Top 10 Virtual Reality Trends of 2021

Virtual reality is hardly a new innovation at this point as it has been around for a number of years and been available commercially at affordable prices for the best part of a decade. Nonetheless, the technology is constantly improving, and as such, so are the products that utilise it.

Across a variety of industries, virtual reality is being implemented successfully. The following article will take a look at some of the trends involving VR from this year, detailing how they work and what the appeal is.

Virtual Reality Training and Education

VR is fantastic for developing learning and professional skills by realistically simulating situations without the added cost and potential risk. This is especially true for workplace safety. An example of this would be in the construction industry where VR technology can help to simulate and explore situations without exposing the trainees to any hazard.

Equally, virtual reality is being harnessed and used effectively in the education sector. VR provides a degree of interactivity that is difficult to replicate and thus creates an immersive atmosphere for learning to be able to take place. It is a great tool for aiding comprehension and boosting concentration.

Virtual Reality-Aided Shopping

Online shopping, otherwise known as eCommerce is surging in popularity, particularly as a result of the pandemic and the restrictions that brought with it. Integrations of virtual reality and the world of shopping are trending and look likely to become a mainstay in online shopping. The use of virtual reality helps consumers experience product sizes and features in a new way to help inform their purchasing decisions all from the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual Reality in Entertainment

For most people, entertainment is the first thing that springs to mind when they hear the term ‘virtual reality. Although this is far from the only use (as you will see from our other inclusions on this trending list), entertainment certainly is a major market for VR. Lockdowns and ‘stay at home’ orders have further boosted the growth of VR as a form of entertainment and the improving technology is only likely to continue this trend.

Virtual reality in the console and mobile gaming is making big strides with simulated worlds becoming more and more immersive. In addition, online casino fans are increasingly turning to VR to experience live table games and live slot games. This brings them much of the immersion of a real brick-and-mortar experience without any of the hassles of getting to one.

Virtual Reality in Online Workplace Collaboration

Remote working is becoming the norm in 2021 but that doesn’t mean everyone is working independently, far from it in fact. Workplace collaboration tools are on the rise and virtual reality is very much a part of that growing trend. Integrating VR into the workplace is a great way to cooperate effectively and is becoming more and more important in the modern world.

Virtual reality is helping improve business interactions and aiding individuals to work from home, saving companies money. VR is quickly becoming a social norm which makes it one of the top innovations in the business world.

Virtual Reality in Tourism and Travel

Another VR innovation boosted by the pandemic, virtual reality tourism really took off as a result of travel restrictions. People who were desperate to get away but simply could not turned to VR as an alternative.

As a result, the travel sector has integrated many of these new VR technologies to help with bookings and previewing experiences. This new innovation allows prospective travelers to prepare for their trips in a way in which they could not do before.

Virtual Reality in Advertising

Virtual reality is making strides towards supporting native advertising and product placement. Many companies have introduced VR support as part of their brand innovations which will only see virtual reality tech becoming more prevalent across multiple industries. VR has the advantage of making adverts more interactive and inviting, which is obviously of a lot of value to advertisers.

Virtual Reality in Gaming

We touched on this above but virtual reality is making big waves in the gaming industry. The biggest investments in VR tech are coming from this sector with a lot of people very excited about future possibilities.

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Virtual reality gaming brings with it an unrivaled experience and immersion unseen before in the video gaming industry. There are endless possibilities for the technology and the quality of technology is only improving with each passing year. This trend is unlikely to go away and will only gain more momentum in 2021 and beyond.

Virtual Reality in the Automotive Industry

There has been a lot of change in the automotive industry over the last few years and a big part of that shift is linked to virtual reality. Reducing carbon emissions has been a big driving force in the sector but quickly improving technology has also been one of the major forces causing the industry to adapt quickly.

VR is being incorporated to design self-driving cars and is a big part of this futuristic yet very real innovation.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

VR and AI are the future and combining the two is a very exciting prospect. This is already happening in cybersecurity applications, precision medicine, remote collaboration tools, and accessibility mechanics to name but a few. It is less a matter of ‘if’ and more ‘how’ virtual reality and artificial intelligence will dominate future industries.

Mixed Reality Headsets

Another combination with VR that is currently trending in 2021 is AR technology. This is particularly true in the architecture space where VR and AR are combining to help create 3d visualisation technology and landscaping tools.

The Bottom Line

Virtual reality is no longer a dream for the future, rather an innovation that is here to stay. More and more industries are adopting the use of VR and its applications are almost limitless. Virtual reality is a fast-growing trend that is only going to head in one direction.

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