Advantages of Welcome Bonuses That First Deposit Bonuses Lack

In today’s competitive world of online casinos and sports betting, casino providers are always trying new methods to attract and keep players. Welcome bonus and first deposit bonus are the two most common incentive methods gambling platforms use.

However, among the two new player rewards, there are certain advantages that put welcome bonus offers ahead. In this article, we look into what benefits the welcome bonus has over the first deposit bonus. 

Welcome Bonus or First Deposit Bonus?

First deposit bonuses are also called matched deposit bonuses. This is the gambling platform matching the first amount you deposit up to a certain percentage or amount.

Welcome bonus, on the other hand, is an umbrella term. It refers to all forms of bonuses a gambling platform rewards new players. Examples include credit card sign-up bonuses, cash-back bonuses, account opening without deposit bonuses, free spin bonuses, reload bonuses, and many more.

Benefits Welcome Bonus has over First Deposit Bonus

➤ No Need To Make Initial Deposits

Something that really puts a welcome reward ahead of the first deposit bonus is that you’re able to get a certain amount of money as a bonus without making a financial deposit. You’ll qualify for free spins, cash-back, and helpful bonus rewards just by signing up or performing actions like adding a new credit.

➤ Enjoy Risk-free Exploration

Welcome bonus may also be used to try new casinos and their offerings. There’s a lot you can do with free spins and no deposit bonus amounts when checking out a new casino. Gamblers, after their exploration, can then decide if the casino matches their taste or not.

➤ A Great Choice for New Gamblers

Those new to gambling or betting are likely going to find welcome rewards more handy. Welcome offers provide new gamblers with the balance needed to learn and gain experience without financial risks.

➤ Flexibility in Choosing What You Do with Bonus Points

Welcome packages have multiple deposit bonus types incorporated into them, including initial deposit bonuses. This means there are more games you can play with these bonuses. First deposits are often limited to certain games or betting options.

➤ Not Limited to Just One Deposit

First deposit bonuses, as the name implies, depend only on the amount you pay on your first deposit. Welcome reward goes beyond this; you can get a reload bonus as part of your welcome rewards, which means more perks for making additional deposits even after your first deposit.

Earn a Welcome Bonus and Enjoy More Value as a Customer

Overall, a welcome bonus has advantages over a first deposit bonus in areas such as no deposit rewards, varying types of offers, and being able to claim bonuses after making your first deposit.

Many popular software providers have partnered with online casinos for their welcome offers. There are many high-value welcome rewards new gamblers can enjoy without the need to spend a certain amount. 

When looking at the latest rankings of welcome bonuses, we can see known names in the industry like Grosvenor, Betfred, or Virgin Games. Name brands know that the value of a good welcome package is a feature that establishes credibility and adds to a good reputation.

On average, a casino welcome package can go up to the equivalent of $400 and can be applied to ranges of up to 50 games.

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