How to Improve Your Software Product Quality: QA Testing

There is no way you’ll be able to get that project off the ground without proper quality assurance testing. With the help of professional software testing services though, you can improve the quality of your products and your business. Remember, the success of an organization is solely based on the quality of its products and services.

Quality assurance helps to set the scope of project requirements and identify potential security risks. It also helps to provide data on the standard of quality of a product by thorough testing throughout all stages of its software development life cycle.

Customers who know that a product has undergone rigorous quality assurance testing are more likely to trust that company when buying from them in the future. In this sense, customer communication is important, as they’re more likely to trust companies they believe are doing the utmost to meet defined project requirements.

Quality Assurance Vs. Quality Control

Quality assurance is often used to describe all matters of product testing and quality checking, but there are a few differences between the two. The similarity though is that quality assurance, quality control, and testing all fall under the term, Software Quality Management.

Quality control is a reactive process that focuses on identifying defects while also verifying that the product meets previously defined quality standards. These strict standards must be kept throughout product development.

Testing, which occurs mostly in quality control, is used to evaluate a product and its parts to detect anomalies that need to be fixed before release.

Quality assurance is the proactive process that focuses on preventing the errors that naturally occur during development. Integrated into all stages of software development, this improves internal practices by implementing tactics to enhance quality at all stages of production. QA determines the standards to be followed to meet customer requirements.

Saves you both time and money

Yes, as a business, it’s important to have your product released to the public as soon as possible. Time is money, after all. But the sooner you invest in professional software testing services that can find problems within your product, the faster they can take care of them. The further the product is into its development, the more expensive it will be to eliminate bugs.

Bugs cost more time and money to fix the later they are found in development. Proper QA testing will help to reveal problems and bad code in the newly developed software.

By outsourcing your QA testing, you can focus your time on other things. Besides the money saved on bug fixing, you are also saving your company from legal expenses. A disgruntled customer may attempt to take legal action if your product doesn’t meet predefined standards.

Lastly, you’ll be saving money from the fees involved with replacing, retesting, and reselling products that were found to have errors. Proper software testing will leave you with a refined and well-polished product that customers will appreciate and come back for.


Brand loyalty is no longer a strong enough reason for customers to continue buying from someone. If they’re not satisfied with the service they’re receiving the customer has every right to go to your competitor if they see that the quality they’re after is provided by them. After all, all customers expect finished products to be bug-free.

It’s hard to erase the first impression customers have of the first product they buy from you. With diligent software testing, you’ll be able to keep your reputation high as a company and keep your customer’s confidence. This gives you, as the owner of the company, a chance to profit from your high standing and raise profits while also growing the business. Customers will gladly pay the price for assured quality and high standards.


Continuous testing is critical to removing pieces of code that would have been susceptible to manipulation. There are a few documented cases, where a person’s otherwise private information was stolen from what was supposed to be a secure registration page.

If there had been proper software testing before the release of the product, then there would have been less chance of that information being stolen.

Closing Thoughts

To ensure that your software is the most refined it can be, make sure that it goes through proper QA testing. Your clients and your reputation both deserve the best.