12 Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs Without Startup Capital

Do you want to start your own business but lack start-up capital? Now, everyone can be an entrepreneur if they have the right business idea. Not every business requires a high investment or developmental skill set. 

We have 12 killer ideas that will help you start a business with little or no money. And, guess what? You can do these businesses from your home. So, no investment in the establishment or setup.

List of Top 12 Low-Investment Business ideas

1. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a business that doesn’t require any special skill or investment capital. All you need is love and affinity for animals and the knowledge of caring for them. To become a pet sitter join rover.com to get paid to play with pets.

2. Home Cleaning Service

As more people get business with their work and offices, the need for professional home cleaners increases in our society. Residential cleaning service is a low-investment business opportunity where you need to have an initial investment to buy the cleaning agents and equipment.

Though the startup investment is low, you need the knowledge of developing clientele, suitable cleaning agents, and cleaning process. or gain access to hundreds of jobs join handy.com to get cleaning jobs near you.

3. Delivery Service

One of the easiest and in-demand business opportunities in the modern world is delivery service. If you own a car, bike, or bicycle and have all the required licenses, you are good to start the business. 

4. Snow removal and land mowing services

As more people turn to professionals for lawn mowing, snow removal, and gardening support, the business seems potential as a start-up. To initiate the business, you require proper equipment like edgers, powers, etc., the skill of tree trimming, and the knowledge for repairing.

5. Scrapbooking

If you possess the talent and concept of digital scrapbooking, it can be a profitable business opportunity for you. People who prefer to collect tangibles or memories appreciate the professional input of digital creators. 

6. Towing Services

Towing heavy objects in a shiny SUV is not an ideal solution. Hence, people seek towing or hauling services frequently when they own a garden or backyard. If you have the ideal vehicle and the necessary license, then you can start a hauling business of your own. and know how to find tow trucks near you instantly or register yourself as towing and roadside assistance join: towing.com

7. Selling on eBay

Selling on eBay is probably one of the easiest business solutions in today’s world. All you need is an eBay account, a product suitable for selling and in-demand, and a fulfillment service provider to handle the shipment of the products.

8. Siding and Gutter Cleaning:

If it rains in your area frequently, your neighborhood is likely to seek siding and gutter cleaning services. All you need is buckets, mops, hoses, and ladders to consider this service as a business. Knowledge in gutter and siding repair is an added advantage.

9. Event Planning

Event planning is a business solution for organized people. The business requires event organizing abilities, customer handling, communication and interpersonal relationship-building skills, and above all, the capability of meeting deadlines. 

10. Landscaping and Gardening Services

Gardening or landscaping offers you the chance to convert your passion for plants into your business. It is, however, not a relaxing hobby. It requires a considerable amount of knowledge on plants and their care and physical fitness. For landscaping, you need a sense of art. 

11. Be a DJ:

It is a freelance business opportunity for music lovers. Small pubs and clubs always require professional DJs for entertainment purposes. If you have the skills for music mixing and DJing, you can start a business or get a gig as a DJ and get contracts for parties, weddings, and small-sized pubs. 

12. Interior Designing:

Interior Designing requires creativity, equipment for interior work like brushes, scales, stencils, etc. Though starting a business with a team can be tedious initially, it is a highly scalable business opportunity.


In the modern world, there are plenty of business opportunities that don’t require high capital investment. You just need a killer idea to initiate the plan. The modern-day low-investment business allows entrepreneurs to convert their passion into their profession.

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