Best 4 Teams Dominating the Esports World

Esports is revolutionizing gaming as we knew it. From just a means of entertainment, esports is taking a professional dimension as a new breed of professional gamers arises.

Indeed, bookmakers, including those who allow crypto hockey betting, now know how delectable their customers find esports, making it a staple among their offerings nowadays.

With esports becoming the movement it is today, you may have wondered which are the best esports teams around.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid is arguably a household name in the esports community. They have been around the block since 2000.

Their journey started when Victor Goossens formed the team in the Netherlands. Since then, they have been a regular fixture on most of the elite esports tournaments.

Let us run you through the numbers, shall we?

Team Liquid has contested in more than 2300 esports competitions. For their labor, they have earned a whopping $40+ million from eSport tournaments. Not bad, we would say.

Such successes in a fast-exploding esports industry have propelled them to number 3 on the list of valuable eSport teams. 

As you would expect from a team of their caliber, they have diversified over the years.

Notably, when they started out, they focused majorly on Starcraft. More recently, they have expanded into Dota 2, even becoming a fearsome team on FIFA. 

In the 2017 “The International” tournament, Team Liquid won more than $10 million. The eSport team also partners with brands like Marvel Entertainment, Honda, Twitch, and Alienware. The team also houses some of the best gamers, winning the DreamHack Masters, Counter-Strike:GO, etc., in 2019.

FaZe Clan 

We can’t call the big names in esports and ignore Faze Clan. These are some of the most respected guys in the esports universe.

Established in 2010, Faze Clan has, over the years, consolidated its reputation as the team to beat in multiplayer eSport games like Call of Duty, PUBG, and Counter-Strike.

Of course, that reputation pays their bills as Faze Clan sits top among the global most valuable eSport organizations. 

The more interesting part?

Faze Clan is publicly listed on NASDAQ with $725 million worth. 

They have featured regularly in top esports tournaments, dancing to the bank on several occasions to cash the top prizes.

So far, it is safe to say they have pocketed more than $14 million through their participation in eSport tournaments. 

Their media influence is another commodity to envy about the Faze Clan, with the group boasting millions of followers on Twitch. 

Overall, the team has about 80 premium players, notably winning the CS:GO in 2022 and the IEM Cologne and IEM Katowice tournaments. 

They also went the distance in the PUBG Global Championship and Fortnite World Cup. 

G2 Esports

Formally called Gamers2, the G2 Esports team is a reputable eSport team established in 2014. With their headquarters in Berlin, their team competes excellently in Rocket League, League of Legends, CS:GO, Apex Legends, and Valorant. 

Their investment in gaming content creation has paid off so far, with top brands like Red Bull, Adidas, and Mastercard pumping serious money into endorsement deals with these esports icons.

G2 Esports has winning in its DNA, with notable conquests in the 2022 Valorant Game Changers Championship and the S-Tier Counter Strike Global Offensive. 

So far, they have competed in over 600 tournaments, with a whopping $11 million earned so far.


Cloud9 was established in 2013 with its office in California. They’re one of the most valuable professional eSport firms, and they have the best team. With their robust Counter-Strike squad, they have dominated CS:GO since their existence. 

Meanwhile, they have an endorsement deal worth $75 million from Red Bull which has aided their growth. Cloud9 have also made over $12 million across their 900+ tournament participation. Further, the firm is currently into video game boot camp training and premium subscription services. 

Meanwhile, they won the 2018 Counter-Strike ELeague Major, Rocket League Championship, and Overwatch League Grand Finals. 

Their Counter-Strike team won the 2019 Valve Majors and Starladder Berlin Major tournaments. They also competed fiercely in the League of Legends LEC Spring Finals and LCS Playoffs. 

These are some of the most successful esports teams in the industry. These teams exude excellence and style and have been at the forefront of esports adoption. Their exploits inevitably fan the next wave of professional esports gamers.

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