Best Free Music Apps for Android & iOS: Enjoy Playlist Just Made for You


Getting the music that pleases or comforts you the most is a difficult task. On the contrary, it is even difficult to come across an option that lets you do the same at no extra cost (free of cost).

Free music apps are nothing less than a blessing from the developers who keep in mind the need for music to any smartphone user. Moreover, free music apps for android are not something that everyone could offer.

Nowadays you can get what you need playing on your mobile with free music apps because of many reasons. Every year there are tons and tons of streaming services coming up every year. No doubt in that.

But free music apps that stand out are few and in the years have proved their point why they are the best.

So now it’s time to take a peek at the free music apps offering legal and yet the music that is free for one and all. The free music apps for android delivers legal music streaming. And what’s more, is that these are the ones which make playing the locally stored music files on your device with much ease. 

So here we have created a list of some of the most incredible free music apps.

AppsDownload for iPhone/iPadDownload for Android
SpotifyClick HereClick Here
Amazon MusicClick HereClick Here
YouTube MusicClick HereClick Here
Gaana MusicClick HereClick Here
Google Play MusicClick HereClick Here
Apple MusicClick HereClick Here
TIDAL MusicClick HereClick Here
DeezerClick HereClick Here
Jango RadioClick HereClick Here
iHeartRadioClick HereClick Here
LiveXLiveClick HereClick Here
SoundCloudClick HereClick Here
Pandora MusicClick HereClick Here
TuneIn RadioClick HereClick Here
Know more about these app check below information in full Description.

1. YouTube

It's price: Free/$12 for 30 Days

The reason for putting YouTube on this list as the first option for free music apps is a big one we bet. That is because it is the world’s biggest entertainment library.

No matter what you wish to listen to, it simply has it all. The visual content may vary as the option does too but whatever audio you want to listen to has and is known across the globe for the same reason.

It is one of the most famous free music apps for android. Finding virtually anything and almost everything you ever heard is possible with YouTube and there are tons of other things that make it the best free music apps for android users.

No matter what brand you are addicted to or prefer listening every day, no matter what they recently created it is first on YouTube.

It is the prime platform for the entertainment industry for its launches. Whether audio, video, album or movie. It simply has it all. The live shows and local bands come up to the platform with their latest releases on the platform. It also allows its users to create a specific personalized playlist.

Moreover it then with its AI offers recommendations for the more favored content and so on. That is the ordinary variant of YouTube. But YouTube premium is a whole lot better if you thought that was the best free music app.

A music app for android allowing me to do a little more than usual. One can’t just simply enlist all the features of using the YouTube and YouTube premium app for the music one prefers to hear first.

2. Google Play Music / YouTube Music

Its price: Free/Approx $10 to $15 for thirty Days

These are some of those free music apps which an individual cannot deny of being familiar with. Its greatest trait is its functionality which lets a user get approx 50k songs for streaming and personal use.

Isn’t that amazing? Out of all the free music apps on either this or any other list, you will ever go across. This can simply be the best free music apps for android. Even better when you want to listen to a blend of your offline or stored songs on your device with the latest hits that recently hit the internet or released by the music industry.

The free variant of Play Music allows you to get your music stream with which you can listen to several mixes and match the playlist. On the other hand, the premium variant comes with more advantages and several features highly useful for the ones who prefer music anytime, all the time.

However, that does not mean that the free variant of the music app is not bad at all These services are also inclusive of all kinds of podcasts available for free and premium users.

Google Play Music will be soon switched with YouTube Music or Music About that we will let you know soon. Hence making it one of the best and free music apps for android.

3. Deezer

Its price: Free/ Approx $10 to $15 for thirty Days

Deezer is one of the eldest players in the stream dominion and has been around for quite some time. It is believed to be a great one among the free music apps.

The free variant of Deezer service allows a user to try the Flow feature which lets a user come across the new artists and their content. You can listen and create a playlist, a unique mix, and a match that comes from your personal preference.

On top of it, the app lets you read the lyrics hence understanding it even better if the language is not your mother tongue. Unbarred creation of your playlist and blends it with the singles. Also to make things better there is a free variant of the music app.

