10+ Best Android Photo Editor Apps: Edit Your Pictures like Pro


It is irritating for any person who makes numerous tries to get a great click and it is not what you expected. According to you, what would have been wrong?

Chances are that it could be the contrast or photo lighting. No matter what the problem is, the photo could be enhanced with the applications that allow you to edit photos. As of now, the majority of the people across the globe use Android as their primary device.

Hence photo applications that could come in handy are something that puts a full stop to the never-ending search. So here we are with some of the best photo editor apps for android.

Photo click

The play store is flooded with hundreds of applications that could be used for photo editing. Hence making it a very difficult choice for an individual to choose which app stands as the best photo editor apps for android.

S.NOApps NameDownload
1.Photoshop ExpressClick here
2.PhotoDirectorClick here
3.AirBrushClick here
4.SnapseedClick here
5.YouCam PerfectClick here
6.Toolwiz Photos – Pro EditorClick here
7.Pixlr – Free Photo EditorClick here
8.VSCO: Photo & Video EditorClick here
9.Photo Lab Picture EditorClick here
10.PicsArt Photo EditorClick here
11.DesygnerClick Here

So Let’s Get Started with It

1. Photoshop Express

Adobe is one of those best photo editing apps for android or on any platform that is intentionally pushed on the number one among all other editing apps for android.

This is basically due to the simple to understand and convenient to use features. Hence it surely is the ideal pick for photo editor when jumbled with ample choices. It comes along with the most essential features such as rotating, flipping, cropping and even resizing.

It is not just an easy to use photo editor but free for download. Here are some of the features which are available only if you use Photoshop while being logged in


1. Getting rid of the dust and spots from the snaps with a single touch.

2. It comes with +12 frames and borders which helps in adding a rare personal touch to the photos.

3. Adding text or quotes is very easy.

4. Integrated with several filters to spice up the ordinary pictures.

5. Reducing the haze or fog is possible with Adobe, hence making it the good editor.

2. PhotoDirector

The PhotoDirector photo editor is believed to be one of the most user-friendly applications for editing photos for android. Hence it can help you to get done with your editing.

It comes with the most essential features which a usual application allows you to use and much more. The application comes with an in-app camera that allows you to make use of live filters with a camera.

On the contrary, which make it the best photo editor app for android and get them shared on social media handles with an instant.


1. The most incredible photo apps for editing the android whenever it is all about cropping, resizing, editing photos and adding backgrounds to the images.

2. Apply the effects on photos on the move with much ease.

3. Adjust the various effects of HDR hence create some great travel snaps.

4. Enhance and adjust the contrast of the clicked picture along the color enhancing features.

5. Retouching photos is now easy with the inbuilt tools hence allowing you to make some creative photo effects.

3. AirBrush

A photo editor that is extremely easy to use and comes packed with dozens of features while being a great rival for the other editing apps for android.

It is an app which is famous for being user-friendly as the awesome tools and filters help in getting high results. That is the prime reason for this app on the list of best photo editor app for android.

All the features it holds is the attention grabber. For anyone who prefers to get the pictures refined hence the most perfect fit for editing photos.


1. This application lets a user get rid of the spots and pimples which can be seen in the picture. The blemish remover one can get rid of it with much ease.

2. Whitening option allows you to whiten the teeth to a great extent so that the brightest smile of yours turns out to be the best clicked.

3. The application has a technology that lets a user edit the photos in real-time.

4. The beauty filters that come along with it allow a user to improve the pictures to be perfect and get to social media with a single touch, therefore, making it the best photo editor app in android.

4. Snapseed

Snapseed is conceived as one of the most powerful and convenient photo editor apps for android. Moreover, it is free of charge. Moreover, it does not contain any kind of ads and popups.

The prime reason for it being considered as one of the best photo editing apps for android is that it has some great filters to enhance the images. And it is very easy to get the hang of it as the tools will have your photo edited on the go.


1. Adjust the image with great control features.

2. Rotating and cropping the image, adding frames, resizing fonts is very easy with this application.

3. Add a great Bokeh filter to the snaps.

4. Enhance the contrast and color with several tools as the chances to make a good photo are great hence making it the best photo editor app for android.

5. YouCam Perfect

No doubt it is one of the best free photo editor applications available to download and use. It’s more than a great app that comes in handy which lets you get the pictures edited like that in a couple of minutes.

Edit your pictures with the best photo editor app for android. So don’t stop at enhancing them, try beautifying it and include collages and frames is an essential toolkit that comes with it.

No need to say that this photo editor app is free too.


1. Get done whatever you need to with the clicked picture. One can blur the background, resize, rotate and crop it and so on.

