you will have to present a bonus code. In most cases the casino will link certain slots to the free spins, where they get a bigger house edge. Still, the best online casinos make eager use of this.

What Does an RTP Entail?

You’ve probably played a slot machine at the casino or perhaps online. Every slot machine has an RTP.

The RTP (Return To Player) is nothing more than the percentage of a particular slot machine that is returned to the player. This fact should of course be taken with a grain of salt.

After all, if you only play for, say, 5 minutes on a machine compared to players with a longer playing time, then the player with the longer playing time is more likely to do so.

Also, most slot machines have an RTP above 90%. Think especially of machines such as Big Bad Wolf RTP 97.31% and Steam Tower 97.04%.

Safety of The Best Online Casinos

The new player will want to deposit at an online casino right away, yet some caution is in order here. First of all you will have to check if the casino is legally licensed. This may be in the form of MGA or UKGC.

Also not unimportant is the fact that transactions must be secure. The best online casinos use an SSL connection in a 128-bit format.

In addition, as a new player, for example, you can deposit a small amount and cash out afterward. If this process happens quickly and smoothly, this is another positive sign for the best casinos online.

Finally, of course, you can also read various reviews like this one to be well prepared.

Best Casino Online Payments When Gambling Online

The online best casino uses multiple payment options without charging extra fees. This also applies to payouts, by the way. The most accessible and well-known credit cards are Visa and MasterCard.

These are used all over the world and are very easy to obtain. On the other hand, so-called e-wallets are very much on the rise. This option may cause additional transaction fees to be charged. 

Nevertheless, young companies such as Skrill, Neteller, and Trustly are very much on the rise. The main advantage of these payment providers lies in their speed.

The transactions are processed within 24 hours in most cases, while credit cards sometimes take up to 5 working days. In addition, PayPal stands out with its more than 2 million members.

Online Casino Jackpots

“Jackpot!” You may have heard someone shout that. The giant bells start ringing at that moment and several people gather around that particular machine. Online, this is a little difficult, yet several slot machines are equipped with a so-called jackpot. This can be per machine or in a group.

A group of machines determines a joint jackpot, which can be won anywhere in the world with a minimum bet. These are called “progressive jackpots.” Whereas in the past you could win a jackpot with a maximum bet, nowadays it is possible with a minimum bet.

Think back to the Mega Moolah jackpot, where someone won a whopping 18 million with 0.75 dollars in 2018. And that is via an Android cell phone.

Best Online Casino Loyalty Programs

VIP or Very Important Person! This is what we all are, yet in a casino, this fact takes on another twist. Most “big spenders” are welcomed with open arms to leave the money on the casino table.

Returning players can claim a loyalty plan, where points are primarily accumulated as one plays. These points can be exchanged for cash prizes or gifts afterward.

How is A Permit Issued?

If we look at the MGA license, for example, we can see that the application is quite expensive. There are four different licenses, with “Class 1” being the highest and also the most expensive.

The licenses must be renewed annually and a casino owner must pay a certain percentage of each gross profit to the Maltese government.

Still, MGA has the casinos’ best interests at heart, as they monitor everything with the player in mind. Think about fraud, minors, and player transactions.

Top Online Casinos Customer Service

Good online casino sites use live chat. If this is missing or you have to wait 24 hours before you can speak to someone, then this is not optimal and you might be dealing with less performing online casinos.

When playing at new casinos online, keep in mind that there is a live chat available.

This is often listed on the main page. Of course, you can also send an email or make a phone call. These details are mainly found on the “contact us” page.

Best Online Casino Software Providers

Everyone thinks the players are the big guys who run off with the loot. But what about the software providers?

These giants have been calling the shots on the casino scene for years. Names like Netent, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, and Quickspin control the casino market. Of course, many hours go into designing an online slot machine, yet this is not without some profit.

After all, if you lose on a slot machine, for example, the software giant gets a piece of the pie.

What are The Best Casino Payment Methods?

There are a number of payment methods that are especially popular among players. For that reason alone, it’s nice when a casino has them available.

See below the list of the most used payment methods among our compatriots who like to gamble online:

iDeal Casino Payment Method

This is the payment option that is top of the list. Many people use iDeal at some point. It is the easiest way to transfer money directly from your account.

Paypal Casino Payment Method

An online account at Paypal can be very convenient. Especially for products and services that you purchase over the Internet.

For example, you do not need to have a card for this and only log in. Therefore, it is certainly convenient for gamblers on the Internet.

Credit Card Casino Payment Method

Still widely used for online payments are credit cards. Most people have Visa or Mastercard to do all kinds of transactions. This is also a good option when you want to gamble for real money online.

Mobile Wallets Payment Method

Since almost everyone has a smartphone these days, mobile wallets are becoming more and more common. With Apple pay and Google pay, to name two examples, you can easily pay via your smartphone.

Of course, there are many other options for making quick payments to get you started with instant play. The ones mentioned above are the most common, but options such as Trustly, Bancontact, and Bitcoin are also gaining popularity.

