LA28 Olympic Games Getting Cricket Global

One of the biggest news for the cricket world and the entire cricket fans’ community in the past few years, is the IOC’s official announcement of their decision to include the sport in the LA 2028 Olympic Games. Ever since this announcement was released, everybody is getting prepared for this. 

The ICC is getting prepared to meet widespread popularity. The teams are getting prepared to show the entire world the beauty and the essence of cricket as a sport. The fans are getting prepared to share their widespread enthusiasm with the rest of the world. The cricket betting sites in UAE and cricket betting apps in UAE are getting prepared to experience a surge in demand for cricket betting. And the rest of the planet is getting ready to finally get to know a game that has been formally recognized as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. 

The news about cricket’s place in LA 2028 Olympic Games

The news about the inclusion of cricket in the next Olympic Games to be hosted by Los Angeles in 2028 was met with thrill and excitement from both the ICC and the LA28 Committee.

The proposal was made early in October this year and the IOC, in a very remarkably speedy manner, decided to vote for the return of cricket to the Games. 

The last time -and in fact the only time – that cricket was in the Olympics was in 1900 in the Paris edition, where people had unfortunately to see only two teams competing for the first place – Great Britain and France. For the record, Great Britain won in those Games and until today they are considered to be the reigning champions. So for everyone who is interested in cricket betting on the LA28 Games, just think how Great Britain are going to defend their title after 128 years!

But everything changed last October when the IOC decided to have cricket amongst the new sports to be included in the LA28. And so, along with four other sports, cricket is going to be formally integrated into the Olympic Games. 

The ICC has every right to be thrilled and excited about the news. Cricket is finally getting what it deserves and this is nothing else but a spot on the global sports scene. Because, surprisingly enough, even if cricket is a popular sport for approximately 3 billion people, it remains under the shadows of the basic countries where it thrives. 

Australia, India, England, Bangladesh, South Africa, New Zealand, Pakistan and most recently the US (since there is a resurgence of cricket’s popularity in the past years) are the top countries where the sport is widely popular, but they can’t account for the whole world. They are not enough to transform cricket into a global sport. 

The opportunity to become a truly global game comes with cricket’s inclusion in the LA’s edition of the Olympics. All eyes will be set on the Games and cricket will be a part of it. That’s certainly a unique chance to reach global audiences. 

It is really important for a sport like cricket to be able to go global and gain worldwide attention. This will help the ICC grow its power and influence and will make the Council among the bigger ones in the world of sports. Further, going global will create new avenues for cricket development and most likely set new talent pools for the teams.And all this will eventually help cricket evolve, become better, more competitive, more advanced and ultimately more watchable. 

Getting global will also create new revenue streams, revenue models and sources of profit for the cricket world. And this will come from the fact that the sport is going to get higher viewership and so broadcasting rights, greater advertising revenues and generally greater potential for getting more inflows of capital, something that is necessary to maintain the quality  and the supremacy of the sport itself.

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