2. Get the pictured beautified by getting the face reshaped, adding contours and smoothening the skin to a great extent. Hence letting you get rid of the not necessary dark spots below eye circles.

3. A great tool called the object removal tool will give you great functionality as it can help you get rid of a background that you don’t want to be in the picture anymore.

4. The smile functionality will let you add a great smile to any picture you just clicked.

5. The mystical brush feature can let you use some great stickers to the photos.

6. Toolwiz Photos-Pro Editor

Yet another photo editor which comes with more than 200 great tools. It is a great tool for editing a photo in just no time. Hence letting a user include filters, enhancing saturation and creating great collages.

Additionally, it stands as one of the best photo editing apps for android. And it is way better than any other application in the Playstore.

All that being said and done the best highlight is that the application is free for download similar to all the best photo editor apps for android we previously mentioned.


1. It comes with a ton of filters and each one is great in its way.

2. It is free to download and convenient for use.

3. The UI of the application is not just beautiful, modern and astonishingly unique.

4. The essential and latest editing features are included in the application.

7. Pixlr

Earlier known as Pixlr express. It is one of the best photo editor apps for android. It comes with an incredible and sophisticated UI and dynamic set of features.

This photo editor app is designed to be the best. As it comes with features that are difficult to find in any photo editing app. Luckily you now get the most of it with the only useful features and less clutter in this photo editor application.


1. The feature called color splash is great if you wish to focus more on a single color. With the Focal Blur, you can create that effect.

2. Availability of a whole lot of options when it is all about adding filters to the pictures.

3. It allows you to keep a track of effects applied. Hence get more done in less time. Isn’t that great?

4. Getting the image resized is very simple.

5. Including quotes or captions with various kinds of fonts is now possible.

5. SHaring the created image with a social media option is a great way to show your creativity.

8. VSCO Cam

In its initial phase this photo editor app was paid one later it was free for its users. The incredible features along with the great filters keep it ahead of all the other photo editor apps.

A handful of the filters are premium but it’s worth every dime spent. That is the reason why it is one of the best photo editor apps in android as it comes with great tools and functionalities to make the picture great.


1. Awesome presets to make your editing fun.

2. Getting used to the app is very simple as the UI is user-friendly.

3. Get the premium variant of the app to get additional tools and presets.

4. That does include functionalities such as using brightness, tint, resizing, cropping, shadow, saturation, rotate, highlights and sharpness. This makes it one of the best photo editors apps for Android.

9. Photo Lab

Just in case you wish that your edited picture is one of a kind then Photo Lab is the photo editor you should look for.

The Photo Lab application has an ideal set of functionalities making it one of the best photo editor apps for android. What’s more, it might drive you crazy.

The app allows you to use more than 850 different filters with great effects. No doubt this photo editor application had to be on this list.


1. Pick the frame that suits you the best. You can pick any frame which the photo editor offers to make your photo even more candid.

2. It has a functionality which is known as face montage that allows its users to swap faces and make it something more fun.

3. Make use of filters such as B&W, neon glow, oil painting and so on to enhance the good clicks into the best ones.

4. Moreover, the app has a great and intuitive UI. Hence editing the pictures is now even more convenient with Photo Lab.

5. Talking about the effects, they are so real that you will be addicted to using the Photo Lab app.

10. PicsArt

The prime reason for this photo editor being discussed is that this photo editing app is an efficient one when it is all about editing a photo. No doubt it is the best photo editor app for android ever crafted.

Due to the internal collage maker, it comes with several tools hence making it pretty much fun to use. Of course, it comes for free, Just in case you wish to use the premium variant of the application one can opt for Picsart Gold.

It comes with a price tag but will offer incredible access to a unique set of fonts, frames, collages and additional features.


1. The inbuilt collage maker allows access to more than 100 templates.

2. The photo editor app has some tools which can help you to create some incredible cutouts, include text, crop image, clone, adjust and stretch curves.

3. This tool lets you share and make some personalized stickers,

4. What makes it the best photo editor app for android is that it has an option to use some personalized brushes and incredible drawing tools. 5. The best highlight of this photo editor is that you can use it as a default camera to click photos with some live effects.

11. Desygner

Desygner is a graphic design tool for non designers, with thousands of free templates you can use for free. Desygner is one of the best free design tools for (Android) and (IOS).

It has the key essentials for a photo editor, with and easy to use UI and drag and drop feature. In short, if you can move your hand, you can do it all. 

  • Background Remover
  • Image Resizer
  • Animator
  • Free Stock Images
  • PDF Editor
  • Print
  • Brand Library
  • Hire A Designer 

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