Let’s Remove TikTok Watermark Through Smalltik Online Web Using URL!

When you use TikTok, you can easily spend 20 or 30 minutes scrolling from one entertaining video to the next. You can also share videos outside of TikTok using the App. How do you save a video to your computer or download it? TikTok makes it easy to download the video, too, as long as the uploaded profile is public and allows downloading.

TikTok videos have a bouncing watermark that appears when you save or share them. In some cases, it covers up important parts of the video. So, can you get rid of it? You sure can. In this article, we’ll show you how to remove a watermark from a TikTok video and how to download it from smalltik (an online website) without a watermark.

Step-by-step guide to download TikTok no watermark on PC

Do you want to download your favorite tik tok no watermark videos online to your PC so you can enjoy them? Not sure how to do so? For PCs that support Windows and Mac OS, you can follow these simple steps to download Tiktok videos without watermarks on smalltik online:

Here is an example of Addison Rae’s video download:

  • You can view Addison Rae’s videos by searching the TikTok website for Addison Rae.
  • Right below the video, you will see a copy URL button.
  • Copy the URL by clicking the button
  • Go to the SmallTik website; alternatively, you can click the Download button after pasting the URL.
  • You will see the video file appear at the bottom of the browser after the video download is complete. Click on it to open the no watermark video.

Please remember: This is the best way to download videos. By doing this, you will download the original file without any watermark, and it can use on any device. It does not require any software to open the website and use it.

Usually, we download TikTok mp4 videos. Upon download completion, the video files will place in the default folder set by your browser. To change the location, simply change the browser settings. To find the location of files, right-click the video file and select “Show in folder” if you cannot find the saved folder in the browser.

Step-by-step guide to download TikTok no watermark on Android phone

As we all know, almost none of us carry a computer with us at all times. But almost everyone has a smartphone. Follow these steps to download your favorite without watermarks tiktok videos onto your Android phone if you have an Android phone:

  • You can also click TikTok Downloader to install TikTok APK if you don’t have the TikTok App installed.
  • A new window opens when you click the arrow at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Copy the URL by clicking the first button in the pop-up window
  • Open SmallTik’s website on your mobile browser
  • To download the video without a watermark, paste the URL into the input box and click download.

Please remember: Most of the time, we download TikTok mp4 videos. You will find the video file in the default location set by your browser after the download is complete. Your phone’s gallery will usually contain the video file. Additionally, if you cannot find it, you can try opening the browser and selecting ‘download.’ Once you have checked in, you will find it.

Step-by-step guide to download TikTok no watermark on iPhone or iPad 

Apple users can no longer save videos from the browser directly due to iOS 12’s security policy. To use Documents by Readdle, you first need to download the App from the App Store.

  • To download a video, you need to open TikTok.
  • There is a button with an arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on that button to bring up a pop-up window.
  • Copy the URL by clicking the first button in the pop-up window
  • Using the Readdle application, open the documents.
  • Open the SmallTik website using the phone’s browser
  • Click on the download icon after pasting the URL into the input box.

Please remember: The most common video format we download is MP4. Your browser will save the video files to the default folder once the download is complete. You can modify your browser’s settings to change the destination folder manually. Clicking the browser settings and selecting download will allow you to find the corresponding file if you cannot find the folder saved by the browser.

Is smalltik a good way to remove watermarks from TikTok videos?

SmallTik is the best tool for downloading TikTok videos online. Opening a URL on the web page will allow you to download the video TikTok without a watermark. No software is required. Just open the SmallTik website. For easy access to all of your favorite Tiktok videos, SmallTik is here to provide fast, simple, free, and safe services.

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