Best Mobile Casinos

Anyone can connect to their favorite website via an HTML5 connection. An online casino does not necessarily have to present an app to be in the good books.

On the other hand, a fast 128-bit SSL connection is in order to make transactions securely. Android or other mobile devices are almost all applicable today to access your favorite casino.

What are The Best Bonuses at Online Casinos?

A good casino will undoubtedly have good online casino bonuses. It is the reason why many players initially choose a particular site to go on for real money play.

So, a lucrative welcome and no-deposit bonus make it much more attractive for beginners.

Free Spins in The Best Online Casinos

Free spins are used with video slots. The terms and conditions usually list fixed slots that they can be wagered on. Free spins are sometimes also available as a no deposit bonus.

No Deposit Bonus in A Best Online Casino

In addition, there is no deposit bonus. At King Billy Casino you will receive 21 free spins immediately after registration.

We always recommend making the best use of these bonuses because you use them without risk. If you meet conditions such as wagering requirements you can actually win real money with these promotions at a casino online.

Cashback Casino Bonus

Then the cashback bonus. This promotion works differently, in the sense that you first have to make a deposit and then get back a fixed percentage of your losses.

What are The Best Online Casino Games?

Nowadays, the assortment of best casino games is crucial for an online casino. Of course, online casinos include bonuses, yet we see new trends on the rise.

Just think about virtual reality! It is still in its infancy now, but technology is working hard to bring it to the public.

In addition, the live casino has become indispensable if you visit a good casino and the willing jackpots are always present.

Craps Online Casino Game

Finally, Evolution Gaming has come up with an online casino game variant. The energetic game has made an appearance since October 2020 and is fast on its way to winning hearts.

The game is played with a so-called “shooter” and the remaining players can bet on whether the shooter will win or lose. In case of a win, the shooter will have to roll 7 or 11.

Progressive Slot Machine

Everyone is chasing the top prize. When it will fall, no one knows, yet there is 1 machine that takes the crown. Namely “Mega Fortune”! This slot machine is played with 25 winning lines on 5 reels.

There are three jackpots and various symbols such as scatter and wild to make the game even more interesting.

Roulette in The Best Online Casinos

In all the best-rated online casinos you will definitely find it too. There is a European and American variant, where the American one has two times zero in the game and thus less chance of winning.

Blackjack Online Casino Game

If we are talking about a fascinating casino game with a dealer, it is surely blackjack. Besides the necessary luck, you have to decide how to play.

In addition, you can double or split and there are a number of variants of the game.

Poker in The Best Online Casinos 2021

Video poker can be played in almost any online casino in various setups. Online poker against others is also immensely popular.

Baccarat in The Top Online Casinos

Baccarat is a game that originated from Southern Europe sometime in the 15th century. It is also known as punto banco. A player has the choice of betting on punto, banco, or even.

Responsible Gambling is of Great Importance

There are some basic rules for responsible gambling. The most important one is that you should continue to enjoy your gambling.

Also, if you have decided in advance that you want to spend a maximum of 100 dollars, then you should stick to that.

Online casinos are under no obligation to take any action, but the best online gambling sites will provide contact information for example from the StichtingAGOG, which can provide support in case of gambling problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online casinos safe?

It is always useful to choose the best rated online casinos and the ones with a good reputation. Make sure they have the necessary certificates so you can be sure you’re safe.

Can I deposit with Visa, Mastercard, iDeal, Trustly or Paypal?

When you want to play for real money you have several options to deposit money. Most sites will always offer the well-known credit cards and options like Paypal. Also, it is usually possible to transfer money with iDeal.

Can I win real money?

Before you start playing for real money it is advisable to play a demo mode. By first doing this demonstration mode you can be sure that you have mastered the game. Then you can make a deposit to start playing for real money.

Should I take a welcome bonus?

If you are a new visitor and you create an account, there is no harm in collecting a welcome bonus. Often you have the choice of free spins or an extra percentage on top of your deposit amount, or a combination of both. Also the no deposit bonus can be cashed in.

Which software provider performs best?

The most reliable software providers also have the best products. The names that have the best reputation within the online casino world are NetEnt, Microgaming and Play’n Go.

Can I play on a phone?

Mobile gambling is definitely an option at most online gambling sites. More and more of them are geared towards mobile visitors so it doesn’t matter if you want to play from a desktop device or mobile device.

Can I open multiple accounts?

Each new player may only open one account per I.P. address. It is also not allowed to use a VPN connection to complete a registration.

Which online casinos are better to avoid?

Avoid online providers that do not have licenses or online casinos that have a bad reputation on the Internet.

What games are offered at real money online casinos?

At the best online casinos you will find slots and table games. A live casino offers the opportunity to play with real fellow players and a live croupier.

Are all online casinos reliable?

Unfortunately, not all online casinos offered are equally reliable. The most reliable online casino has a valid license, skilled customer service and a nicely built website. In addition there is the possibility for payment methods such as IDeal and credit cards. All online casinos on our website are reliable and licensed.

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