18 Best Anime Torrent Sites To Download Anime Content

With the growing interest of people to watch animation content for entertainment, there has been an increase in the demand for a broad anime genre. Right from romantic to horror and thrill or fantasy, there are immense options for the viewers.

But if you are looking to download the anime content for free, then an anime torrenting website is one great option. With the increasing popularity, there are several anime torrents developed for the users.

Let us have a look at the best ones to use.

What is Anime Torrent? 

Finding an excellent anime torrent site is considered to be a challenge. While one can see the anime content on other torrent sites, using a dedicated site will offer a greater degree of collection and variance. 

In simple terms, an anime torrenting website helps the users to surf through the anime content and download the same using the torrent links for free to be viewed later. Though utilizing the anime torrent site is simple and straightforward, yet there are chances that the user might face issues in accessing the same. In such a situation, using a VPN is a great option.

How to Unblock Anime Torrent Sites?

While accessing the site, if you find a hurdle, then the anime torrent site you are using is blocked. If that happens, then there is the need to either use the VPN/Proxy to ensure you use the site without any hassle by concealing your true identity. Undoubtedly, using the VPN is the best option as this will allow the user to access high-quality content to enjoy.


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List of Top 15 Anime Torrent Sites

With numerous anime torrent sites available for accessing the content, the best ones that offer the users with great collection and easy access are:


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Happy Torrenting!

1. Nyaa

Official website: https://nyaa.si/

Nyaa anime torrent img01
Nyaa Mirror SitesStatus

The top anime torrenting website has a count of 36,000,000+ visitors. With the overwhelming collection of content ranging from classic animes to the latest ones, the platform’s design is user-friendly and straightforward.

With the complete details of the anime and the relevant details of the file, downloading is quite simple here. The available range of content includes Anime movies, TV shows, e-books, and audio, all updated regularly.

2. SubsPlease

Official website: https://subsplease.org 

SubsPlease anime torrent img10
SubsPlease Mirror SitesStatus

This site is a bit unique in nature. It is not an anime torrent aggregator but one that collects the anime from completely legal websites for the users to enjoy. The user can download the anime without any problem or the need for a VPN. The unique feature of the platform is the anime schedule and the quality of display, superior to others.

Pirate Bay Mirror SitesStatus

The best torrent platform with over millions of content and over 75000+ content uploaded monthly; The Pirates Bay is indeed the best platform. Offering a range of entertainment content right from anime, movies, music, videos, TV series, web series, books, games, software, and a lot more, the platform has a massive collection of titles. 

With the HD quality video display, high sound quality, and mobile-friendly access, it is the most extensive library of movie torrents available online. Allowing the torrenting features without registering or logging in, the site is safe and secure.

4. Tokyo Toshokan

Official website: https://www.tokyotosho.info/ 

Tokyo Toshokan anime torrent img02
Tokyo Toshokan Mirror SitesStatus

Another great option to watch the anime content is Tokyo Toshokan. With the constant flow of the anime content and updates of the latest episodes, this is one of the best anime torrenting websites to use.

1337x Mirror SitesStatus

The official site was launched in 2007, which followed the launching of various mirror sites. The free torrents platform offers multiple digital contents like anime, movies, games, series, music, anime, and software. The content offered on the portal is of HD quality. The feature to access the content based on Oscar nominations, new episodes, and various libraries makes it even more friendly.

One can access the site without any blockage, but the platform can be accessed using a VPN or proxies in case of any hassle. The platform is highly safe and secure to use, and the magnet links offered are verified.

ExtraTorrent Mirror SitesStatus

Launched in 2006, this is one of the greatest torrent sites for all kinds of digital content and software. Following the peer-to-peer sharing module, the user can easily download various anime, movies, music, videos, software, and games with magnetic links. 

The speed offered for the download on the platform is relatively high and surreal. The content offered is of high HD quality. The site ensures the highest safety and security. The content provided is completely free of charge, assuring the best binge-watching experience for every user.

7. Anime Tosho

Official website: https://animetosho.org/ 

Anime Tosho BETA anime torrent img03
Anime Tosho Mirror SitesStatus

Mirror Link: mirror.animetosho.org

The anime torrent site with 960000+ visits and a collection of the latest content in English and Japanese dubs is one with a bit of old-school design. The simple design, attractive features, and fantasy genre are among a massive group of loyal fans.

