The Safest and Most Reliable Torrent Platforms You Can Find in 2022

Over the past year and a half, millions of people, partly due to the devastating effects of the global pandemic, have rediscovered the pleasure of spending hours in front of their devices, immersing themselves in TV series, films, or digital content of various kinds, including video games.

During the long months of lockdown, with forced separation and confinement to the home, people were almost forced to invent new ways to spend their time, discovering a new familiarity with their home environments and rediscovering old habits, such as carving out time for themselves and their true passions by spending several hours watching and enjoying their media content.

Since platforms such as eMule have lost their centrality, their dominant role in the sharing of multimedia files for downloading, Internet users have gradually learned to become familiar with torrents, from for example, a convenient alternative to more traditional platforms – also eMule or the historic Morpheus -, which allow everyone to access huge amounts of multimedia files, downloadable in a few minutes (or hours at most) by anyone with a good Internet connection, even better if powered by a powerful Wi-Fi technology.

Safety and Quality

But what is the price of accessing these seemingly inexhaustible archives of online entertainment? Nothing at all, except for the risk – always around the corner – that these platforms could turn into real portals for viruses or malware, or in any case for all those malicious software that could hinder the normal functioning of your device.

The security of one’s own torrent platform is one of the most important indicators of its overall quality. It is not enough for torrent sites to be able to offer as much content as possible, including extremely outdated films or TV series that cannot be found, but it is even more important for these files to be clean, safe, and completely free of surprises, ensuring that users have a relaxing and enjoyable experience, free of any kind of problem.

One of the most reliable solutions is the 1337x portal of, which is especially popular with film and music lovers. Although it is not the richest platform in terms of content, the renewal process that made the current 1337x offer possible is to be appreciated, especially for the high standards of security and reliability that characterise its content.

Over the years, the platform has invested heavily in the quality of navigation and security, providing a smooth and extremely enjoyable user experience. All this, plus interesting additions that allow you to effectively refine each search, has led 1337x to total more than 50 million visits per month, with a download speed of around 3 mega per second (in some cases even higher).

The Power of Music

Music lovers should also not miss out on the Torrentz2 platform: although not one of the most popular portals, this site has an excellent library of digital content to meet the needs of even the most experienced listeners, and an overall high level of security.

Apart from advertising interruptions (which are quite frequent) and a download speed that is not very high (the average is 2 mega per second), Torrentz2 will undoubtedly satisfy the searches of those interested only in music, allowing them to find almost any existing track.

But the security of services is not only a matter for torrent platforms. Some of the best online casino and slots sites, such as place a strong emphasis on the safety and reliability of their games, selecting only those games that meet the highest integrity criteria.

The casino’s reputation is essential in the choice of games to be offered to users, and its accuracy is a precise guarantee of reliability.

The player opinion is also crucial: online casinos and slots with a low level of appreciation among their users are not even considered and are immediately blacklisted from the site.

In an age that has exposed millions of people to a staggering array of upheavals and sudden changes, being able to rely on the safety of your online entertainment, whatever its nature, is already a step towards peace of mind.

This makes even more sense in these months of threatened closures and new restrictions that could once again limit the personal freedom of millions of people around the world. Investing in a safe and reliable source of entertainment can certainly be a good way to mitigate the likely difficulties we will face.

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