This free version offers the music in better quality or the highest quality audio content. On the other hand features such as downloading the music and listening to it while offline makes it the best free music apps for android.

The only catch is that the app can be edgy at some places, but who cares, it’s still the best free music app.

4. Jango Radio

Its price: Free

Jango Radio is one of those free music apps which is more than a wildcard in music app dominion. It has an extensive variety of music from popular and independent artists offering some great content for music lovers.

Meanwhile, the service lets its independent artists pay up for plays hence meaning that you could enjoy the content for free which an artist pays up listening for.

Hence Jango is one of the free music apps for android as its operating or prime revenue makes it is free for users. There exist some very risky threats or issues. Nevertheless, there are no ads at all and it’s a brilliant way to come across some new audio stuff you always have been looking for.

5. iHeartRadio

Its price: Free/ Approx $10 for thirty Days

Stands as one of the most renowned free music apps available for use. It’s more of a radio sort of app which allows you to listen to various types of stations depending on what you prefer listening to most.

It offers amazing content such as talk radio, podcasts, and even comedy programs. It does come with FM and is functionality making it one of the best free music apps for android. With the help of data streaming, you can gear out sports and news too.

6. LiveXLive

Its price: Free/ Approx $4 to $10 for thirty Days

This is one of the free music apps that replaced the app Slacker Radio in 2k19 and comes with some same features. It allows a user to listen to some free music with some genres to pick from. It usually appears like a black variant of the Pandora music app.

One can get the free music variant to get a list of a whole lot of exciting features that a premium version would offer. Putting a major focus on live music on simple demand music streaming solution for one and all.

Hence stands as one of the ideal free music apps for android. It has great potential but there always is room for improvement.

7. SoundCloud

Its price: Free/ Approx $10 for thirty Days

One of the most popular free music apps coming with a rare set of features. However, does not focus entirely on what’s trending now.

It allows any user to share music to SoundCloud hence appearing as the free music apps for android. While the content uploaded could be heard by anyone. The SoundCloud boasts of +120 million users that are more useful than any popular free music apps all combined.

It has an extensive variety of podcasts, shows and music content. The free variant offers artists with premium versions allowing the most renowned music by famous personalities.

The majority of the users appreciate using it for free-content who like indie artists hence making it a great option for free music apps.

8. Pandora Music

Its price: Free/ Approx $5 to $10 for thirty Days

For anyone who has a taste in music, it is difficult to deny not being aware of this free music app Pandora. The main highlight of this free music apps for android is that it is simple to use and is a product of cross-platform support. One can easily hop in and start listening to the music of preference. The content library is full of options and grows day by day. The experience is great. They also do have a full swing on-demand streaming solution for the users who wish to have it like Spotify experience without having to abandon Pandora. The free version, however, works to be fine.

9. TuneIn

Its price: Free/ Approx $10 for thirty days

No doubt TuneIn radio is a great free music app particularly known for its podcast, comedy and talk radio content in comparison to its great music content. Hence free music apps for android.

Nevertheless, there is ample free music content that could be enjoyed on TuneIn. It is known for having more than a hundred thousand stations that cover every genre that might interest you.

While not forgetting the functionality of AM & FM which could be streamed with the help of mobile data. There is no particular reason to get the premium variant of great music content nevertheless it also provides broadcasting, audiobooks, live books and much more.

10. Spotify

Its price: Free/ Approx $10 to $15 for thirty Days

Looking for a more preferable option when it comes to enjoying great music on free music apps? That’s okay, a good search always ends up being later than others.

Here is the conclusion of your search for free music apps for android. As it is not just an unparalleled option for streaming music and it amidst the all known free music apps that ever came along.

It has an enormous library and offers the option to create personalized playlists and stations too if it comes to your preference. The free variant of this free music app offers curated playlists and stations. Nevertheless, the free variant of any free music apps for android might not be that great in comparison with the premium version of any app.

You will be happier to know that it comes along with great material design and support for Chromecast with the tablet variant. The tablet variant has more features than any version of this free music apps.

It already comes with a specific music app that is available on the Play Store too.

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