Secure VPN for PC: Your Top 5 Picks

Whether you search online or look for VPNs on the application marketplace, you will come across a variety of options. This wide availability may make things a bit confusing since you cannot tell which one is the best and most secure VPN for PC. No need to worry as we have shortlisted the best 5 options for you in this article.

What Features to Look for When Choosing a Secure VPN for PC 

Every VPN brings a wide array of features, but it is important to check what you are getting. S

o, before we get into the top 5 VPN options, here is a quick overview of the features to look for when choosing your secure VPN for PC.

1. Go for the Strongest Encryption Available

The ability to protect your online data with strong encryption is fundamental. Search for VPNs providing AES-256 encryption, a grade regarded as almost impossible to crack. At this level of encryption, you don’t have to worry about being hacked or criminals using your data because your information is safe and away from unauthorized access. 

2. Having a No-logs Policy is Always Beneficial 

A no-logs policy indicates that a VPN provider does not keep logs that track any of your online activities. This is the most fundamental aspect of your privacy because it makes sure that your online history, connection time, and personal information are neither traced nor recorded, thereby protecting you from any kind of unauthorized access or misappropriation.

3. A Wide Range of Servers Across the Globe Provides Better Performance

VPN with many servers spread across different countries across the globe results in better performance and flexibility. It helps you to remove geographic limitations, browse various regions’ content, and sustain a high bandwidth at the same time. 

Increased servers allow for servers to be less demanding, thus improving the overall speed and reliability of the system.

4. A Kill Switch Can Be Crucial for PC Security 

A kill switch represents a basic security function that allows your Internet to be interrupted when the VPN connection fails. Therefore, it is protected from reaching your unsecured internet connection. It guarantees consistent protection, so even if a VPN fails or is disconnected unexpectedly, your privacy is still safeguarded.

5. Built-in Malware Blocking Features 

The integrated malware detection features in your PC would prevent its exposure to unsafe applications and online risks. 

With this VPN feature that scans every website, ad, and tracker for malicious conduct, infection risk is greatly reduced, and your internet security is considerably improved. Beyond only encrypting your data, this allows a latitude of privacy for your account.

Secure VPN for PC: Your Top 5 Picks 

Here are the top 5 options to select from when you are looking for a secure VPN for PC.

1. iTop VPN 

iTop VPN is a user-friendly VPN choice for a PC user who is seeking the very best security. It has industry-grade AES-256 encryption to provide full protection for your data. To protect your online activity anonymously, the VPN has no logs policy, thus making your tracks and logs private.

An intuitive kill switch, alongside DNS leakage protection, stops data from being revealed when network connections are lost. iTop VPN is designed with a convenient interface that will most likely make it easy for you to access secure internet browsing.

Starting Price: Free

2. Nord VPN 

In terms of security, Nord VPN is a leading provider and hence it is a good option for PC users. It employs AES-256 encryption to secure your data, and a no-logs policy is followed. The VPN has a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and CyberSec technology, where ad and malware blocking happen.

Nord VPN has an extensive server network that provides access to high-speed connections and a variety of content that is banned in different parts of the world.

Starting Price: $12.99/month

3. Proton VPN 

Proton VPN is a safeguarded and favorable VPN for PCs, created with CERN professionals. It is a 256-bit AES-based encrypted service wherein your data is kept private as per their no-logs policy.

The VPN offers features like a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and Secure Core structure; your data is run through multiple servers for extra safety. Proton VPN is a great option for those requiring only privacy or security features because of a simple and complete user interface.

Starting Price: Free

4. Express VPN 

Express VPN is an exceptional VPN for Windows that is appreciated for its higher security settings. It uses AES 256-bit encryption to ensure the safety of all your data, and it has a zero-log policy.

There is a DNS leak protection system within this network, and it also employs a kill switch and Trusted Server technology to safeguard your online activities from going public. Its broad infrastructure of Routers, Hubs, Switches, and Cables generates fast and reliable networks for streaming and browsing.

Starting Price: $12.95/month

5. Surfshark 

Surfshark is a highly effective VPN for PCs as it features comprehensive security options. It employs AES-256 encryption and has a strict no-logs policy that makes your information private.

The VPN software incorporates a kill-switch, DNS-leak protection, and CleanWeb function that can block ads and malware. Surfshark has a feature called multi-hop that goes to different countries for traffic with advanced security. The user-friendly interface makes it available for all users.

Starting Price: $10.99/month

Benefits of Choosing a Secure VPN for PC Rather Than Any Random One.

Choosing your VPN carefully rather than picking a random one brings many benefits including the following:

  • Peace of mind whenever going online
  • Corporations can be sure of their security
  • Using public Wi-Fi will be much safer
  • You will securely and easily access region-locked content

When you get all these features from your VPN, you can be worry-free about your online identity and PC security.


Selecting a secure VPN for PC is always a better idea but you must ensure what level of security your VPN brings. It is because, from a lot of options available in the market, only a few provide the essential security features while most only provide the basic VPN functionality. Hopefully, our guide has helped you in shaping your decision about VPN selection.

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