Is it Possible to Visit Your Pet Doctor Online During the Lockdown?

Health problems are emergencies and need urgent assistance from professionals. Just like the medical care for humans, pets also need to be assessed and checked by veterinarians if they experience any alarming sickness or unusual behavior. Because of the pandemic, a lockdown has been enforced in some places or parts of the world and this has caused businesses or any establishments that do not sell necessities like food and water to close down. Worried pet owners are wondering if the vet or animal clinics are part of this.

If the case is that your usual clinic is temporarily or permanently closed, there are websites for veterinarians that can help you look for online consulting vets.

Regarding whether vet or animal clinics are open, it really depends on what stage your area is in regarding lockdown. Places where the local government has allowed to reopen businesses may already take in patients. It is also possible that the clinics are open but they offer limited services. But if you aren’t as urgent and if you only need to consult regarding minor issues, your best bet is to communicate with your veterinarian online. This will secure your, and the doctor’s safety.

Online consultation for pet care is extremely helpful especially in places where the local government does not count pet care as essential. Try to contact your local vet and pet clinic if they can offer this service. If they do, they will have you set an appointment with the vet. This can be done through talking to the vet over video call. If the service is not available, there are also other ways to proceed.

Curbside care is another option. It is a service that is being offered to minimize the contact with people. Just set up an appointment, drive to the clinic and call the staff from the car. The veterinarian will examine the dog from the pet owner’s car. It is also possible for the vet to take your pet from the car and bring them in for the exam. The pet will be brought right back to the car right after. If a pet needs to be put down (euthanasia), the owner can be allowed into the clinic.

If your local vet clinic offers both services, it is advisable to choose online care if the issue is not as urgent. On the other hand, here is a list of things that are considered pet health emergencies to help you assess whether it is needed to come to the clinic.

  • Passing out.
  • Bleeding that is severe. Where it doesn’t stop within a few minutes as well as if the bleeding comes from the mouth, nose, or rectum.
  • Coughing blood.
  • Pees blood.
  • Refusing to drink water for long periods of time (24 hours or longer).
  • Eye injuries.
  • Choking, non stop coughing, gagging, or shortness of breath.
  • Eating or drinking something poisonous.
  • Heatstroke or any heat related stress
  • Franctures.
  • Exhibiting pain.
  • Seizures or staggering.

If any of these conditions are evident request attention from professionals immediately.

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