How New Zealand Players Can Unblock Online Casino Using Proxy

Are you one of those players who love Online Casinos? If yes, then we are sure one of the most irritating problems you might face includes having smooth access. Though online casinos are prevalent in most countries, still there are locations where one will find it difficult to have access.

Most gambling websites use geo-blocking to deny access to gamblers from countries where online gambling is illegal. With the strict rules related to online gambling, various players worldwide opt for using proxy servers to have seamless access.

Using the proxy server allows the user to access online gambling platforms like Kiwigambler with full anonymity, security, and legality. So, let us have a look at what the proxy servers are?

What is Proxy Server?

An intermediary between the user and the website, proxy servers are usually used while browsing the blocked websites.

Offering a high level of functionality, security, and privacy depending on the use case, needs, or company policy, proxies divert the traffic from the user end to the website through the proxy server.

Acting as the filter for the firewall and web filter, proxies safeguard users and the internal network while maintaining a high level of privacy.

Another important thing to consider here is that the user needs to purchase the proxy and completely set up the access independently.

Sites Offering Proxies

There are not several sites that offer access to proxy servers for gaming or online casinos. Still, a few notable ones include:


proxy server for online casino img01

It offers a low-cost proxy server that one can order based on the geo-locations as per the user’s need. The user can access the proxy after around 5 minutes of making the payment.

It has a link of 150 networks and 200 subnets. It also offers a 24-hour test period where the user can test, check, or even replace the proxy and get a refund.

Proxy Seller

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This is the second proxy server provider that offers Private Socks5 and HTTPS Proxies. It offers its services in multiple countries and for various geo-locations.

With the 24×7 technical support and premium proxy services, it offers a choice of over 100 networks and 300 subnets.

Almost all the payment systems are available, and one can use the proxy server only after 5 minutes of making the payment.


With access to over 2 million proxies, fast speed, stability and reliability, ProxyRack is one of the finest proxy servers.

It offers 100% support for HTTP, HTTPS, and the SOCKS5 protocols. ProxyRack Servers are located in more than 40 countries of the world, making them accessible.

Advantages of Proxy Servers

Proxy servers offer a range of facilities and benefits to the users. Apart from offering accessibility and privacy, the other benefits that the proxy servers offer are:

  • Check On Internal Usage

Usually, organizations, government, or parents place a control check on the internet to know what has been surfed or seen. Also, companies prefer that employees do not look up to various sites usually linked to gaming or entertainment during working hours.

To refrain from the access, the servers need to be configured to block the user access, which one can bypass by using the proxy servers seamlessly.

  • Speed Improvement

Indeed, proxy sites are the most visited sites as they offer higher speed while offering low bandwidth consumption.

Using the proxy server, the link moves the user directly to the cached version, improving the speed. Allowing smoother and hassle-free access, proxy servers improve the overall performance.

  • Higher privacy And Security

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns that a user has while accessing the website. Using the proxy server diverts the location of the IP address to another country or state and refrains anyone from detecting the original request server.

Keeping the user browsing history and personal data private, proxy servers follow encryption to ensure safety.

  • Greater Accessibility

The primary reason for using the proxy server is to get access to the restricted sites. The proxy servers allow the user to access the geo-blocked and other blocked sites and help them to access the complete content without interruption.

Giving them access to an uncensored internet proxy server acts as the mask for the original IP address.

Is it Advisable to Use Proxies for Online Casinos?

Though proxies offer a bunch of benefits, still there are a few risks associated with their use. Various online casinos do not allow the players to enter using the proxy server.

  • The reason behind this is legality. Various known and reputed platforms refrain proxy users from entering the game due to the risk of breaking the law.
  • Another reason is even if the online casinos allow entry, they require proof of identity to withdraw the wins. In case you are using a proxy server, there are chances of getting the withdrawal blocked.
  • The last reason is the risk of duplication. As the original IP is blocked, a player may enter using multiple IP addresses, making it difficult for the online casinos to track them.

So, though it is advisable to use the proxies for online casinos, a few roadblocks are associated with it, making the proxies comparatively less popular. The use of VPN is suggested to be safer and speedier while using online casinos.

What is VPN and Why Do I Need it?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service or tool that can be easily downloaded online and establishes a secure connection between the user and the internet.

It offers complete safety and security while accessing restricted sites or the geo-blocked sites, globally as anonymous.

The VPN connections are highly secured from external interference, thus ensuring better performance.

Here is the perfect pick of 5 best VPNs for online casinos/gambling:

✓ 3000 servers in 160 locations across 94 countries.

✓ 24x7 live chat customer support

✓ 30 days free trial.

