Where to Prepare & Pass AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam?

The internet has always had answers for most of the business and office related problems that people face. When the internet came into existence, people never knew that it could end up giving birth to leaner ways of data management.

Today, if you have a computer, you can move just anything to online storage space, the Cloud, and have access to it wherever you go.

Such services have been commercialized and you are probably using one, the most common being AWS, Amazon Web Services. Amazon has made it possible for you to handle your AWS skillfully by taking just one exam and earning its related certification, ExamLabs.com CLF-C01 and the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential respectively.

We wish to talk to you about these two, where to find the relevant study resources for your assessment, and if using practice tests is reasonable to prepare for this AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam.

About CLF-C01 and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Credential

There are certain certification levels that Amazon offers for their badges – fundamental, associate, professional, and specialty. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner belongs to the fundamental level of Amazon credentials and can be earned through one CLF-C01 exam.

To be eligible for this assessment you need to possess six months of work experience plus knowledge of AWS Cloud technology. Overall, there are four main domains tested in this exam, namely, Cloud Computing, AWS Billing and Pricing, Visit Certbolt URL Here Technology, and Cloud Security.

How to Prepare for the CLF-C01 Assessment?

All that matters in your exam preparation to find the best and relevant study materials and putting in the right effort into understanding the test concepts. There are many places on the internet where you can do that and here are two most important of them:


Amazon sells almost anything in the world today. The best part about it is that they only sell what is legitimate in the market. You can easily AWS Certification Exam Dumps from their website in such forms as Paperback and Kindle.

Moreover, you can find audiobooks on this site. The best part about them is the fact that you can always refer to these books later in life. Also, pay attention to the study guides that contain practice tests in the package, because they tend to be resourceful for your preparation.


If you are more of a visual and auditory learner, then YouTube is the best place for you. YouTube has lots of channels with relevant Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Dumps Questions you could use.

Sort out a few channels through a custom search of the exam code. Then, subscribe to a few of those trainers and use their videos to prepare for your assessment.

You can test yourself using sample tests from a reliable online platform that you can easily lookup on the Internet to track your progress and work on your weak points.


The Amazon AWS badge is attainable through the successful completion of the CLF-C01 assessment. But how can one prepare well for it?

The best decision will be to turn to the vendor itself and their prep options and supplement them with reliable practice tests. If you have always wanted to launch a cloud career, then NOW is the best time to do so! Good luck Click Here to View!

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