VPNs & The Cam Industry: How it Works & Why It’s Crucial

Over the years, the adult industry has never been one that has shied away from innovation and taking advantage of the latest technology on the market. From VR pornography to Bluetooth-controlled sex toys, we’re living in an age of wild adult entertainment, the likes of which we never thought we’d see.

But in recent years, one of the most powerful and fast-moving sectors of the industry has been that of live cam girls performing on sites like PDCams, LiveJasmin, RoyalCams, and the like. With the boom of the live sex cam industry has come a wealth of tech, toys, and other accessories to make the overall experience more fun, interactive, and memorable for both the performers and their adoring fans.

However, one topic that’s often left untouched is that of (cyber) security in the world of adult webcams. What are cam performers doing to keep themselves safe, if at all? Well, the savviest cam girls are doing the smart thing of using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

For an adult cam performer, using a VPN brings with it a whole new range of security benefits that can keep both them and their viewers safe from the various threats that lurk across the internet these days. Today, I want to delve deep into this topic with you.

So whether you’re someone keen to get an insight into the cyber security side of this fast-moving sector of the adult industry or an active cam girl seeking some solid online security advice to implement in your career, this article is for you.

Now, let’s begin!

What is a VPN, and Why Does an Adult Cam Girl Need One?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN), otherwise known as a Proxy Server, is a piece of software that reroutes your IP address and pinpoints your location to somewhere other than where you’re currently online.

In other words, a VPN hides your IP address and makes any unsavoury people online think you’re on the other side of the world. As well as keeping you safe, it also allows people to access content that they can’t get in their country of origin, whether this is the array of exciting movies and TV shows on a foreign streaming service or adult content in a conservative society. 

Regarding adult cam performers, a VPN is a crucial piece of kit to their naughty toolbox and provides them with additional protection and privacy. It’s no secret that cam sites can draw in a couple of creeps, and some of these guys might have ill intentions to find out a cam girl’s location and her address. With a VPN, she can sidestep this threat, hide her real location and divert the shady person to somewhere on the other side of the world. 

Wait, So How Does a VPN Achieve This?

VPNs are often poorly-explained, leaving many confused about how they work. Allow me to change this. Put simply, when a cam girl uses a reliable VPN and has it activated, all data running from her online devices is encrypted and sent through a proxy server. 

This means that any websites the cam girl interacts with, whether it’s Youtube or her chosen live sex cams site, will see her traffic source as coming from the country she has chosen to be in on her VPN software rather than her actual IP address from her wifi router. In the process, her IP address is kept hidden, private, and secure.

VPNs are often used to Avoid Censorship

It’s no secret that not every country is equal when it comes to being open-minded about sex work. Around the world, many countries have deemed adult content production either illegal or a grey area at best. Still, there is a huge number of men and women (and often transsexuals who are keen to perform).

Of course, we do not recommend breaking the law by camming in a country where it is forbidden to do so, but many people will do it anyway. However, doing so without a VPN would be foolish, and the savviest cam performers would always use a VPN to cover their tracks and hide their IP addresses.

As well as cam sites, many countries actively block access to porn and other adult content.  So VPNs are equally popular among people keen to indulge without risking a knock on the door. 

Is VPNs Legal?

The question of whether VPNs are legal or not depends on the country you’re in. Not every country permits the use of VPNs as they allow its citizens to sidestep what is often seen as draconian and oppressive laws that restrict what people can do online.

However, in most Western countries like the EU, the UK, and the United States, the use of a VPN is completely allowed. But it’s always worth researching to find out if VPNs are permitted in the country you’re living, travelling, or working in before using one.


From accessing streaming services from other countries to sidestepping restrictions on online content, VPNs are becoming an increasingly vital piece of kit for anybody who spends a lot of time online. But increasingly, they’ve become a much-needed piece of software for the men, women, and transsexuals currently working in the live sex industry.

From allowing performers to work in countries where it isn’t permitted to affording them a level of privacy and protection against any unwanted creeps or harassment that may stem from their work, the role of a VPN is absolutely crucial to any performer in this industry.

If you’re not currently using a VPN and are unsure of where to start, a solid piece of advice is to do your research. There are many VPN providers out there, some of which are completely free, but you really get what you pay for in this regard, and it’s not a place to cut costs. Think of a VPN subscription as an investment, especially if you’re using it as part of an adult cam business.

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