What Is The Best Size For A Youtube Thumbnail

Youtube is a widely used social platform that displays videos of different interests. Nowadays, Youtube has reached everywhere. You may find every topic with creative and informative videos on Youtube. But before clicking on a video, what do we see first?

We see how the presentation of the video is made. Here, what we see as a quick snapshot on every Youtube video is called a ‘Thumbnail’. It is very important to know about youtube thumbnail size to snatch more audiences for seeing that video. Today, in this article, we will discuss What is Youtube thumbnail size, how one can present a better Youtube thumbnail, and be a better Youtuber.

A Short Explanation Of Youtube Thumbnail

Thumbnail is a very important factor in any Youtube video. It depends on the thumbnail much time if it would attract the audiences of interest or not. The competition among Youtubers is high. To get a good audience, one needs to use a better one with a perfectly sized video thumbnail. So, a Youtube thumbnail is basically a first impression of the video that one is about to watch.

It helps to build a better audience base if the thumbnail is good in dimension. There is much expert advice on this topic. We will see in-depth this today. At first, we need to know what is the main goals of creating a thumbnail:

  • It should be totally within the context of your topic.
  • The image should be effective enough for users to click on it and watch.                                      
  • Be creative and differentiate this with other users. This will represent your brand better.

Now, we will know how to walk towards our goals effectively.

How To Get More Audience Using Youtube Thumbnails

This part is more of a creative part and each person has a different opinion about this. But there are some basic sets of steps that people follow. Some of these are the following:

  • Select A Perfect Image: You must use a good, clear, and relevant image to create a better understanding of the topic you are sharing. As this would work as a first impression, you should create a better one. Check the thumbnail images closely to avoid any confusion. So, the question is, what are YouTube thumbnail dimensions? It is always better to use a 1280 x 720-pixel size (16:9 ratio). Save it as a.JPEG, PNG, a.GIF, or as a.BMP.
  • Have A Nice Resolution: There are a few terms that you need to fulfill before putting it on Youtube. The image should have a good resolution and it must be under 2 MB. This is a rule set by the cooperation.
  • Fill The Youtube Terms And Conditions: Youtube is an international platform with a strong admin base. You must use it legally. Put an image that is decent to go with the rules of Youtube.
  • Have A Nice Photo Composition: Create a better video thumbnail size to compose the photograph. The size ratio matters in many cases to represent the total content.
  • Make Sure To Stay Within Context: You should select a photograph that will represent the topic solely. This will pull other users towards your video to give it maximum views.
  • SafeSearch: The image that you are using should have a complaint SafeSearch compliant. SafeSearch is an algorithmic filter that helps to detect indecent photography over Youtube to make it friendly for all the users. It gives notice if anyone puts up pornographic or any violated image.

How The Background Matters?

The Background Image is critical to make the video thumbnail perfectly visible to users. Select a good background image not too catchy, so that it does not take the attention from the main product.

You can add some texts with different fonts. Add some ‘select’ or ‘follow’ button to create an easy option for the visitors to jump within your context. But make sure to use the title or headline in the background. Choose a well-established font. You can buy them from any font shop or you can use the one you like.

Colors Matter

There are many people who don’t care about colors. But the color must be composed within the perfect blend. Now that we are a bit familiar with what is the custom thumbnail in youtube, we can be sure that we have to use good textures and shades. When you are able to choose the perfect image, with the setup of a good color blend, it will surely catch thousands of eyes.

Represent Your Brand Via Thumbnail

So far, we have tried to explain, what is a Youtube thumbnail, and what does it do? Now, we will know how it works to get you more views? We will dive deep to know, what does youtube thumbnail means?

Thumbnail should have the ability to represent your brand. As you are putting up some videos, you are obviously branding something. A thumbnail should show the importance of it. make your brand recognizable and different than others. Try to make it important to the audience so that they go through it.

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What Are The Best Recent Trends?

If you surf Youtube, you may find that there are some trends that people follow and like. The following are some of the few trends that went viral within a few days.

Thumbnails With Emoji

Add some funny emoticons and emojis to your video thumbnail and see how the audience reacts to it. This can give one of the good answers to what is the custom thumbnail in youtube. If you are uploading any funny video, add a laughter emoji, or if it is a romantic video, add a love. It will reach a much larger audience than you expect.

Thumbnail With A Face On It

It is human nature to respond to the human face. No matter where you put any picture if you have a human face on it, you will get more reach. If you are a food blogger, put up your face photo beside the food you are reviewing with the correct video thumbnail size and see how people like that particular video.

