What are Facebook Ads Objectives? Complete Overview

As basic as it sounds, Facebook objectives are the specific goal you want to accomplish. Through Facebook ad campaigns, Facebook plays a significant role in optimizing your ads and reaching potential customers.

Objectives are imperative as Facebook needs information about your goal and what action you want people to see using the ads. This way, the platform identifies who should be your target audience and connect with the right customers.

🟆 Three Categories of Facebook Objectives:

When choosing a Facebook ad objective, you’re convincing the platform what results you want to see. Facebook algorithms will develop and help you reach your goal depending on the purpose.

Let’s enumerate the following Facebook ad objectives:

🟆 Awareness Objectives

In this phase, the target customers are at the top of your funnel (TOFU). It is simply giving people interest in what you offer.

However, awareness objectives do not directly lead to your sales. The primary purpose of awareness campaigns is to allure people to go deeper into your sales funnel and make custom audiences.

There are two kinds of Awareness objectives, Brand Awareness and Reach.

➦ Brand Awareness Campaign Objectives

This Facebook objective introduces your brand to a larger audience and creates an impression. In short, it increases awareness of your product or services. Facebook will show your ads to the customers who remember your brands.

You will encounter an “ad recall lift, ” meaning the number of people Facebook estimates would remember your ads. This option is best for building a memorable brand and being able to measure ad recall lift.

➦ Reach

Another Awareness objective that serves your ads to as many target audiences as possible within your budget allows. You can choose customers in a particular area, and Facebook will limit your target area to make your ads more significant.

Furthermore, adjusting the frequency setting is another benefit of the Reach Awareness Objective. The right time to use this objective is when you’re organizing a local event to reach as many people as possible.

🟆 Consideration Objectives

In this Facebook Objective, the goal is to motivate audiences and learn more about your business.

➦ Traffic

The primary goal in traffic is to send people a specific page like link clicks or a landing page. Bringing more audience to your featured destination will also increase the number of people who visit or purchase on your page.

🟆 Engagement 

Engagement campaign objectives aim to get more likes, shares, video views, reactions, and comments on your ads. It encourages word-of-mouth marketing that results in low-cost advertising online. Algorithm of campaigns with the goal of “Engagement’’ is optimizing the display of advertising to encourage interested people to make a purchase or use a product/service. To set up these types of campaigns, you need the ability to work with Pixel Facebook, setting up conversions, product catalogs, and campaign points.

There are three options in Engagement, Post Engagement that allows users to react, share and comment.

Next is Page Likes, which welcome the user to like and follow the page. And last is Event Responses which invites users to attend online or on-site events.

➦ App Installs

These objectives initiate to help mobile apps install by clicking the ads, and users will go directly to the App Store or Google Play store. Facebook displays these ads to your target audience who previously downloaded apps from ads.

The highest possible return on investment (ROI) will likely happen through this campaign goal.

➦ Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Generation ads enable you to gain names, contact numbers, and email information. It is collecting consumer data on Facebook without driving traffic to your web.

You can freely download and add the data to your customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

➦ Video Views

These powerful ads target the audience to view your brand story or service as many times they want. Facebook prioritized your campaign and captured the audience’s attention through watching.

It can retarget people who have already watched the video and remind them of your brand.

➦ Messages

Connecting with users to know your business through Facebook Messenger is easier. Messenger is a great way to answer questions, build rapport, provide customer support and drive sales.

It is an adequate opportunity to have a conversation with the user to take the next step toward working with you. 

🟆 Conversion Objectives

To simplify, this objective drives the audience to use or buy your products or services. However, installing the Facebook Pixel is required to help Facebook optimize the campaigns.

These objectives have three kinds. 

The Conversions, wherein the potential customer will click through your website. It includes actions like payment details and making a purchase.

Another is Catalog Sales which promotes products from catalogs. And the third is Store Traffic which targets potential audiences with several business locations.

Online advertisements can sometimes be tricky. Yet, understanding your business with the help of Facebook ad objectives can help you solve some of the issues.

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