Top 5 Criteria to Hire an Essay Writer

The college period can be the best time in your life. You’re young and ambitious, you build bright plans for the future, and you’re going to achieve your dreams.

At the same time, most students claim that this period is very challenging and stressful. You might be piled with various assignments that take all your free time.

For this purpose, many young people prefer to hire an essay writer who can help them with their essays.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can rely on any author you run into. Like in any other business, there are specialists who lack the education, professionalism, or expertise required to provide you with A-level skills.

So, what are the top 5 criteria to choose the best essay writer?


First of all, you should pay attention to the author’s education. When you’re ordering a paper, you need it to be written by a person who knows one’s onions.

If your requirements are not that solid, just ask your friend to help you with an essay. Nerds eagerly help their peers, but they don’t provide you with any guarantees.

So, it is necessary that your essay writer has at least a Master’s degree. And if you’re pursuing a Master’s, one should be a Ph.D. The advanced diploma shows you that the author has the necessary academic background.

He or she should be well aware of modern academic standards, principles of academic integrity, and so on. When you hire a smart student with incredible writing skills, you can save your time, but it doesn’t guarantee you a flawless paper.

Personalized Approach

It is essential that the writing company (and particularly the essay writer) is able to provide you with a personalized approach.

What does it mean?

There are companies that have a database of essays on any topic. They provide students with decent writing, but this writing is not personalized.

When it comes to expert writing services, you can expect your paper to be customized according to your needs. Placing an order on the company’s website, provide as many details about your task as possible.

It might take you some time, but your effort will surely pay off. For example, you can upload your draft, a list of topics, some notes, etc.

A good essay writer should consider this information to provide you with a personalized essay.

List of Guarantees

We have mentioned that by hiring an essay writer, you receive some guarantees. But what are they?

The answer depends on a specific company, and it defines whether you should trust it or not.

Looking for help, pay attention to these guarantees:

➦ Privacy. Don’t share your data with scammers. A lot of companies gather it to sell or to use for any other reasons. Ensure that your personal information (and payment data!) are reliably protected.

➦ Timely delivery. Deadlines mean a lot, and you can’t just ignore them. So does your essay writer. When a company provides you with a timely delivery guarantee, you shouldn’t worry about delays. Especially when it comes to an urgent order, and you need a fast turnaround.

➦ Zero plagiarism. It makes no sense to order a paper that contains plagiarism. Your professor won’t accept such an essay, and it will surely affect your academic reputation. When it comes to such documents as dissertations, plagiarized content can be crucial for a future career as well. So, choose an essay author who creates student papers from scratch. Good companies also check their papers before delivery.

➦ Money refund. What if you’re not satisfied with the paper? Of course, it depends on your initial requirements, and there are students who don’t provide enough data. However, if you think that your essay doesn’t meet your instructions, you should have options. For example, ask for free revisions. Or apply for a money refund.

Online Reputation

Whatever services you look for, check for the company’s online reputation. Modern people share their opinion eagerly, especially if their experience is negative.

Find honest testimonials about an essay writer before you place your order. However, pay attention to the fact that 100% positive reviews look suspicious.

Some authors write comments themselves and delete negative ones. That’s why it is necessary to use different sources and to pay attention to the testimonials’ content.

Customer Support

Writing companies with a focus on customers always have a competitive edge over companies with a focus on business goals.

If you have some doubts or questions, contact the support service, and you will understand whether this company is on your side.

If yes, even in the case of some misunderstandings, managers will help you and do their best to make your customer experience as good as possible.

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