✓ 99.9% uptime

✓ Ultra-fast VPN speeds

✓ Strong 256-bit AES encryption

✓ Clear no-logging policy.

✓ Unlimited bandwidth and server switches

✓ 30 day money back guarantee

Save 35%

✓ 5300 servers in 59 countries

✓ Free trial for 30 days

✓ Ultra-fast connection

✓ Smart ad-blocking

✓ Block malware and ads

✓ No data leaks

✓ Split tunneling support

✓ Unlimited bandwidth

✓ 24x7 live chat customer support

✓ 30 day money back guarantee

Save 68%

✓ 3200+ servers worldwide

✓ Connect unlimited devices

✓ 24/7 expert support

✓ Strict no-logs policy

✓ Hide your IP

✓ Whitelister

✓ Kill switch

✓ CleanWeb

✓ Ad-blocker

✓ Allows torrenting

✓ Independent audit

✓ 30 day money back guarantee

Save 81%

✓ 34494+ Servers 101 Regions Across 78 Countries

✓ 24/7/365 customer support

✓ No Logging ever

✓ Simultaneous connection for up to 10 devices

✓ Unlimited Bandwidth

✓ Reliable Service with Fast VPN Gigabit Port Speeds

✓ Instant Activation

✓ Customized VPN Software

✓ Best VPN Tunnel Quality And Reliability

✓ 30 day money back guarantee

Save 73%

✓ Ad-Blocker

✓ Protection against malicious websites

✓ Prevent online tracking

✓ Data compression

✓ Encrypted with AES-256 bit

✓ 45-day money-back guarantee

✓ Torrent anonymously

✓ 24x7 live chat customer support

Save 82%



ExpressVPN is one of the best choices that offers over 3000 services in 160 locations and 94 countries. A user can go for the 30 days free trial period before subscribing to the complete package, allowing a suitable time to understand the basic working. The main features of this VPN are 24×7 customer support, access to 5 simultaneous connections, geo-location unblock, clear no-logging policy, P2P support, kill switch, DNS leak protection, and reliable performance.



Another well-known VPN in the market is NordVPN which offers high speed and reliability. It has its 5300 servers spread at over 80 locations in 60 countries, offering a great reach. With a 90 days trial period, the platform is one with great customer support and the option to connect 6 devices simultaneously. The unique features include DNS leak protection, proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers, kill switches, and the 30-day money-back guarantee.


Surfshark VPN

A VPN with over 3200 servers in more than 100 locations and over 65 countries, Surfshark is one with a highly competitive pricing policy as compared to others. The unique features that it offers include 24×7 customer support, unlimited device connection support, a 30-days free trial period, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Private Internet Access VPN

With the highest number of servers reaching 35000 at over 100 locations and around 77 countries, Private Internet Access VPN offers a great service. It allows around 10 devices to connect at a time, making it friendlier. The features include the 30 days trial period and 24×7 customer support as the prime factors.


CyberGhost VPN

This is indeed a VPN service with the highest base of users, reaching 10 million. It has 6500 servers located in over 90 countries. It allows 7 devices to connect simultaneously, 24×7 customer support, and a 45-day money-back guarantee, which greatly supports the users.

Though there are various free VPNs available in the market, it is advisable to go for the best and paid VPN. It offers a higher degree of speed, safety, and security while surfing the net or playing the online casino. With the easy to install feature, using a VPN is a better option to unblock the online casinos.

KiwiGambler: The Best Online Casino Platform

KiwiGambler is one of the finest and most vibrant online casino platforms that offer many casino games for every user. Founded in 2019, the platform gives them access to the players in New Zealand to all the accepted casinos without any hassle.

For all the gambling enthusiasts, the games offered include high bonuses and are carefully reviewed to ensure the safety and privacy of the players on board. The range of games that the player can select from includes pokies, jackpots, live casino games, or tables.

With the easy and simple payment model for both the deposit and withdrawal, kiwigambler ensures a secured, easily accessible, and quick process. One of the unique features of the kiwigambler is the multiple device support. While reviewing the sites and adding them to the list for the players to access, kiwigambler checks for compatibility with PC and smartphone.

With the top-quality customer with either live chat, phone, or email, kiwigambler ensures to offer the best online casino gaming experience to all the players. Focusing on the responsible gambling features like self-exclusion, set limits to gameplay, set limits to deposits, and support, we offer an incredible experience to all.


Though there are various online casinos available, if the player is looking to access other platforms using the proxies, it is important to ensure that every step is being followed appropriately to avoid the hassle.

Indeed, kiwigambler is the best for the New Zealand Players. It provides safe and secure access and ensures that the users play responsibly, allowing a better experience.

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