Top Performing VPNs in UK 2021

The tech-savvy consumers in the UK have a strong affinity towards VPN solutions that offer robust encryption and protocols. They trust VPNs that ensure top levels of defense against unwanted surveillance and deliver hassle-free data privacy at all times.

Let’s look at the list of the top VPN solutions that provide the best-in-class performance for users from the UK for such user preferences.

➦ NordVPN


Based on numerous tests conducted from different regions in England, NordVPN clearly takes the lead as the top performer. They have built a strong reputation among the VPN user community due to the presence of servers in multiple countries. Based out of Panama, the Nord team has a location advantage for a VPN player as well.

The key product highlights include industry-grade data encryption standards of the 256-bit category. The no-logging policy, along with affordable rates, makes it widely popular among users across the globe.

Users have reported speeds as high as 140 Mbps while selecting the London server using NordVPN. The usage of dedicated servers optimized for P2P traffic adds to the attractiveness of this solution. Stream movies, play online games, and download with ease when you have a well-performing VPN application.

➦ Surfshark


The performance levels showcased by Surfshark are pretty remarkable and are deserving of one of the top spots. Despite being relatively new to the VPN arena, the affordable prices and superior performance make this solution hard to ignore.

Surfshark is bound to face some stiff competition from the established players. But if they leverage the momentum and with Surfshark’s amazing promotional offers, they are expected to perform well in the VPN market.

➦ CyberGhost


This is another famous brand in the VPN space. Their marketing strategy has been effective, and a continued focus on performance upgrades has worked in favor of the business. They overcome traffic management issues by adding plenty of servers to speed up the network by leaps and bounds.

CyberGhost is an established player, and the firm’s business strategy of investing heavily in improving server capacity shows signs of growth. This move has been the key driving force behind the outstanding VPN performance in the UK.

➦ ExpressVPN


The ExpressVPN team has faced a few regulatory restrictions making them rethink their infrastructure strategy in the UK. They have created a server presence in almost all major internet hotspots from Berkshire to London.

This investment has led them to have excellent network speeds, robust applications, and protocols, ensuring users’ top-notch data privacy and anonymity. Tests from top industry analysts show that the performance of ExpressVPN is steady.

UK citizens also prefer consistent software application performance across devices. Apart from the VPN software users, online gamers also look for similar preferences. For instance, online casino players who enjoy free slots can choose from over 1000s games with an assurance of privacy and safety. Players have the option of cross-platform compatibility across mobile, desktop, and tablets across Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. The performance is stellar irrespective of how you choose to play.

Speed testers have recorded speeds of over 117 Mbps downstream.

➦ TorGuard


Although the User Interface is not the most impressive among its peers, TorGuard still manages to win on the VPN security part. The performance offered by the application is outstanding with the ability to choose the encryption levels. P2P users can leverage this feature to tone down the encryption strength and browse the internet at faster speeds on demand.

In addition, the stable performance, multi-platform compatibility also can bypass blocker software with ease. The VPN performance in the UK is also among the top ones we have discussed so far. The lone downside is the non-modern UI which may look uncomfortable for the new-gen users used to sleek and intuitive UIs.

➦ IPVanish VPN

IPVanish has had a rough past in terms of performance issues. Fortunately, they have come a long way from that state, and IPVanish is guarding the gadgets better than ever before. Their impressive speeds, along with a rock-solid 256-bit encryption mechanism, makes IPVanish earn its place in this list.

The speeds in the UK region are above par, with recorded downstream rates of 60 Mbps by industry experts. The connection is found to be stable and fast enough to give good streaming quality.

Final Thoughts

The increasing internet regulations in the UK have opened up business opportunities for VPN players. It is high time for internet users to explore the plethora of solutions and find the one that suits their location and online activities. Having a secure and well-performing VPN can ease your digital life to a considerable extent!

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