Bitcoin Trading: Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Trading

What Is Bitcoin?

Invented in 2008 by two engineers, Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. The idea of going paperless with electronic money made Bitcoin hugely popular. Here and like the regular currencies which need to be manufactured, Bitcoin is created by an algorithm.

One can use this digital money without the interference of any centralization of authority. This means like you need a bank account to save your money and to perform transactions here you do not need any such administration.

As soon as people got to know about it, Bitcoin became popular. You certainly do not need any bank to perform Bitcoin transactions however to store the Bitcoin you need wallets.

The other feature of Bitcoin is its transparency. Every time you perform the transaction using your wallet your identity will be kept private. Instead of your private data, the wallet will only reveal the unique identification code provided by it.

Once you have fetched the wallet the next thing you have to do is make a purchase of the Bitcoin. If you are willing to buy Bitcoin, you can do it with the help of Bitcoin exchange. Here you can exchange your Bitcoin using hard cash.

At the exchange, you can even change any type of cryptocurrency with Bitcoin. Once you have bought the Bitcoin you can buy any product or services that are available for the swap. One can also acquire trading stocks utilizing Bitcoins.

What is Bitcoin Trading?

As the name suggests Bitcoin trading involves buying and selling of stocks. Only those who know how to play with trade and formulate trading strategies can get along with the trading of this digital currency. Here if the Bitcoin stock goes higher you can sell the currency at a higher value and make a profit.

On the contrary, if the Bitcoin stock goes down you can purchase new Bitcoins at a lower value and increase the count of your Bitcoins. Other than buying and selling you can also hold this cryptocurrency depending upon the market’s sentiments.

One should have a thorough knowledge of Bitcoin, should know how to make relatable strategies, and should also be able to analyze the current affairs and their effects on the cryptocurrency so as to make a good trade. There are many applications available for Bitcoin Trading.

You can download Bitcoin Prime for a first-class trading experience. This platform is highly secured for trading in cryptocurrencies and automated enough to strengthen your trading background.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Trading

Like every trading, Bitcoin also has some benefitsand flaws. Here we will see the pros and cons of Bitcoin trading.

Pros of Bitcoin Trading

  • 24/7 Accessibility:

Being electronic money, Bitcoin is something you can accept 24*7. You don’t need a bank account or ATM to withdraw money. You require an internet connection and all you have to do is connect with your wallet and perform the transaction. You can even install the Bitcoin application on your smartphone, PC, and laptop and this certainly increases usability.

  • Transparency:

As we have already seen, in cryptocurrency you do not need any bank account to perform the transactions. One can perform Bitcoin-related transactions by using the wallet. The wallet protects your privacy while you buy or purchase anything by using this cryptocurrency.

Once you install the wallet it provides you with a unique identification code and every time you perform the transaction the same code gets displayed to your partner. This makes the transparency of data one of the major advantages of trading Bitcoins.

  • Potential:

Since the day Bitcoin came into the practice it became popular among traders. Many big organizations accept Bitcoins for their buying and selling operations.

The idea of going paperless also makes it environment-friendly. With this, we can say that Bitcoin has the potential for growth as compared to regular stocks.

  • Control:

A trader can easily keep Bitcoins safe and secure in the wallet. This provides him with enhanced control over the digital money he has. As you do not need a bank account for storing the money you can access it wherever or whenever you want.

Also in terms of privacy Bitcoin is way more regulated than hard money. Every time the user performs the transactions his personal information remains protected. It will only transmit the wallet id of the individual executing the commerce which again gives good control to the users over identity theft and online fraud.

Cons of Bitcoin Trading

  • Hacking:

As Bitcoin is an electronic currency it is entirely present in your wallet or at the exchange. You can not physically store it. As the money is completely on the software’s the chance of getting it lost also increases. Also, there is a possibility that once you have lost the Bitcoin and paid it to a wrong wallet ID you will never recover it.

  • Ups and Downs of the Market:

It is easy for Bitcoin to fluctuate with any reliable affairs. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is not curbed by any government bodies or any Central authorities and this makes it a currency with limited regulations. As it is not governed by anyone it entirely depends upon the market’s sentiments. This increases the risk of trading with Bitcoin.

  • Limited Usage:

Companies or organisations use Bitcoin for the selling of their products and services. One can use this digital money for very few transactions. This limits the use of this cryptocurrency.


Looking at the pros and cons you might be speculating whether you should invest in cryptocurrency or not. Though, almost every trade has its pros and cons and risk will always be a part of trading, with Bitcoin, you can explore immense possibilities of growth and success along with security and privacy.

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