ZoogVPN Review: Why Choose ZoogVPN for Torrents?

Among many other VPN services we’ve tested, ZoogVPN stands out by striking a perfect value for money balance. It is affordable for any demographic, especially when compared to industry-standard competitors with excessive advertising budgets.

It appears that ZoogVPN prioritizes the implementation of various new features and constantly growing their server-base, rather than wasting it on YouTube ads. Speaking of server-base, there are currently more than 26 countries and more than 70 locations available on ZoogVPN, so that one can access virtually any website from any part of the world. 


Why ZoogVPN is the Best One for Torrents?

Below we will consider the reasons why ZoogVPN is the best solution for torrenting in more detail.

✓ Security

As for torrenting purposes, ZoogVPN has proven itself in the best way possible. There’s no IP or DNS leaks with this service, in case you’re worried about torrenting in a country where it is prohibited or frowned upon. There are multiple secure and fast VPN protocols available out-of-the-box, including industry-standard WireGuard and IKEv2. Whilst many affordable VPN services lack these protocols and offer only OpenVPN, ZoogVPN does not cheap out and offers their users pretty much everything they need in order to download torrents safe and fast. 

Oftentimes affordable VPN services sacrifice some of the key features or lack in terms of security, but ZoogVPN has proven itself quite reliable and as secure as VPN can be. A strict No-Logs policy ensures that none of your web browsing activity or your personal info will ever surface somewhere, making ZoogVPN a good choice for travelers or those who heavily rely on hotel/cafe/airport WiFi hotspots.

As for users who work from home, ZoogVPN is just as good of a choice, thanks to its wide variety of supported operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, AndroidTV, iOS, Linux, etc. Users with multiple family members and multiple devices will appreciate that ZoogVPN offers up to 10 simultaneous connections from different devices with one subscription, meaning that you can save hugely by sharing one VPN account with your friends and loved ones.  

As to ZoogVPN’s privacy jurisdiction, the service’s HQ is located in Greece, a non-participant country of any intelligence alliances such as Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or Fourteen Eyes, meaning that the authorities cannot pressure them to cooperate and disclose their users’ private information. This part is quite important for anyone concerned about their privacy online. 

✓ Speed

We were pleasantly surprised with the speeds we were getting in our tests. The recorded loss on distant servers is insignificant, and when we connected to a server located in London, the results came out even better than we originally had with our ISP in terms of Download speeds.

Unlike many other affordable and free VPN services, ZoogVPN successfully carried out the implementation of an open-source lightning-fast WireGuard protocol. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the WireGuard provides high speeds due to the uncluttered code it operates on. Considering the fact that the ZoogVPN is on a cheaper side, it definitely exceeded our expectations in terms of speeds. 

✓ Features

Unlike many VPN services that bailed out on users from highly-censored countries where VPN services are getting the boot, ZoogVPN offers their own version of obfuscating feature called ZoogShadowing, allowing users from China, Turkey, Russia and many more countries access blocked and restricted websites. Overall, the service has some great security features, especially when you consider the low price tag.

The team at ZoogVPN puts emphasis on security, as some of their staff are currently located in war-torn Ukraine, so they made sure that the app is as secure, robust and virtually impenetrable as possible. Aside from bank-grade encryption, there is also a built-in Kill Switch, protecting users in case of sudden connection losses. 

✓ Price

ZoogVPN offers competitive pricing for its premium VPN services, providing users with top-notch online security and privacy without breaking the bank. With a variety of subscription options to suit different needs, ZoogVPN ensures affordability and flexibility.

Whether you’re looking for a short-term solution or a long-term commitment, their pricing plans are designed to cater to all budgets. Plus, they often run special promotions and discounts, making it even more accessible to safeguard your online activities.

Rest assured that ZoogVPN’s cost-effective services don’t compromise on quality, offering robust encryption, global server coverage, and a no-logs policy to keep your online presence secure and anonymous. At the time of writing this article, the cheapest you can get the ZoogVPN subscription for is $1.99/mo for a 24-month plan, and get 3 months of use additionally. There’s also a free plan limited to one device and capped at 10 GB per month. 

Explore ZoogVPN’s pricing options today to find the perfect plan for your online protection needs.

How to Stay Safe While Torrenting Using ZoogVPN?

Follow these simple instructions and аorget about worrying while downloading torrent files:

  1. Get the Premium version of ZoogVPN which will give you the best speed, unlimited traffic, and access to all P2P-friendly servers.
  2. Install the app on your device and log in.
  3. Connect to the ZoogVPN server. 
  4. Connect to a VPN. Click the “Connect” button in the ZoogVPN app to establish a VPN connection.
  5. Open your browser and go to the needed torrent website. Now that you are connected to the ZoogVPN VPN server, you can be calm about your security.


Summing up our brief review of ZoogVPN, we can wholeheartedly recommend this VPN service for those who need to download a couple of torrents. It’s extremely easy to use, it has a variety of protocols, including WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN and the apps for iOS and Android are not heavy on your precious battery. Starting at $1.99/month, you won’t find a better deal than this.        

If you’re looking for an affordable, fast, and secure VPN service for downloading torrents and streaming media, look no further than ZoogVPN.
Download ZoogVPN now and stay safe while torrenting!

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