The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Online Casinos

AI is taking over the world. There are far, far too many fantasies about this technological innovation. In fact, you have already encountered an AI while going to online casinos. We are far from androids and the matrix taking power over the human species, but on a reasoned use by non GamStop casino operators.

We reassure you, Artificial intelligence is not used to beat you in games, but to optimize interactions with players and make the various elements of the casino more fluid.

Fight Cheating

Cheating is the enemy of casinos, but also of all players. We obviously think of poker, but also of all tournaments, especially those of slot machines. A player who gains the upper hand over the bank or an opponent by using third-party software harms the transparency and above all the fairness of the games.

We can say that even before the emergence of online casinos, fraud and cheating have always been the number one enemy of casino operators. The peculiarity of online gambling is that monitoring is more difficult, if not impossible. The AI will make it possible to track down cheaters by analyzing all bets to highlight non-compliant strategies.

A poker player who optimizes all hands perfectly, because he is going to have an accomplice at an online table, will be spotted immediately. AI can also detect the use of fraud software. The operation of its protections is ultra-secret in order to prevent


KYC stands for: Know Your Customer. This process automatically verifies all documents provided by players in order to authenticate them as quickly and efficiently as possible. The AI will therefore be programmed to analyze and identify documents that are not reliable to alert a human being who will carry out more detailed investigations.

KYC is increasingly used in non GamStop casinos with a very concrete result: withdrawals are made in less than 24 hours compared to several days for casinos that do not use this technology.

AI is therefore still used against fraud, but also to streamline and improve the user experience. Indeed, the time of withdrawals is often the bone of contention between casino operators and players.


This is a revolution that is not unique to the non GamStop casino world. A chatbot is a conversational agent that can be found on the live chat rooms of casinos.

The AI pretends to be a member of support and will answer your questions like a human being. We’re not going to lie to you, it’s a way to save staff and avoid having the email service or the switchboard saturated for simple questions.

The Chatbot must not call into question the link between the player and his casino. The AI must be able to impersonate a human while being equally effective. We are still far from this result when we go off the beaten track.

User Experience

The objective of non GamStop casinos is that you consume. Best casino games not on Gamstop you can find here. We can see all the most playful approaches, the hand on the heart, the lyrical flights on “the pleasure of the game”. An online casino is a capitalist enterprise whose goal is profit. Your satisfaction and your happiness interest them, because they are loyalty tools.

To satisfy a customer, he must feel unique and privileged. And yes, the unique promotions we receive on our emails are exactly to feed this need. AI will allow us to go much, much further. Imagine your casino as your favorite streaming site. The games will be suggested to you, the offers will be adapted to your way of playing. And we are already starting to have a “suggestions” or “most popular games” section.

AI will collect as much information as possible about your interactions with the site and create a profile that will grow as you go. A customer who finds what he expects, without even having to ask for it, is a conquered and therefore loyal customer. Artificial Intelligence is not wishful thinking for the future, but a reality in today’s non GamStop casinos. It is to be expected that it will be increasingly used as part of the user experience.

For games, random generators remain the basic rule and it is difficult to see how an AI could be used without jeopardizing the fairness and transparency of online gaming software.

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