How to Organize Bonus Codes For Online Gambling

Online casino bonus codes can get overwhelming when you are on too many gambling websites, and they all give you a free bonus. In 2023, bonuses come in many ways; some casinos offer two or more extra deposit bonuses after new users claim the first deposit bonus on their website.

It can become more difficult to claim your total bonus when you have multiple casino bonuses available. In this article, we look at how to organise the best online casino bonus codes so you will get all the benefits. 

Effectively Organizing Your Online Casino Offer

You can check the FAQ, privacy policy, or bonus terms section for all the necessary information on bonus codes. However, we’ve created a valuable guide to help newcomer and long-term players organise their bonus codes.

➤ Create a Dedicated Sheet or Folder on your Device

Creating a separate file for storing bonus codes is the first step when organising. You can use Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Office sheet, or any office software available. If you can’t get any of this or would rather have a more portable method you can take around, then you can use your phone’s note app.

Arrange Bonus Codes According to the Gambling Site

Inside your file, folder, and app, create consistent categories for each specific casino or betting platform you join. This will help you vary all the bonus codes and stay on track with which bonus belongs where.

Pay Close Attention when Entering Bonus Codes

Be careful when copying and pasting bonus codes. Ensure that the information is correct. Many gambling websites today allow users just to click to copy bonus codes. This help avoids error when storing or using the bonus.

Record all Bonus Code Marketing Detail

For each of the gambling platforms in your folder, record these promotion details: 

  • Bonus code: Enter the specific code to claim the bonus offer in this section. It could be a link, too; copy the link to this section.
  • Type of bonus: Enter what type of bonus this bonus code is. Some types of bonuses are reload bonus, cashback bonus, deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, and free spin.
  • Offer description: Typically, enter specific information on what this bonus offer provides. If it is a deposit match, enter how much you’ll get, and if it is free spins, enter the amount you will be able to claim.
  • Game eligibility: Some bonuses are exclusive to specific slot casino games. You’ll want to add the games you can play with this bonus.
  • Terms & Conditions: Read the terms and conditions attached to the bonus to evaluate information such as wagering requirements, restrictions, and limits. Summarise and enter this information in this section. You can also copy the whole thing and paste that’s okay.
  • Date obtained and expiry date: Note the date you received the bonus code and the day it will expire. In several cases, bonus offers like free spins can expire after 7 days. Noting the date obtained will help you carefully know when it will expire.

Update your Information Regularly

Keeping your information up-to-date is essential. Keeping details of a welcome bonus is not good enough if it expires or changes and you don’t know. Check for new players’ bonus codes & best bonuses, and update your document frequently. Always confirm that the bonus codes still exist.

Don’t Just Stack Bonuses; Prioritize them

If you have multiple bonus codes, consider prioritising them when you want to redeem them. Prioritise based on value, expiration, recommendation, or personal preferences. This will help decide the most advantageous and should be used first.

Use Reminders

Set up reminders and alerts to keep you from forgetting your bonus code. You can set the reminder to notify you three days before the bonus expiry.

Pay Close Attention to Responsible Gambling.

While organising and applying bonus codes, always make sure you gamble responsibly. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Gambling is a form of entertainment, and bonus codes, as enticing as they are, often come with wagering requirements.

Applying the Best Casino Bonus Codes to your Gameplay

Certain online offers are made up of several layers that need to be claimed and used individually. Canadian players on FreeSpino can start their accounts and get a welcome package of 5 layers. Each one comes with an individual bonus code that makes the gamblers eligible for it. The first can be added immediately after signing up, while the next ones are only available after the following deposits.

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