Love Poker? Here’s How to Kit Yourself Out to Play Like a Pro

If you enjoy the occasional game of online poker you are not alone. In fact, an estimated 120 million people play poker online, and around half of them are based in the US. Another fact is that while most of us admit we are no Daniel Negreanu and have no plans to give up the day job for a career as a card player, every one of us sits at the virtual table wanting to win. After all, say what you like about playing for fun not profit. That’s fine, but losing hand after hand of poker is no fun whatsoever.

With so many players out there, whatever level you play at is going to be highly competitive. Ignition is one of the biggest brands in online poker and if you take a look at this Ignition Poker review, you will notice that every level of poker player is catered for.

Even some of the top poker pros play either entirely or mostly online and they will tell you one thing. Winning or losing will hinge on the tightest margins and you can’t succeed at poker playing slouched on the sofa over your phone and surrounded by distractions. Here, we cover all the essentials that you need to kit yourself out like a pro. Your game will thank you for it!

The Right Hardware

Of course you can play online poker from your phone. But if you are serious about the game, you will want to multi table and maybe use a HUD. That means a PC or laptop that will run smoothly with no lags or other glitches to put you off your game. Don’t underestimate the amount of processing power that poker apps like GG Poker or ACR demand.

16GB of RAM should be more than sufficient for your needs. Make sure the accompanying hardware is up to scratch too. Poker playing is one activity that still demands a proper good quality mouse unless you want to be the next poster child for carpal tunnel syndrome.

While we are looking at the hardware, you’ll need a good sized monitor, too. Even if the thought of playing multiple table doesn’t appeal right now, never say never. It’s better to be ready for anything, so a dual monitor set-up makes a lot of sense, and is something you’ll make good use of away from the poker table, too.

Get Comfortable

Poker tournaments can go on for a long time, and if the better you play, the more lengthy your participation is likely to be. Staying comfortable is about more than just avoiding aches and pains. It has a direct impact on your ability to remain focused and to be the one to spot mistakes from others who are getting fidgety, not making blunders of your own.

Minutes feel like hours spent in an uncomfortable chair, so getting a good chair that is right for you should be the number one priority. Exactly what sort – gaming chair or office chair – is really up to you. This is one time when buying online is no good. Get out there in the world and test a few options.

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