Using Bold Fonts

When you use bold font for your writing, it catches the eyes at first. You can use the same for your Youtube content. There are different fonts available online for your convenience. Such as Impact, American Captain, Cooper Black, Myriad Pro Bold, Evogria, EA Sports, Obelix Pro Bold, etc. You can get some paid service as well to get a better service.

Patterns Have Magic

A pattern means to show something similar to the audience. Suppose, you are a host of a sports channel. If you keep all your videos in the same pattern which shows something related to sports, people will be able to relate it with the previous videos.

You may well use photoshop in this case. Now, what size is a youtube thumbnail in photoshop? It depends again on the variety of your content and image. We will discuss this completely later on. But why particularly patterns? We have many answers to this question.

  • Our brain looks for something which we can relate to something else. Like, people see a human face in the sky, there is no human face, these are just patterns.
  • The Youtube algorithm supports patterns in the core. This is called the Neural Network Algorithm. It works the best with patterns.
  • Patterns are very easy to make. As said earlier, you may use photoshop to create a pattern for your content. The software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Spark, Canva, etc can prove to be some good photoshop software.
  • Patterns are easy to remember. Any user can come back and search for the same type of video if they see the same visual pattern.

We will discuss Youtube patter intensively now.

How Should You Build A Good Pattern

You can not just aimlessly create any random pattern for your channel. It should contain some watermarks and icons of your contents. The following are the steps you should remember while creating a pattern.

  • The Icon Of Your Channel: You should include the logo or icon of your channel to the pattern to create more popularity. Once people know how your channel looks, they will be curious to know more further.
  • The Color Of Your Channel: There are different basic colors that many people use to make their channel more adhesive to the other users. As you are well aware, what is YouTube thumbnail size, according to your image, you must realize that you should set the color to your channel. Create a unique pattern accordingly.
  • Add Texts: As said earlier, fonts play a great role in promoting your channel. Use them effectively to get the maximum of it.

What Can We Do For Your Service

Now as we have been saying why and how a thumbnail works. It is time we tell what we might do for you. Most of the time, people keep the step of creating a good thumbnail at the last. As a result, they just take any random image and make that as a thumbnail, which often ruins the whole creative process. It can make your very unique video trash. Let us see what harm it might cause.

  • Not So Good’ Face Photo: Using a photograph of the face really helps to magnet the watchers, but if the expression is not very good, people may turn around as well. It is very important to get the correct posture.
  • Monotonous Images: If you have a man giving a speech and the thumbnail shows only that same man, it might not be fully effective. Try to add some small characters to change the tone of the whole video. It will help to make your video from not being boring.
  • The Play Button Should Be Visible: The play button has a particular color, white. If you use too much white in the background or with the font, the play button might be hard to detect. These types of videos go unseen often.

There are many reasons you need a good thumbnail for your video. Start with us. We will provide you with the best productions of thumbnails that you will admire. This is a great chance to shine on one of the biggest social platforms for your entire life.

What Are The Processes To Change A Thumbnail?

This message is from the biggest creators to make you know, what does youtube thumbnail means and what it might do to you. You can simply change the thumbnail with the following steps:

  • Sign-in to YouTube
  • Click on the channel icon
  • Go to “Creator Studio”
  • Click on “Video Manager”
  • Go to “Edit”
  • Select a thumbnail or click Custom Thumbnail
  • Select an image
  • Click “Open”
  • Click Save Changes

These are very simple steps to follow. Your best video awaits you!

If you need professional makers to make your Video’s thumbnail, you can contact us, we will give you the finest work.

There is some software as well that does the same. These applications are used to increase Search Engine Optimization and to make your video more reachable to the mass. These SEO tools will give you good access to make the latest thumbnail without much effort. You will get free Youtube SEO analysis and also access to much other software.

Don’t wait for the good to finish. Go along with making your first Youtube thumbnail, and see how people come to see your content. In the end, click-worthy video thumbnails are a stepping stone to getting more views, but valuable videos are paramount. With FlexClip, you can browse through a huge video template library for inspiration to make your video clip of your dreams.

Your Choice Decides Everything

It is you who will choose what is best for yourself. In this vast article, we have pointed out what is the best size for a youtube thumbnail and how to create one. If you use all the given points faithfully and carefully, you will get the platform you deserve. Don’t waste any more time. Now is the time to shine!

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