How to Watch UK Horse Racing Online from Anywhere

Horse racing in the UK is an extremely popular sport, with people heading out for a day at the races on a regular basis. With many tracks up and down the UK, racing taking place seven days a week and even evening meetings for those who want to attend after work, there is plenty of choice out there.

However, we can’t all get to the races and for that reason, the sport is widely watched by people from their home. TV deals are in place for those wanting to watch at home, and there are also many options online for you to catch the action.

How we watch sport continues to change and evolve, and for that reason we are seeing many aspects of live sport being pushed online. This has opened up a whole new world, allowing people to watch events from other countries they wouldn’t normally be able to see, or allowing people to use a VPN to catch the action.

 So, what about those who are away from the UK, or those who live in the UK but want to keep up to date with the action while they are abroad? What can they do to access UK horse racing and keep up to date with the big races? Luckily, there are two options open to people, depending on your circumstances.

Option 1: Use a VPN or Proxy to Access UK TV Channels

If you create a UK IP address for yourself, either via a VPN or proxy then you are going to have a full UK horse racing service at your fingertips.

In terms or free TV coverage, UK horse racing is currently available via ITV, with meetings shown on either the main ITV channel or ITV4. You can watch both of these via their website, simply head there with your UK IP address and fire up the channels to watch for free.

If you want more, then the good news is that you can access every single horse race to be run in the UK & Ireland, but the bad news is you will have to pay for it. Horse racing broadcasting rights are split across two TV channels, Racing TV and Sky Sports Racing.

Both offer a subscription TV channel to those in the UK, but they also offer their services online for those who want to watch via a live stream. With a VPN in place to put yourself in the UK, you can sign up and use these services, setting yourself up to be able to watch every single horse race from the UK & Ireland as well as other racing they show, including from France, the USA, and Australia.

Option 2: Use Streaming Services from Major UK Bookmakers

Some of the biggest names in bookmaking have strong links and services in the UK. As part of their package, they offer a live streaming service which covers many sports including horse racing.

This means you can watch any horse race you would like if you hold an account and bet with them. Some require you to place a bet on the race but if you do that, you unlock the option to watch that race, so if you want to back a horse and watch it run, you can do that through your bookmaker.

These bookmakers have betting.offers available for new players to use when they sign up, so you can get a great deal from them and solve your problem of not being able to watch UK horse racing with one move.

The way in which we watch sporting events in general is changing a lot, and the reason for this is online streaming. Traditionally, horse races are watched live on TV or in a betting shop. Those days are now gone though, and they have been replaced by something that is far more convenient for punters, as well as being a cheaper option to watch the races you want.

Either by using your bookmaker and the streaming service they have in place or by logging onto a TV channel using a VPN, you can watch UK horse racing when you are outside of the UK. These options give you something to think about, depending on the circumstances you are in, and there should be something that works for the majority of people here. We are seeing broadcasting rights change, with a lot more content being put online and thanks to that, there are many options for those to watch who normally wouldn’t be able to.

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