8. KickassTorrents

Official website: https://katcr.co/

Kickass Mirror SitesStatus

Abbreviated for KAT, this is one of the BitTorrent sites that has been around for a long period. With a versatile collection of data that includes anime, movies, music, videos, TV shows, games, ebooks, software, and many more, this is a friendly site.

The platform offers content in over 30+ languages, 75000+ titles updated frequently, and seamless differentiation; the platform is friendly and smooth to use. The site is free and, with high security, allows a great experience.

9. Torlock

Official website: https://www.torlock.com/

Torlock Mirror SitesStatus

Comparatively one of the new torrents, this platform is quite friendly. Offering the highest collection of healthy torrents with a simple and easy-to-use interface, the platform is simple. Offering the meta links downloading is quite simple and straightforward.

The types of content available for torrenting include anime, movies, games, videos, music, anime, images, TV shows, and much more. The searching on the portal is quite swift and efficient., making it one of the most professional websites.

10. TorrentGalaxy

Official website: https://torrentgalaxy.to/

TorrentGalaxy Mirror SitesStatus

As the name suggests, this is a music torrent and movie torrent with an infinite amount of data uploaded for the users to enjoy and download. The content available includes movies, tv, music, games, software, and others.

The platform assures that there are no malware or suspicious elements linked; hence every single link that is added to the platform is verified.

11. GloTorrents

Official website: https://glodls.to/

GloTorrents Mirror SitesStatus

The platform is highly friendly and simple to use with an active community of various users and high-quality torrents. The platform is different from other torrent sites, as it offers multiple social and user features. 

With high-quality torrent features and tons of free torrent links, the platform is entirely free to use. The built-in features offer high-end safety that is one of the most prominent features.

Torrentdownloads Mirror SitesStatus

One of the finest bittorrent sites, this offers an easy to use interface. The torrent links that are offered on the platform are 100% free and secure to use. The content quality offered is of high HD quality with fantastic sound features.

The variety of content offered includes TV shows, TV series, movies, mp3, music, PC/PS2/PSP/Wii/Xbox games, and free-of-cost movies. one can access the platform directly without any hassle.

13. AniDex

Official website: https://anidex.info/

AniDex anime torrent img04

Mirror Link: Not Available

A website that brings an excellent selection of content, including anime movies, TV shows, comics, music, video games, and more, is fantastic. With no ads on the website while accessing and no blocking, the platform has gained great success in no time.

14. Anime Ultime

Official website: http://www.anime-ultime.net/ 

Anime Ultime anime torrent img05

Mirror Link: v5.anime-ultime.net

A site from France designed for anime lovers, this offers excellent choices. The content is available in French, though one can easily translate it into English as well. The most significant limitation of the platform is that Adobe Flash supports it, so it is a mandate for the user to have access. Overall, this is an excellent anime torrent tracker platform.

15. BakaBT

Official website: https://www.bakabt.me/

BakaBT anime torrent img06

Mirror Link: https://torproxy.cyou/bakabt.me/

This is a community with only the anime fans registered over with a friendly and straightforward interface. With the massive library of anime content and the opportunity to interact with like-minded people, this is great. Remember, there is a small interview process from the administrator before accepting your request to join.

16. AniRena

Official website: https://www.anirena.com/ 

AniRena anime torrent img07
AniRena Mirror SitesStatus

Since the renewal of the original domain, the site is back to a working state and is easily accessible now. With a great collection of Anime, Hentai, Drama, Manga, and much more, this is a perfect landing platform for all.

17. Anime Layer

Official website: http://animelayer.ru/ 

Anime Layer anime torrent img08

Mirror Link: Not Available

For the users looking to download the latest released collection of anime, Anime Layer is the perfect anime torrenting website. The Russian website is one with an amazingly designed interface and detailed information for the users.

18. Shana Project

Official website: https://www.shanaproject.com/ 

Shane Project anime torrent img09

Mirror Link: Not Available

With no limitation and liberty to download as much as the user wishes, this is the true treasure for all anime lovers. Either register on the platform or use it directly; the choice depends entirely on the user, but the content offered will be excellent. 


Though there are numerous anime torrent sites for the user to access and discover, yet it is essential to use the one that is readily available, quick, and simple to access. All the Anime torrenting websites listed here are best, offering direct access and a great collection for all to enjoy endlessly.

So, start sharing and enjoying today.

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