6 Thrilling Sports Video Games That Will Get You Stuck to Your Pc All Day Long

Technology is making the world a much more enjoyable planet. Want to get something? You can order it quickly from a store online. 

Want to stake on your favorite sports team? You can seamlessly do that on your phone using the Indibet app!

But there is one place where technology made life way more sumptuous: PC gaming!

Today, there is a plethora of sports video games to play on PC that will arguably make you forget the world around you.

We did our homework and curated the six most exciting sports video games you can play on PC today!

1. FIFA 23

FIFA is among the most popular sports video game franchise of all time. It has sold over 300 million copies, and the number is increasing. EA Sports releases an update of the game yearly, with FIFA 23 as the latest installment.

FIFA 23 is enjoyable for both new and existing players alike. For newcomers, the thrill of playing a hyper-realistic football game keeps them glued. 

The game modes are exciting, whether you’re playing online friendlies, Volta Football, or the all-classic Ultimate Team. 

For existing players, animations are way better than 22 with Hypermotion and Technical Dribbling. EA sports also improved the game’s physics, making the gameplay more realistic. 

All in all, it’s unarguably the best football franchise available right now.

It’s best to buy the game now if you want the FIFA experience. It’ll take up a new name from the 2024 edition as EA Sports didn’t sign a new naming deal with the Federation Internationale de Football Association.

2. Madden NFL 22

The Madden franchise is the best American Football simulation game on the planet. While the Madden 23 game is iconic in many ways, it lacks the FieldSense feature, restricting its playability on PC. If you game on the PS5/Xbox Series S/X, the 23 is better.

Madden NFL 22 was lovable when it came out. Fans enjoyed its cover art, as it features two of the greatest Football athletes on its cover: Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. 

The cover art wasn’t the only hit of the game; EA sports put work into it and made it a fan favorite.

The game modes are entertaining and addictive. You’ll get an immersive experience playing Franchise, Face of the Franchise, or building your Ultimate team with the league’s best players. 

Feel free to explore the game modes if you’re playing for the first time to find the one you enjoy.

3. NBA 2K 22

The NBA 2K22 proves that you don’t need to fix it if it’s not broken. You’ll find all you need to keep yourself engaged and more in NBA2K22. 

However, you might want to upgrade to 23 if playing with the latest roosters is your priority. Aside from updated roosters, NBA 2K22 feels better to play than 23.

The exhibition lets your play offline matches with all the top teams in the league. You can also use classic teams from the 80s and 90s to play, giving you a nostalgic feeling.

MyCAREER requires you to create a player and build a career with him. You can set up your team and battle for supremacy in MyTEAM. The game lets you play with players in the WNBA, giving you a top-notch basketball gaming experience.

4. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2

Tony Hawks Pro Skaters 1 and 2 were the first titles that Vicarious Studio released in the franchise. The popularity of both games paved the way for other titles. 

Vicarious Studios released a remastered version of both games on PC in 2020.

The game sold 1 million copies in the first week of its release and was the best-selling game of the Tony Hawks franchise. 

It has unique game modes, a nostalgic soundtrack, and mesmerizing gameplay to keep you glued to your screen for hours. It’s unarguably one of PC’s best sports games.

5. Rocket League

The idea of playing a ball with cars might sound odd, but it’s fun. One of the reasons it’s classic is that you get to enjoy the thrill of football and racing in the same game. If having fun is all that you want, you’re welcome.

The multiplayer option is the most electrifying of all the game modes. You get to test your might against other players globally to stamp your superiority. 

An advantage of the matchmaking feature is that it supports cross-platform play, making it effortless to get matches.

6. Football Manager

Not everyone enjoys controlling 10+1 players in FIFA and eFootball. 

If you’re this type of player but still envisage the idea of playing a good football game on PC, Football Manager 23 might be all that you need. 

Football Manager is about trying to become the next big thing in football management, virtually, of course!

You’ll get to recruit players, train them, select lineups, and oversee matches so your club can win. 

Beware, this is where you’ll get to test your decision-making and tactical prowess. You’ll be in charge of recruitment, contract renewals, and managing backroom staff.

Don’t forget you also have the board to report to, so you might need to buckle up. Summarily, the beauty of Football Manger 23 is worth experiencing for every football lover.


Sports games are exciting because they give sports lovers another way to enjoy what makes them happy. There are many sports games on PC, but these six are the absolute best.

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