How to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number Anonymously

Modern devices are capable of so much, which almost makes them a useful extension of a human being. Therefore, if you’re trying to locate someone, your best bet would be their phone.

Additionally, you’ll be able to do so without even needing their consent. Here’s a quick way to get how to use mSpy and track someone by cell phone number without them knowing for free.

Why Would You Want to Monitor Someone’s Phone?

First things first, let’s look at some circumstances that may warrant you to track a number without the owner knowing. 

  • Keeping Your Minors Safe

Kids will be kids, which often means they can’t stay out of trouble for long. To ensure they are both safe and behaving themselves at school or home when you’re not looking, you may need to consider tracking their phones.

  • Exposing an Unfaithful Partner

Infidelity concerns because of a spouse may also be a legitimate reason to track a number without them knowing. Suspicious visits to secret clubs, restaurants, and holiday destinations can often be detailed using phone number trackers.

  • Tracking Transport and Logistics Staff

On a commercial scale, companies may need to track drivers using a phone tracker by number without them knowing. This can be from a need to understand unexplained rises in fuel costs or perhaps monitor sensitive merchandise by ensuring the drivers’ location is known at all times.

Can I Track Someone by Phone Number?

Unfortunately, only cell service companies have the infrastructure to locate people by their phone numbers. When users sign up for a cell phone service, they enter a legally binding agreement to keep the user’s location information confidential.

 However, a few exceptions may override this agreement:

  • Cases of missing persons. Relatives can seek the location of a cell from a service provider via a court order.
  • Legal concerns. For example, in the case of police officers who are investigating a crime.
  • Contact tracing. In case of a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic and relevant agencies need to locate the phone owner.

What Options Do Regular Users Have?

Accidents are prone to happen at any time. In fact, cases of terror attacks in a particular region are not unheard of anymore. If such events take place, the first intuitive thing to do is call our friends and family within proximity to the scene and ensure they’re fine. However, they may not always pick up immediately or return our calls on time for whatever reason.

So, as a parent, spouse, or company owner interested in knowing someone’s whereabouts, how can you track a cell phone by number without them knowing?

Spyware is all you need.

These are systems and programs made by software engineers to work stealthily in tracking another person using several tools, including their cell number.

mSpy is the Certified Spy!

mSpy is one such tool. After installation on the target’s phone, it works quietly and collects data without notifying the owner. Information in this category ranges from real-time location via GPS, texts, and call activities.

However, while the software may offer a few limited features to help track someone by cell phone number without them knowing for free, you can do it like a pro but at a very affordable price.

mSpy provides unparalleled access to this wide array of information, and the best of them all is that you just need to install it once. Unlike typical apps, spyware doesn’t have a user interface but is installed in the phone’s core operating system.

Trying hard to join the ranks of most effective trackers is, which can also track any device’s location by number. It works on old, as well as both Android and iOS devices. For just under $2 a day, you get exclusive access to unlimited searches, global coverage, and exact locations of numbers.

How It Works

It is quite a straightforward tracker to use because it requires no installation. All you need is the target number, which you’ll enter on a dedicated space on the platform.

However, a text message with the tracking details will be sent to the target device. If the user taps on the message, you can start tracking their location right away. The message is fully customizable so feel free to go all out. Perhaps, even lure them through a fake coupon or gift.

The only drawback about is that one pays to use and the user has to tap on the message to start tracking the target device.


Figuring out how to locate someone by cell phone number without them knowing is as simple as using the right tools. Spyware, including mSpy, and trackers like, put the power in your hands. Subsequently, there is no shame in caring for someone and wanting to be sure of their safety at all times.

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