Modern Sunglasses: Modifying One’s Lifestyle With Decent Vision

Sunglasses are the most fashionable eyewear. You will find everyone owning a pair of sunglasses. Besides the apparent reason of protecting your eyes from harmful rays, a good pair of sunglasses become an excellent component of your wardrobe. You can wear anything you like, but sunglasses compliment the shape of your face and make a great fashion accessory. These stylish shades can protect your eyes if you choose the right composition. 

Lenses And Frames

Traditionally, sunglasses were made of metallic frames and glass lenses, but new sunglasses use wooden, plastic, and alloy frames and fiber or light plastic lenses. Modern lenses are made up of a thin coating of photographic material that prevents high-intensity lights from reaching and sabotaging your eyes. Lenses are available in several shades such as red, green, brown, black, and blue to match your skin tone and fashion.

Most of the lenses are 100% polarized and made from polarized plastic film that limits reflection and glare. This becomes very useful while fishing when you have to view fishes beneath the water surface. One of the standard lenses is the photochromic lens that changes color if exposed to sunlight. Corrective glasses usually use these lenses. 

Types Of Modern Eyewear

There have never been so many colors, designs, and styles to choose from, whether you are shopping for sports sunglasses, designer sunglasses, children’s sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, discount sunglasses – the choices are endless.  

Given the variety of options available, purchasing sunglasses can be overwhelming and exciting. Some popular trends include:

  • Preppy look sunglasses with a semi-rimless frame manufactured with metal and Zyl
  • Sports optics sunglasses that come with special lenses filter out red & blue light while letting green light first improve a golfer’s sight on the green.
  • Vintage look plastics with visible studs, metal trims, and openwork designs that are large, square, or with rounded corners
  • Sunglasses with facets, rhinestones, and jewelry touches for prescription wearers.

1. Aviator Sunglasses

The traditional pilot aviator sunglasses with thin metallic frames and drop-shaped lenses have been an all-time classic, from films to the general public. It has been the perpetual trending design that people have accepted for all occasions and seasons. In the early 1970s, aviator sunglasses were widely accepted and used by pilots. Since the release of the film Top Gun, the style pilot aviator sunglasses have been in fashion until today.

2. Oversized Sunglasses

The typical design and style of the early 1980s that most Hollywood stars wore – the rectangular, round, and thick frame oversized sunglasses were a popular fashion trend. And after so many years, these have again been bloomed in the fashion world with a twist in the design. For women, you will mostly find oversized butterfly sunglasses.

3. Teashades Sunglasses

Also called ‘John Lennon’ sunglasses, an ideally medium circular lens with a thin metallic frame distinguishes tea shades sunglasses. Dark lenses are ubiquitous, but contemporary sunglasses come in varying shades and tinted lenses. Teashades glasses are considerably rare but give you a classic style boost in fashion and enhances your overall lifestyle by giving you uniqueness.

4. Rectangular Sunglasses

These sunglasses are available in several variants, such as plain rectangle, thin rectangular, round rectangular, and square. Used mainly by men, these are essentially used during professional work and sports activities. If you have seen the movie ‘The Matrix,’ you will find the protagonist wearing rectangular sunglasses, and since then, it has been widely accepted by many as a style statement as well as while using computers screens, and televisions. You will find athletes using rimless and semi-rimless rectangular sunglasses for surfing, swimming, and other water sports.

5. Sports Sunglasses

The growing popularity of sports such as kayaking, skiing, mountain biking, snowboarding, rock climbing, sailing, and golfing have produced top-of-the-line designs and superior technology in sports lenses. Made of durable and lightweight materials, sports sunglasses come in flexible designs with excellent lens options. The tinted lens is available in varying shades to increase efficiency in certain situations. You can purchase shatterproof lenses, robust and impact-resistant, providing advantages to people associated with high-impact sports. Those participating in skiing and sailing, where water and snow are involved, should use polarized lenses.

Sunglasses Buying Tips

Irrespective of style, sunglasses should protect your vision from harmful rays. Recent technological advancements have considerably increased understanding of eyes, producing elements to defend them. 

On a cloudless day, the bright light can be distracting and painful, so many people wear sunglasses while driving. On the other hand, smoke and fog decrease visibility. In the last two decades, amber lenses have become popular as they filter out extra blue light encompassed by low-lying clouds, delivering a more balanced and more precise glimpse of the road. 

Sunglasses are one thing where the most expensive ones don’t always suggest the most desirable product. Not all designer sunglasses include the safety features your eyes warrant. While buying online, you may find allegedly discounted sunglasses from the top names, which could really turn out to be knock-offs instead of genuine items.

Primarily, you should pick up a pair of sunglasses that accurately fit your head and face region. Ill-fitting sunglasses will not only not protect your eyes adequately from the sun but also will be an irritant to wear. The best way to find a pair of decent-fitting sunglasses is to try them on. Ensure that the pair you choose covers the eyes thoroughly and adjusts snugly, however not too tightly on your face. 

When skimming the sunglass collection, you should be aware of the UV ray protection placed on the pair of sunglasses. Go for the ones that shield your eyes 100% against UV rays. Having the UV level in mind while buying sunglasses will aid in choosing the appropriate pair with maximum protection.


Sunglasses are no more a luxury item. They have become a fashion statement and a necessity—purchase high-quality sunglasses and other modern eyewear as per your preference from Blog. We’re sure you will find a fantastic pair that complements your attire.