10+ Best Mobile Apps That Help Your Academic Goals

After the internet revolution, the smartphone revolution has revolutionized our lifestyle in seemingly every single aspect of day to day life. According to recent studies, 3.6 billion people around the globe are using smartphones, and this number is rising with each passing hour.

Out of the total, 7.7 billion population 45% plus is already using smartphones, and this ratio increases dramatically in a relatively educated population.

One key reason for the rise of smartphones is their utility. Smartphone apps cater to every walk of life, ranging from entertainment to academia. Billions of applications are available on the app stores.

Education and academia require significant up-gradation with time. Research scholars can use mobile platforms to their utmost advantage by choosing the right applications that can help them in achieving their academic goals. Many apps aid in learning languages and improving multilingual skills.

The Internet is full of resources; their utilization is totally up to the user. These resources have shrunk to a palm of a hand with the invention of smartphone devices that can process gigabytes of data in seconds and are replacing the need for traditional computing devices like desktop and laptops.  Now the trend of large-screen devices; tablets and touchpads are harbouring popularity every passing day with increasing scopes in research and academics.

Modern schooling systems equip students with tablets and touchpads to familiarize their students with technology. Essential computing abilities are developed, and students are introduced to different applications to help them in homework as well as classwork. Apps like Khan Academy that initially started as a YouTube channel are helping teachers and students.

Research work starts at the university level and usually gains peak importance at masters and Ph.D. levels. Several online resources are available that help in research work like dissertation writing services, Ph.D. proposal writing services, and smartphone apps to manage, organize, and streamline research work.

Academics can sometimes prove troublesome without appropriate help, leaving the scholar discouraged. To achieve goals, researchers can seek help from smartphone applications that are usually free of cost. A wide range of applications is available in various categories ranging from organization, productivity, managing notes to accessing research papers, and books. Virtual libraries are also important in gaining access to books at any time anywhere.

The following are the top 10 best mobile phone applications that can help you in achieving your academic goals. These apps can help you in your day to day educational goals.

1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

Founded by Lynda Weinman LinkedIn Learning provides online video courses focused on helping you excel in your career. LinkedIn in learning as previously known as Lynda offers both free of cost and paid certifications.  It focuses on the latest businesses, technology, and innovations. Videos are instructional and designed to help you reach your maximum potential. Certification acquired from this platform also helps you in landing a better job at premium organizations.

2. Quora


Quora is an international platform where top professionals take part in answering questions posted by users. Quora started as a website now has a presence in play store and app store as a mobile application.

The most significant advantage of Quora is that it might already have the answer to your question, and a simple search can lead you to your desired response, which is verified by different professionals. You can also post a query (even advanced level, any field) and specialists will be willing to answer it.

3. TED


Ted now has a dedicated application that allows you to browse from 1100+ Ted talks on your smartphone. Ted talks are delivered by influential people in the field of science, business, tech, health, education, and creativity. Most of the speakers give speeches in a motivational manner, and this can help you reinvigorate your motivation. You can take inspiration from Ted speakers.

4. DuoLingo


This app can help you learn a new language. If you are an aspiring researcher and will move to a foreign country, this app can help you grasp the basics of the different languages. You can improve your language skills or learn a new language from scratch out of 30 languages on offer by the app.

5. Khan Academy

This brilliant app can help you learn a new concept or revise the ideas you were not able to grasp entirely in your school or university. Video lectures are free of cost and comprehensively explain the concepts. Video lectures cover a vast subject base on Khan Academy that can help you learn an entirely new subject from scratch.

6. Photomath


Photo math is a tool that can help you in solving math equations. This app reads the equations using the smartphone camera and provides a solution. A student can compare the results with his calculation and rectify any mistakes. It does not require the internet. The app comes with a built-in scientific calculator, interactive graphs, and different solving methods.

7. Evernote

This app lets you take in a variety of notes. Evernote is a productivity app. Evernote lets you take notes, organize them in the form of booklets, enables you to add images and graphs in notes, and offers a variety of tools to help you manage your scribbling s on the go.

8. Udemy


Udemy offers its online learners to access their Massive open online courses (MOOCs) via mobile application. Learners can remain productive via their smartphones and access their courses even when they are away from the conventional computing device.

9. edX

Another brilliant MOOC platform offering a massive number of courses encompassing almost all knowledge fields. Courses are delivered as video lectures with interactive quizzes and assessments.

10. Quizlet


Quizlet offers many practice tests to help prepare for the actual assessments. You can access several flashcards built in the app to aid in testing your memory. It lets you create your own flashcards as well to promote active recalling. Quizlet offers study material for standardized exams plus audio and visual aid to encourage learning.

11. Amazingtalker

AmazingTalker is a foreign language online tutor platform that now has more than 1 million students and 100 employees across 10 countries. The objective: to offer 100% personalized learning with certified teachers thanks to an AI recommendation system. Students choose their teacher and their course according to their level, their budget and their availability, all kinds of teachers available, including online English tutors, online Korean tutors, online Japanese tutors.

Several other apps are also available that can help in achieving academic goals. Apps are available that help your beat procrastination and enhance productivity. Specialized apps for subject material. Digital library apps are also available to access a vast quantity of e-books. Dictionary apps can help you in learning new words or finding the meanings of difficult words and aid in grammatical improvements of documents.

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