Top 5 Social Media Marketplaces to Increase Followers and Engagements

According to statistics, 4.62 billion people in the world use social media. This means two things; there are endless opportunities on social media and people are vital to optimize those opportunities. Many users on social media utilize the chance to make money. 

Millions of transactions take place on social media marketplaces every day. Social media marketplace refers to any feature that allows you to buy and sell. Examples of social media marketplaces are Facebook shops, Instagram shoppable posts, Pinterest, and others.

Businesses that generate lots of profits using social media marketplaces understand the basics_likes and followers. These businesses will most likely invest in growing their followers, engagements and likes more than others. The top companies and professionals on social media use organic methods to acquire likes and followers and use marketplaces to increase followers and engagements.

The top 5 social media marketplaces to increase followers and engagements are,,,, and playerup.

In subsequent paragraphs, you shall see the pros, cons, and uniqueness of the top 5 social media marketplaces to increase followers and engagements. 

The Pros & Cons of the 5 Leading Social Media Marketplaces to Skyrocket Your Followers and Boost Engagement


Subsaccy is one of the largest social media marketplaces where people get followers and engagements. It is one of the most popular because of the quality of its services. Subscriberz prides itself on the organic growth that its products attract. It is not a surprise subscriberz is part of the top 5 social media marketplaces where you can buy followers and likes.

Many users choose this marketplace because of the organic growth promised. Organic growth refers to real followers and genuine engagement on social media. 


Fast delivery of services: whether you request one service or many, you do not have to wait long. Subscriberz services are swift and on time. 

Customer support: buying followers and likes is new to many social media users although top accounts are since-aware. Social media users need help with what is next after buying followers. You can rest assured the customer service of subscribers will support you.

Discretion: Privacy is vital to any transaction in a marketplace. With subscriberz, your data and social media account information is secured. Only your account name and email are required to carry out any service you requested. 

Organic growth: Organic growth is the main catch of any social media marketplace. When you invest in real followers and likes, your content tally with the engagement received on the post. Remember, real followers interact, buy and share your content. 

Affordable: The current prices of services on subscribers range from $2.99 to 10.99$. Check out their website here.


Social media algorithm: Subscribers guaranteed real followers and likes but social media may still detect bots in your followings. When this happens, you are at risk of suspension of your account. 

Social Media Strategy: the goal of top social media marketplaces like subscribers is to boost your followers and engagements. This implies that the job of retaining the followers and attracting more influence. 

The services rendered by subscribers include; 

  • Instagram: Instagram followers and likes, comments and shares for feed posts and stories posts, promotion of Instagram shoppable posts and IGTV.
  • Music promotion: More songs play on music platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud and many more.
  • Gaming platform: Views and likes from different gaming platforms like Twitch.
  • YouTube followers, views, and subscribers.
  • Facebook pages and posts like views, and shares. 

2. Social Greg

Social Greg made the list of top social media marketplaces that help users grow their online presence because of its authenticity. The websites promise to deliver 100% original followers, likes and views on various social media. The promise is a lot but before you doubt, check out the reviews from their customers. 


Quality service: Social Greg helps increase brands’ visibility through quality followers and engagements. Their followers are real with real pictures and profiles set up. This means that social media algorithms will not flag followers or engagements as fake. 

Safety: One of the advantages of social greg is that it is very secure. That advantage is what makes it one of the top 5 social media marketplaces. Social Greg only requires your username, email, selected plan and payment to deliver any service. 


Delayed response: Due to one reason or the other, you may not get the services you requested on time. One of the reasons is bulk orders. 

Money protection guarantee : People have bought fake/unreal social media followers and like from websites. There is no guarantee that Social Greg will return your money if the result of the service is not up to your standard.

Some of the services of Social Greg include;

  • YouTube; YouTube likes, YouTube subscribers and YouTube views
  • Instagram followers, likes and views
  • Tiktok likes, views and followers
  • Spotify followers and plays
  • Twitch followers and views 

3. Social wick

This platform helps create a strong presence on social media by selling followers and engagements with years of experience. Social Wick provides outstanding service for competitive prices. Social wick ranks third among the top 5 social media marketplaces to accelerate your visibility on social media.


Quality service: Social wick  provides Quality followers, likes and views for social media. They eliminate the fear of fake services by selling only real followers, subscribers and risks.

Fast delivery: As soon you choose a package and pay, your followers start arriving in batches.

Other pros of social wick are authenticity and the fact that you can get services for all social media at the same place. 


Social wick  caters for all social media including Pinterest, Linkedin and music platforms. There is no guarantee that their customer service will be available 24/7.

4. caters to only Instagram services. It provides a wide variety of active followers. The followers are designed to look like real people and interact with real people, making it easier for businesses to build a following on Instagram. have two major packages: high-quality followers and active followers.


  • Timely delivery: They deliver their customer’s requests on time by constantly adhering to deadlines and ensuring timely delivery of requests.
  • Affordable: have two packages and plenty of discounts. This means that they have a package for you according to your budget.


  • Like, only sells Instagram followers and likes. Their users will have to source from other marketplaces to 

get followers, likes, subscriptions and others. 

5. Playerup

Playerup is a top social media marketplace to buy, sell and exchange over 3000 social media accounts and games. On playerup, people list their social media or games accounts for people to buy. By far, it is the largest marketplace to trade social media followers, subscribers, likes and views. 

Users who have built their accounts to a certain number of followers and engagement will sell to another person whose account is struggling. The greatest advantage of player up is that all followers and likes are organic. 


  • Access to thousands of accounts to trade: Social media and games accounts are listed on playerup. You can accelerate your growth on social media with organic views, followers and likes from playerup. 
  • Affordable: Despite the authenticity of the accounts on playerup, you can be assured that the price is not more than your pocket. The prices may be different according to the number of followers, years of existence and type of social media.
  • Payment: Playerup has a middleman service that facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers. There are also different payment methods that you can use. The payment methods include google play, bitcoins, and many more.
  • Security: Transactions and communications are secure on playerup. A middle ensures the transaction is completed and verified before the transfer of accounts. Also, both the seller and buyer can only communicate with the middleman through playerup. This allows playerup to reduce fraudulent activities by any of the traders. 
  • Guarantees: You can get exactly what you ordered for on player up. If you are not satisfied, you are liable to return the merchandise and ask for a return. 


  • Customer support: There are a lot of people on playerup. Buyers and Traders alike need attention and offer complaints all the time. This may divide the attention of customer support because they are attending to a lot of people. 
  • Payment: Users have complained that the fees of player up can be higher than other social media marketplaces. Although, you can reduce the fee by not hiring a middleman and by upgrading your account. 


To fully optimize the opportunities on social media, you need to prioritise people. Your followers and their engagement are vital to your success on social media. This article highlighted the top 5 social media marketplaces to increase your followers, views and likes. 

Be sure to understand the pros and cons of any marketplace before trading.  Good luck on your journey to accelerate your growth on social media.

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