Should You Use a Proxy to Download Betting Apps from India?

To access certain Indian online sports betting sites, players have started using proxies or VPNs to sidestep restrictions. Some sites are ok with you using a proxy or VPN to access their site and use their services, whereas others aren’t. 

Let’s dive straight in to discover if you should use a proxy to access a top-rated Indian iGaming site and download its online sports betting application onto your smartphone or tablet device. 

What are proxies and VPNs, and what’s the difference between the two?

Proxies and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are essentially online services/software tools that enable you to visit certain websites that people in some countries are usually restricted from visiting for one reason or another. 

For example, a growing number of people who want to place sports bets at sites with various betting apps download options or play online casino games, find that using proxies and VPNs enables them to access otherwise restricted sites.  

VPNs and proxies act as ‘middlemen’ between your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer and any internet sites you visit, and both proxies and VPNs hide your true IP address (location) to make it appear as though you are in a country/region where people aren’t restricted from visiting that website. 

There is a slight difference between proxies and VPNs. For example, proxies DON’T create a secure encrypted tunnel to keep the data you send and receive secure, whereas VPNs do. 

A proxy only works on a single app or service, whereas VPNs secure your entire web traffic and come with added layers of encryption to enhance your online privacy and security, which is why most people prefer using VPNs over proxies. 

What are the best apps to download from India using a proxy or VPN?

If you live in India, aged 18 or above, and want to download a trustworthy online betting app onto your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet device using a proxy or VPN to access the website, there are plenty of options. 

The most trusted iGaming review site you can turn to in 2024 is the official website, which has the latest honest and unbiased reviews for over ten highly recommended online sports betting casinos. 

Each site has been carefully handpicked by a dedicated team of researchers before being expertly reviewed. The sites featured on TheTopBookies are owned and operated by some of the iGaming industry’s most trusted names. 

They are all fully licensed and regulated by one or more globally renowned licensing authorities and are free to register a new account with. Their innovative apps take less than a minute to download and can be installed for free in a few simple steps. 

When you visit the site, the best thing to do would be to compare the reviews to see which site’s app would be the best fit for you. 

Inside the reviews, you can find secure links to each site’s official online registration page, where you can sign up in under a minute and claim a guaranteed Indian new player welcome bonus. 

Their suggested sites all accept Indian rupee, plus they welcome a broad range of popular, secure, reliable, convenient, and user-friendly Indian online payment solutions (e.g., digital wallets/eWallets, Net Banking and UPI payments, prepaid cards, and credit/debit cards). 

Some sites also now accept cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. 

Why download betting apps?

There are several reasons why so many people choose to download betting apps onto their preferred device rather than visit the website to place bets. The main benefits of downloading betting apps in India are the following:

  • Enhanced security – such as two-factor authentication (2FA), which requires fingerprint or facial recognition
  • Mobile-friendly design and layout – meaning the apps are super easy to navigate, whether you are a newbie to sports betting or a seasoned pro
  • Fast transactions – making deposits and withdrawals from within today’s best betting apps is rapid and even more secure
  • Convenience – apps are far more convenient and allow you to bet any time of the day, from almost any location (provided you have a stable Wi-Fi/internet connection)
  • Bonuses and promotions – some of the most lucrative ongoing bonuses and promotions can only be claimed within the apps, which is another great reason for downloading the app onto your preferred device

Final note

If you’re interested in placing sports bets online from your desktop or mobile device but can’t seem to access certain sites, you might want to think about trying a proxy or VPN, especially if you want to gain access to some of the iGaming industry’s best online sports betting casinos that are known for having competitive odds and above-average RTP% payout rates in their games.

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